Yaxchilán - 2001 - Structure 19 sign

It reads:

This building, also known as the Labyrinth, is by far the most complex of the whole site. Its construction is placed between 742 and 752 AD. It is directly linked to the whole platform which borders the Great Plaza on the northeast side and lies over Buildings 15(?), 77 and 78. In its interior, in the upper level are found a wide passageway and three lesser chambers, as well as two stairways that lead below to several passages and corridors with curb-like ledges running around the length of the wall in each of the spaces. During the process of exploration great qualtities of rocks which filled the lower passageways had to be removed. The whole building was covered by the typical Mayan situa(?) and apparently had a facade on the lower section.

Facing its main facade is Alter 1, the only sculptural monument associated with this building.

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