Tombs 1 and 2 - Mitla


I entered this tomb at Mitla. (mvc-393) - Mitla - 2001

It reads:

Tombs 1 and 2

These funeral rooms have architectonic characteristics which are defines as mariters (?) of the Post-Classic period in Oaxaca. its architectonic plan is crusiform and its rooms and anterooms are richly tesserated with joints and cut stone friezes of fretes (?) like the facades of the principal buildings. Tomb 1 displays a monolithic column which supports the roof of its transept. Tomb 2 displays a mural painting on stucco on its interior lintels. The funerary tradition called for consecutive burials, despositing the cadavers with their offerings and moving the remains of earlier deposits to one side. Both tombs were explored between 1900 and 1902 by Marshall Saville, although they had been looted during earlier periods.

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