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Jake Brown, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Joe Maloof of the Maloof Money Cup

Jake Brown, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Joe Maloof visited us on May 29, 2009 to talk about the Maloof Money Cup.

The Maloof Money Cup is the World's Greatest Skateboarding event

Presented by etnies and Monster Energy-the Maloof Money Cup is the largest
pursed event in the history of professional skateboarding with more than
$450,000 in cash and prizes awarded in three professional U.S. Championship

Highlighting the weekend's events will be the Zoo York U.S. Pro Street
Championship, which will feature a $100,000 first prize and the Carl's Jr.
U.S. Pro Vert Championship that will award $75,000 and a tricked-out SUV to
the winner who exhibits the best "big air" and "off-the-wall" tricks. The
U.S. Women's Pro Street Championship will offer the largest first prize in
women's professional skateboarding with $25,000 going to the winner. The
three-day event will also feature a 40,000 square-foot interactive festival
village featuring action sport retailers and skateboarding activities.

The official website,, shares the competition
experience with a global audience, featuring contests, social networking,
video episodes, photos, news stories and more.

Will be announcing the line up of Pro-Vert Skaters competing in this year's
Cup this week and Jake Brown is expected to be among them.

Maloof Skateboard Assistance Foundation: Maloof Assistance Foundation was
created after Joe Maloof watched Jake Brown's 40-foot fall at X Games 2007.
Skateboarders who get injured lose their one source of income - the fund was
created to help these athletes and their families as they recover from

2009 MALOOF MONEY CUP BIG NAME COMPETITORS: Ryan Sheckler Shaun White Paul
Rodriguez Jereme Rogers Bob Burnquist Pierre Luc Gagnon (PLG) - last year's
Pro Vert winner/lives in San Diego Chris Cole - lives in San Diego Jake
Brown - lives in San Diego   

---------------JAKES BIO------------------

Jake Brown, who calls San Diego home, has some of the hardest vert
skateboarding tricks dialed in. Go Big or Go Home! is Jake Brown's mantra.
He goes bigger and harder than any other contender in the skateboarding
world. The man is fearless. Skating conservatively isn't Brown's style, and
his mastery of technical and flip tricks lead him to his first X Games medal
finally in 2006. Few skaters even attempt, nonetheless land, the complicated
tricks that Jake throws down. In competitions, Jake Brown tends to put it
all out there and go for the biggest tricks.

His infamous 50 ft. fall in X Games '07 is what caught Joe Maloof's eye,
prompting the start of the Maloof Brother's Skateboarding Assistance

Jake Brown Basic Bio Information:

* Occupation: Pro Skateboarder

* Started Skating: 1987

* Started Competing: 1996

* Turned Pro: 1997

* Favored Discipline: Vert

* #1 Sponsor: Blind, Addidas

* Stance: Regular

Jake Brown Skateboarding Style and Strengths: Jake Brown has some of the
hardest vert skateboarding tricks dialed in, like 720s and his double
kickflip mute.

Jake Brown Favorite / Signature Skateboarding Tricks: The tailgrab 540 and
backside airs, and grinds.

Jake Brown Skateboarding Career Highlights:

2004 - First in Vert at LG Action Sports Tour, Beijing, China

2005 - First in Vert Best Trick at Globe World Cup, Australia

2005 - Second in Vert at LG Action Sports Tour, Paris, France

2005 - Won "Best Vert Skater" from TransWorld Skateboard Magazine

2006 - Won silver in big air at X Games

2007 - Won silver at X Games in Big Air, where he also fell 50 feet and
walked away from it!

Jake Brown Interesting Fact: Had a famous crash in the 2007 X Games Big Air
competition. Brown was leading as he went into his last run. He landed a
huge 720 jump over the gap, but as he went up off the quarter pipe at the
end of the Mega Ramp, he lost control of his skateboard and fell, running in
air, 50 feet. He fell hard, the crowd was shocked, but Brown got up and
walked away from the fall! He still won a silver medal for his previous run
- his second X Games medal!

---------------------PLG BIO----------------

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, also known as "PL" or "PLG" (born May 2, 1980 in Boucherville, Canada), is a 
Canadian professional skateboarder.

PLG started skating at age 8 when his first skateboard was given to him on his birthday. 
With the help of his father and eventually in 1992 the availability of having their own skatepark, Pierre
was destined to be involved in the sport. Pierre has a style that has tremendously contributed to the
progression of skateboarding. Gagnon began skating in 1988, and entered his first competition in 1992.
He is fearless, original, and with tricks like his 540 nollie heel flip indy, is one of the most technical
skaters in the world.

A frequent participant in the X-Games, he has won thirteen medals (four gold) in the Vert, Big Air, and
Best Trick categories. He has also won the Dew Tour cup in 2008 and Tampa Pro. He was also the 
winner of the vert division of the Maloof Money Cup, a highly advertised skateboard cup put on by
the Maloof Family with a wide array of technical flip tricks and spins including a nollie heelflip indy 540.
The Maloof Money Cup boasted a grand prize purse of over $500,000, making it the highest paying
contest in history. Gagnon is 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall and weighs 165 pounds. He now lives in Carlsbad,

Sponsors: Darkstar, Osiris, Monster energy drink, Boost, Electric visuals, RDS apparel, ScullCandy,
Capix, West 49 sk8 shop.

Career Highlights: X-Games Gold '02, '05 and '08 vert; '02 best trick; 1st overall in '08 Dew Tour (Dew
Cup winner); LG Championship '05 1st place + 5 wins at LG stops that year; 1st place at every LG stops
in '07 and '08!

You can visit the event's website at:
You can visit the Pierre-Luc Gagnon's website at:

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