These three sites are also on the Ruta Puuc. As I recall, the entrance price was 22 NP each.
On the roundtrip Ruta Puuc bus tour from Merida, you were given, 30, 30 and 20 minutes respectively
at each of the sites. I would have liked to have more time at each of these. I visited in 2000 and used
an older Sony Mavica camera.

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labna________sign_small.jpg maya86_small.jpg maya87_small.jpg maya70_small.jpg maya72_small.jpg
maya73_small.jpg maya76_small.jpg maya77_small.jpg maya78_small.jpg maya79_small.jpg
maya80_small.jpg maya81_small.jpg maya82_small.jpg maya83_small.jpg maya85_small.jpg
maya84_small.jpg xlapak________sign_small.jpg maya88_small.jpg sayil________sign_small.jpg maya93_small.jpg
maya91_small.jpg maya92_small.jpg maya91_92pano_small.jpg maya89_small.jpg maya90_small.jpg

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