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The Surfaris

The Surfaris came by the KUSI studios on June 25, 2007 to play their #1 hit "Wipe Out." The Sufaris are a family band- Bob Berryhill and his wife and sons. The Surfaris released "Wipe Out" in 1973, ever since then signature drum beat has been recognized across the country. They will be playing at the San Diego County Fair this Thursday.

You can visit their website at:

You can see a video of the perfornace on KUSI by Clicking Here

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lg2_small.jpg gdb_small.jpg lb2_small.jpg gblur_small.jpg gd_small.jpg
rgbd5_small.jpg rg_small.jpg d6_small.jpg rg2_small.jpg rb_small.jpg
d7_small.jpg rb2_small.jpg g7_small.jpg gbd2_small.jpg d8_small.jpg
g8_small.jpg b2_small.jpg rgbdesk_small.jpg d9_small.jpg rgb5_small.jpg
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