Tumba Triple sign - Yagul - 2001

It reads:

Tomb 3 is located on the eastern side of the shrine and its architectural floor plan is in the shape of a "T". It appears to have been opened and looted since prehispanic times. It was excavated in 1954.

Tomb20 is on the south side of the shrine and likewise is shaped like a "T". It was also looted in prehistoric times, although part of the offering consisting of fine Mixtec gray clay vases, was recovered. Its facade was covered with thin stone and decorated with a scultured stone head embedded into one side of the doorway.

Tomb 30 is found to the north of the shrine and has the same shape as the other tombs and was also looted. It is an example of the funery architecture of Yagul. It has a flat roof formed by large, flat stones inside. It is decorated with trels in relief and both its facade and doorway and similar to those found at Mitla and Xagoa (?). Two stone heads were found embedded in the doorjambs. The recovered offering demonstrates the importance of the burial. It contained polichrome ceramic fragments in addition to a copper ring.

There is a sculpture representing a frog related to a water or rain cult, which was found at the foot of the mound, located to the west of the shrine.

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