they were called 'Itzaes' by the people of other cities and communities.

Edzna was discovered in 1907. Exploration began in 1928 and the first excavations were carried out in 1958. The work, carried out or supervised by INAH, with support from the state government, has been directed by Alberto Ruz Luibllier, Raul Pavon Abreu, George F. Andrews, Ray T. Malheny, Roman Pina Chan, Luis Millet Camara and Antonio Benavides Castillo.

In the late 1960's systematic visits were begun in order to properly measure the extension of the site and put together a catalogue of the structures. During the 1970's the excavation of several monumental buildings were continued and beginning in 1986, a program was promoted to employ Guatemalan refugees in the maintenance, excavation and restauration work at Edzna, with funds from the international community.

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