Salon de las Columnas - Mitla


Salon de las Columnas - Mitla - 2001 (mvc-375)

It reads (and it is very hard to read in places):

It is a hall of monumental dimensions, characterized by its large monolithic columns which served to support the roof and give a unique character to the enctusistu (?). What ... are the unusual lintels of a single slab of stone which complete the door frames. Recent research has demonstrated that the quarries where they extracted the stone and columns and lintels, were found in the mountains which surround the site. The route and the ? ... organization needed to transport them to the site and install them in the proper place at each building still needs to be researched. Most likely this hall was used for ? admonistrative type activities, although the presence of a niche in the north wall suggests some association with religious activities. from Courtyard E(?), one can see the principal facade of this hall which is one of the most exquisite examples of prehispanic architecture in mesoamerica.

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