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Get Back Loretta came by the KUSI studios on Labor Day in 2006. They have some very good sounds. If you like rock with an up beat, you should check them out.

According to their website: Get Back Loretta surprised everyone in 2005 when they won "Best New Artist" at the San Diego Music Awards. Forming almost overnight, the band quickly found the sound they wanted and began to win over fans. Their on stage antics and mind blowing performances won them respect among musicians and venues alike. Get Back Loretta is often described as upbeat and refreshingly soulful. Their engaging stage presence, unique songwriting abilities, and powerful vocals are what set them apart from the generic mainstream. They have received rave reviews from Absolute Punk, made an appearance on FOX ROX (Fox underground music show), discussed their future goals on FM 94/9 Sunday interview with Tim Pyles, rocked a sold-out Troubadour with indie giant Circa Survive. In a recent review of the Get Back Loretta EP in the magazine San Diego CityBeat, Troy Johnson wrote, "I thought I had discovered the best unknown band in San Diego. Best out-of-nowhere goodness I've heard." While the band enjoys their sucess in San Diego, they appreciate the concrete genesis in the prior experiences of its members.

For the task of finding his dream band, Steven enlisted Isaac Cass, whom he had met during a previous tour. Isaac's youthful charm and expert drum chops would be instrumental to the bands aura. Still needing more core members, Steven remembered his talented friend Kevin Martin from Jack the Original. So he called him up to see if he'd collaborate on a new project. Soon after Kevin joined Isaac's Brother Josh Cass swooped in and began playing the role of tasteful guitar-smith. They all quickly connected as good friends and began to collaborate, focusing mainly on their depth of songwriting. This is when Get back Loretta knew they had found the right line up for the band. Now Get Back Loretta is ready to release their debut album "Over The Wall" on Pacific Records..

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