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Ireland's Own, Mary Malone

Mary Malone is known world-wide as a psychic and spiritual healer. According to her website, she has the spiritual gift of healing through the power of the rosary. She has visited KUSI many times, and is a very popular guest. Her most recent visit was on March 15, 2006. Mary travels all over the world offering advice and spiritual healing.

Mary Malone returned for another visit on March 16, 2007 and May 17, 2008. She is a Catholic mystic and visionary, who gives spiritual guidance. Mary uses a unique method to "tune in" to the person she is counseling. Her family history can be linked to ninth century Ireland. Mary's been on the radio and featured on television all over the world. She joined us in the studio this morning to tell us about her unique abilities.

She will be in the San Diego area until around the end of April. For more information, call 619-692-6086.

To watch one of Mary's interviews on KUSI Click Here.

To watch another of Mary's interviews on KUSI Click Here.

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