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San Diego Wild Animal Park Visit 2006 - Page 2 of 3

I visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park on September 24, 2006, along with friends from KUSI. We took the photo safari. It was a great experience. One of the things we saw was a Thomson's Gazelle who had been born less than 10 minutes earlier. While we were watching the mother clean up the baby, a couple giraffes came in for a closer look. There was an interesting encounter as the small gazelle attempted to keep the giraffes away from here tiny baby.

There are three pages of photos. Click on any of the small pictures to see a larger version.

df2_small.jpg l_small.jpg l2_small.jpg l3_small.jpg jc_small.jpg p_small.jpg
photo59_small.jpg photo60_small.jpg photo61_small.jpg photo62_small.jpg a_small.jpg photo63_small.jpg
photo64_small.jpg df22_small.jpg photo65_small.jpg photo66_small.jpg photo67_small.jpg photo68_small.jpg
photo69_small.jpg photo70_small.jpg photo71_small.jpg photo72_small.jpg photo73_small.jpg tg_small.jpg
tg2_small.jpg tg3_small.jpg tg4_small.jpg tg5_small.jpg tg6_small.jpg tg7_small.jpg
tg8_small.jpg tg9_small.jpg tggroup_small.jpg photo74_small.jpg tggrf_small.jpg photo75_small.jpg
tggrf2_small.jpg tggrf3_small.jpg tggrf4_small.jpg tggrf5_small.jpg tggrf6_small.jpg tggrf7_small.jpg
tggrf22_small.jpg tggrf8_small.jpg tggrf23_small.jpg photo76_small.jpg d_small.jpg d2_small.jpg
d3_small.jpg d4_small.jpg df23_small.jpg d5_small.jpg d6_small.jpg d22_small.jpg
p2_small.jpg pp_small.jpg pk_small.jpg photo77_small.jpg a2_small.jpg df24_small.jpg
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