Yaxchilán - 2001 - Stela 11 sign

It reads:

This stele comes from Building AG's upper platform in the Large Acropolis. Following a failed attempt to take it to Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology in 1964, and yet more misadventures on the Usumacinta River, it was returned and is today found at the site. This is the best example of sculptural monuments from the times of Bird Jaguar IV (752-772 AD).

The face visible today apparently shows the transmission of power from Shield Jaguar I (681-742 AD) to Bird Jaguar IV (752-772 AD). This depiction was carved some 20 years after the event.

The other part has as its central scene a standing Bird Jaguar IV wearing a sun god mask and, at his feet, three prisoners captured during Yaxchilan's warring against its neighbors. Above this scene is a portrait of Bird Jaguar's parents.

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