I was the first visitor to enter Chichen Itza on September 9, 2000. There were approximately 30 other people waiting to enter. As you walk up the tree lined path, the first thing you see in the Pyramid Kukulcan. I decided to go to visit the ball court first, before too many other people arrived so I could hear the unique acoustics.

This is a view of the Ball Court looking south-south-west. The ball court is 150 meters (approx. 450 feet) long. The top of the wall is perhaps 8 meters (24 feet) high. It is 35 meters (100 feet) from side to side. If you clap your hands, there is a repeated echo. I have been told by people who counted, it echos 7 times. I yelled, but I did not experience the same number of echos. Instead, it seemed to be more of a reverberation.

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