Nohochn√° (The Big House)

The sign reads: (yes, it is hard to read)

The large house forms the Yucatec-Maya nohoch, large and nu (?) house is 135m long lying in a north-south direction, and a 31m wide and nine m high. A very wide stairway with 15 enormous steps cover almost the entire east side. There are four long rooms in the upper part, which are entered between wide planters (?). The inside spaces suggest use for administrative purposes, hearings, control and distribution of goods, accounting, etc. Likewise, the size of the steps makes one think that they could have served as seats in events celebrated in the principal plaza.

Architectualy, this building is very similar to Structure 44 at Dzitischailun, Yucatan. Both constructions are good examples of the Peten monumental architecture, which is present in many locations throughout the Yucatan peninsula from northern Guatemala, southern Campeche and Quintana Roo. Recent research shows that its appearance and development are quite uniform throughout the Maya world.

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