Yaxchilán - 2001 - Sign for Stela 1

It appears to read:

In the world of the Mayan Classical Period, there was never any guesswork(?) involved in architecture, urban planning or in the posting(?) of a scultural monument with inscriptions. This is the case with Stele 1. Its location at the center of this plaza, its orientation and its historical and chronological references all reveal a true dialogue between building and monuments.

This Stele rises from a low base in a section of the Great Plaza, and its main facade faces towards Building 33. This facade has a depiction of Bird Jaguar IV (752-772 AD) in a "dispersion" ceremony in the year 761 AD. Standing next to him is another dignatary, whose lower rank is indicated by his smaller size. This ruler's parents appear above on a celestial bar, flanking the sun god ?. In the lower section the sun figures again, this time with a treptre(?). The other three carved faces are extremely weathered.

The remains of two sculptures stand at the edge of the low platform, one representing a crocodile and the other, a jaguar. The remains of a throne were discovered nearby.

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