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KUSI's Car Guy Dave Stall - Page 1

Dave Stall is the KUSI car guy. On a regular basis, he brings by some of the best in the vehicles in San Diego. Keep checking back here to see what he has brought by next.

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a207836ds600_small.jpg a207837ds600_small.jpg a207838ds600_small.jpg a207839ds600_small.jpg dave09152006_small.jpg
s_small.jpg s2_small.jpg s3_small.jpg s4_small.jpg s5_small.jpg
s6_small.jpg s7_small.jpg s8_small.jpg davidstall_small.jpg s9_small.jpg
s10_small.jpg photo36_small.jpg photo37_small.jpg photo38_small.jpg photo39_small.jpg
photo40_small.jpg s11_small.jpg dave08182006_small.jpg photo41_small.jpg photo42_small.jpg
photo43_small.jpg photo44_small.jpg photo45_small.jpg photo46_small.jpg photo47_small.jpg
photo48_small.jpg photo49_small.jpg photo50_small.jpg photo51_small.jpg photo52_small.jpg
photo53_small.jpg photo54_small.jpg photo55_small.jpg photo56_small.jpg photo57_small.jpg
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