Pintura Mural Tipo Codine Sign - Mitla


Pintura Mural Tipo Codine Sign - Mitla - 2001 (mvc-360)

It reads:

Codex Type Mural Paining

The monolithic lintels which enclose the entrances to all the rooms of Courtyard A, conserve the remains of what were pictorial documents or codexes. According to the mesoamerican prehispanic tradition, the codexes are documents which narrate the history of the ethnic people, villages, gegealogies or personages. They are composed of a series of glyphs, numbers, as well as the personages and places involved. In the lintels of the eastern courtyard one can see the remains of these documents, although, unfortunately, the majority of them have been lost. The artistic tradition which characterizes them has given room to a discussion on the possible Mixteca presence i this puely Zapotec site

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