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  1. An Act for the Government and Protection of Indians
    1850 document in California
  2. An Act for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England
    about "John Eliot's Indian Bible. Cambridge, 1663, 1665"
  3. James Adams' Letter to the Creeks
    a copy & transcript
  4. Adena Burial Mounds
    lots of details, part of a series of sites
  5. "The Admiral and the Chief," by Samuel M. Wilson
    more from Millersville's Database
  6. "The Age of Discovery" by Wilcomb E. Washburn
    more from Millersville's Database
    several links
  8. Alabama Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  9. The "Alligator" Mound
    lots of details and pictures, and links to other sites
  10. Alnombak's Home Page
    his home page of history & genealogy
  11. America Before Columbus" by Lewis Lord with Sarah Burke
    more from Millersville's Database
  12. American History, Page 1, Spanish Conquest of Native America
    a great history page
  13. American Indian History Resources
    an excellent site with lots of links
  14. American Indian Medal of Honor Winners
    brief bios on these 20th century winners
  15. The American Indian Wars 1865-1890
    reference sources
  16. "America's Ancient Mariners" by Anthony P. Andrews
    more from Millersville's Database
    more from Millersville's Database
  18. America's Wars
    statistics on many wars
  19. Amerindia 92
    Copyrighted article from The Columbus Project
  20. Amerindia: tercer milenio
    copyrighted article in Spanish
  21. Amerindian Civilizations
    "This page will contain information on the ancient civilizations of North and Meso America aimed at dispelling the myths most are now taught about these cultures."
  22. Anasazi State Park
    basic info on this Utah site
  23. Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
    great page from the National Park Service
  24. Ancient Artists Of the Great Basin Desert
    interesting article (with pictures) on the artists who left petroglyphs in the desert Southwest.
  25. Ancient Aztalan
    details, diagrams and drawing on this Wisconsin site
  26. Ancient Canada
    lots of info here
  27. Ancient Mariners
    copyrighted story on "Andean-Mexican seagoing trade as early as 600 A.D. by David L. Chandler"
  28. Ancient Monuments in Arkansas
    pictures, info, map,
  29. Ancient Ruins
    about Besh-Ba-Gowah in Arizona
  30. Ancient Treasures of Belize's Mayan History
    several links from Belize Online
  31. Site of Anderson's Fort or Soldier's Mound
    in Dickens County, Texas
  32. Anguilla Island History
    a look at the Arawaks
  33. Anthropology Resources on the Internet
    lots of links
  34. Apache County, Arizona, History
    info about the area
  35. Applegate Trail: the Southern Route of the Oregon Trail
    about the trail and the people on and near it
  36. Archaeological Research Facility
    from the University of California at Berkeley
  37. Archaeological Site of the Southwest
    good pictures & info for old sites
  38. Archeological Sites at Mackenzie Reservoir and Tule Canyon
    in Texas
  39. Archaeological Sites To Visit
    escalante, dominguez BLM sites go down a lot
    lots of links and information
  41. Archaeology and Prehistory of the Owens Valley
    "Learn about the historic and protohistoric Paiute occupants of Owens Valley and the range of activities they performed"
    broken down into several eras
  43. Archaeology of the Mid-Hudson Valley Region
    info & a nice map
  44. East Central Arizona History
    an EXTREMELY detailed site
  45. Arizona Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  46. Arkansas Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  47. The Arrow of Disease
    copyrighted article on the spread of European diseases in the New World from Millersville University's Columbus Database
  49. The Arrows that Wounded the West
    article from The Wild West
  50. Artic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearne
    The history of his travels through the artic & the local people & customs in 1768
    part of the Creek War in 1813
  52. The Avalon Project: 18th Century Documents
    the text from many documents of the era
  53. The Avalon Project: Pre 18th Century Documents
    the text from many documents of the era
  54. The Avalon Project: 19th Century Documents
    the text from many documents of the era
  55. The Avalon Project: The Jefferson Page
    several "addresses" to Indians by Jefferson, among other things
  56. Avalon Project: Statutes of the United States Concerning Native Americans
    a collection of documents
  57. History of Aztalan
    info on this site in Wisconsin
  58. Wesley BadHeartBull: no thanksgiving at our house
    Lisbeth's page about her friend Wesley and Pine Ridge
  59. The Baja Connection
    Did the first Americans make the crossing from Asia by boat? If so, they may have stopped here.
  60. Battle Creek, Nebraska
    about a fight in 1859
  61. A Battle from the Creek Indian War
    on Horseshoe Bend
  62. The Battle of Burnt Corn
    part of the Creek War in 1813
  63. Battle of Lake George
    lots of details
    part of the Seminole War
  65. Battle of North Fork of Red River
    On Sept. 29, 1872 in Texas
  66. The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon
    on September 28, 1874
  67. The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon, September 28, 1874
    basic info and a map
  68. Battle of Rosalis
    more info from Texas
  69. Battle of Rosillo
    same event as the 'Battle of Rosalis'
  70. The Battle of Talladega
    part of the Creek War in 1813
  71. Battle_of_Talladega
    from Wikipedia
    part of the Creek War in 1813, lots of details
  73. Battle_of_Tallushatchee
    from Wikipedia
  74. Battle of the Knobs
    in Decatur, Texas
  75. Battle of the Little Bighorn and National Monument
    detailed look at this event
  76. Battle of the Little Bighorn
    detailed site from the ES Curtis Collection
  77. Battle of the Little Wichita
    info on this Texas site
  78. Battle of the Little Wichita
    from the Handbook Of Texas site
  79. Battlerock Battle
    another detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library
  80. Bear River Battle
    detailed account
  81. The Bear River Massacre
    in Utah
  82. Before Oglethorpe: Hispanic and Indian Cultures in the Southeast United States
    from the Columbus Project
  83. Beneath the Underdog
    Religion and the "Trail of Tears"
  84. Benkelman, Nebraska Historical Marker
    about a battle between Pawnee Killer and Gen.Custer
  85. History of the Big Bend region of Texas
    some info
  86. Big Bottom Battleground
    info and picture of the battlefield in Ohio
  87. Big Hole Battle
    detailed account from the Tacoma Public Library
  88. Big Hole Battlefield
    NezPerce vs. Army, short article
  89. Big Hole National Battlefield Home Page
    the National Park Service's site on the Nez Perce War site
  90. The Big Hole National Battlefield
    a picture and some history
  91. The Big Hole National Battlefield
    a school site with pictures and some history
  92. Big Hole Battlefield
    a virtual photo
  93. Big Hole National Battlefield
    picture, info and links
  94. Introduction to Big Hole National Battlefield
    from Frommers
  95. Big Horn County Historic Attractions
    nice map with details
  96. Big Meadow Battle
    very detailed site
  97. Bill Authorizing the Indian Bureau to Seize, Search, Arrest and Shoot Indians
    "The first in a series of historical articles concerning First People which will cover factual events from 1877 to the present date"
  98. Bird Creek Indian Battle
    info on this Texas fight
  99. Site of Bird's Fort
    in Arlington, Texas
  100. Black Hawk's War
    a short article and links from the Electric Library site
  101. Black Hills Treaty
    copy of the document and other info
  102. Bledsoe's Lick Archaeological Project
    "to identify, investigate, and preserve important archaeological resources in and around Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park"
  103. Bones Reveal Paleoindians’ Way Of Life
    New Interior Alaska Site Rich in Faunal Remains by Don Alan Hall
  104. Bonney Lake Battle
    very detailed
  105. Bosque - Larios Expedition
    short page about this Spanish effort
  106. Braddock's Defeat: The Battle of the Wilderness
    good article
    it was near Graham, Texas
  108. Brazos Indian Reservation School
    from a State historical marker
  109. Brazos River Indian Reservation
    from the Texas State historical marker
  110. Buffalo Bill's Skirmish At Warbonnet Creek
    article from The Wild West
  111. Buffalo: 1936
    a report on the excavation of an Indian mound
  112. Buffalo Solidiers from Texas
    A State Parks site
    a page dedicated to these men
  114. Bureau of Indian Affairs History
    "From War to Self-Determination"
  115. The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
    an anthropology section
  116. Butler's Rangers
    British & Indian forces during the Revolutionary War
  117. Cabin Creek
    about this Civil War battle
  118. Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site
    nice site with pictures and info
  119. California History: Pre-European Population
    history in California
  120. California Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  121. California Mission Research Association (CMRA)
    looking into the early 21 California missions & other hispanic sites
  122. CMRA Links Page
    links to lots of historical sites
  123. Camas Meadow Battle
    tons of info
  124. Camp Belknap, CSA
    near Newcastle, Texas
  125. Camp Collier
    "one of a chain of Texas Frontier posts"
  126. Camp Colorado
    near Coleman, Texas
  127. Site of Camp Cooper
    another Texas outpost
  128. Site of Camp Del Rio
    "Originally known as Camp San Felipe"
  129. Site of Camp Sabinal
    in Sabinal, Texas
  130. Camp Verde
    near Kerrville Texas
  131. Camp Wood
    in Real County, Texas
    interesting personal observations
  133. Candian Arctic Prehistory
    well done site
  134. Captivity of the Oatman girls
    a "narrative of life among the Apache and Mohave Indians" in 1851
  135. Carlisle Indian School
    history & "virtual tour" of this school
  136. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Home Page
    the NPS site
  137. Casa Rinconda
    a copy of the guide from the National Park
  138. Casas Grandes
    about this group centered near El Paso, Texas
  139. Casas Grandes Interaction Sphere
    "Chronology of Areas Related to Casa Grandes Culture"
  140. Cascades Battle
    another detailed web site from the Tacoma Public Library
  141. A Brief History of Catalina Island
    from the island's commercial internet site
  142. Catechna and The Tuscarora War
    details on this site and event in North Carolina
  143. Catlin's Letters and Notes
    many of his documents
  144. Center for Indigenous Research
    "We believe young hands belong in the dirt, discovering things and learning about the past."
  145. Center for the Study of the First Americans Home Page
    from Oregon State University
  146. The Ceramic Disks of Scorpion Village: Not Just for Spindle Whorls Anymore
    about the Hohokam
  147. Chaco Canyon National Monument
    almost 90 photos, all kinds of info; almost as good as driving down the 20 miles of bad road to get there by car
  148. Chaco Anasazi Roadways
    "summarizes research on prehistoric roads of the Chaco Anasazi"
  149. Mysteries of Chaco Canyon
    very detailed sites with good pictures
  150. Chalk Bluff Indian Massacre
    in Uvalde, Texas
  151. Chapman Farm Battle
    another detailed web site from the Tacoma Public Library
  152. Charmstone
    "The Indians termed them 'medicine stones' and consider them as possessing medicinal properties"
  153. The Cherokee Outlet
    "for anyone with an interest in the Cherokee Outlet of Oklahoma, also known as The Cherokee Strip"
  154. Cherokee Removal Forts
    links to sites with info about these forts along the Trail of Tears
  155. Chetro Ketl Great Kiva 3-D Model Home Page
    a 3-D tour through a kiva according to University experts
  156. Chief Two Moon Herb Company
    the story of Chief Two Moon Meridas
  157. The Children of Changing Woman
    a look at a family
  158. Chronology
    Indian history fromn 1830 to 1890
  159. Chronology
    Indian history fromn 1776 to 1830
  160. Chucalissa Archaeological Museum & Reconstructed Village
    The title says it all
  161. Chustenahlah
    about this Civil War fight
  162. Chusto-Talasah
    details of the Civil War battle
  163. City of Kings and Commoners: Copan
    National Geographic Magazine article
  164. The Civil War in Indian Territory
    about this time and place
  165. Civil War Indian Raids
    Nebraska historical marker
  166. Civilizations in America
    well written document
  167. Civilizations in America Timeline
    basic info and links to other articles
  168. The Clark County History Page
    info about the area
  169. George Rogers Clark National Historical Park History / informational pages
    historical info
  170. A Clash of Cultures
    "Millions of native people were ill-equipped for the onslaught of the mighty Spanish"
  171. Clearwater Battle
    another detailed web site from the Tacoma Public Library
  172. Coast Reservation
    correspondence regarding the Oregon reservation
  173. Coast Reservation
    more government writings on the Oregon reservation
  174. Coastal Navigators
    The First Americans May Have Come by Water
  175. Codex Mendoza
    a docuiment created in Mexico City in 1541 & 1542 - very well done
  176. Coeur d'Alene & Fort Hall Reservations
    a copy of the Executive order establishing the area (from U.S.Grant)
  177. Colonists and Native Americans
    lots of links and info
  178. Colorado Indians
    by John R. Swanton
    article from Historic Traveler
  180. The Columbus Letter
    "Christopher Columbus's letter announcing the success of his voyage to the "islands of the India sea" is one of the most remarkable documents ever published. It is a key document in the social and intellectual histories of both Europe and the Americas. "
  181. Columbus, My Enemy
    "A Caribbean chief resists the first Spanish invaders
  182. Comanche Lodge's Treaty Page
    Comanche, Cherokee treaties
  183. A Composite Culture
    "When the Roman legions conquered Greece, Roman historians wrote with as little imagination as did the European historians who have written of the white man's conquest of Americ"
  184. La Comunicacion Entre los Mayas
    copyrighted article from the Columbus Project
  185. Condition of the Indian Tribes
    copy of Congressional report from 1867
  186. Conflict of 1867
    historical marker in Nebraska
  187. Connetict Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  188. Connell's Prairie Battle
    another detailed web site from the Tacoma Public Library
  189. Connor Battlefield State Historical Site
    lots of info on this Wyoming site
  190. La conquista inconclusa
    article in Spanish from The Columbus Project
  191. Constitution of the Iroquois Nations
    a transcript in English
  192. Copan Project
    "The Early Copan Acropolis Program (ECAP) is in its sixth season of excavation at the Classic Maya city of Copan, Honduras."
  193. Cortes defeats the Aztecs 1519-1521
    very detailed site
  194. Cottonwood Battle
    another detailed web site from the Tacoma Public Library
  195. Council Grove, Kansas History
    lots of info
  196. The Covered Wagon
    a recollection by a pioneer on the Oregon Trail
  197. Cow Camp Massacre on Hondo Creek
    in Hondo, Texas
  198. Creation Stories
    from many different tribes
  199. George Croghan and The Battle of Fort Stephenson
    "The defense of Fort Stephenson by 21 year old Major George Croghan with his garrison of approximately 160 men, and one cannon - against General Proctor's far superior forces, and his Indian allies, is one of the most amazing victories any war has ever known"
  200. Crossroads of Continents
    "The Old World and the New World meet at Bering Strait"0
  201. Crow Creek Massacre
    in South Dakota
  202. The Crucible of American Indian Identity
    Native Tradition versus Colonial Imposition in Postconquest North America
  203. Cuestion de clases, no de razas
    Copyrighted article in Spanish
  204. La cultura Maya, en peligro de extinction
    article in Spanish from the Columbus Project
  205. Cultural History of Mount Diablo - The Miwok
    short, but interesting, article
  206. Cultural History of the Umpqua Basin
    nice article
  207. Cultures in America
    well written article
  208. Curse of Cornstalk
    "More unusual occurrences around Point Pleasant, West Virginia"
  209. Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association
    biographies & information
  210. The Custer's Last Stand Treaty
    the background and a photo of this treaty
  211. Cycles of US History - Colonial Cycle
    lots of info and links
  212. Dakota Crossroads
    nice site with a variety of information
  213. The Dawes Act or General Allotment Act of 1887
    a copy of the Act
  214. The Dawes Severalty Act - February 8, 1887
    "Congressman Henry Dawes, author of the act, once expressed his faith in the civilizing power of private property with the claim that to be civilized was to "wear civilized clothes...cultivate the ground, live in houses, ride in Studebaker wagons, send children to school, drink whiskey [and] own property."]
  215. Death by Disease
    copyrighted article from the Columbus Porject
  216. Death Toll
    by William Keegan in "Archaeology"
  217. Dehcho: "Mom, We've Been Discovered!"
    an interesting story
  218. Delaware Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  219. Juan de Onate Expedition
    in 1598 they went through Texas
  220. Desert Peoples of the Past
    informative article, with pictures and links, from DesertUSA magazine
  221. Hernado de Soto's Conquest of America
    an excellent source on this subject
  222. The Devil's Tower
    a look at this site
  223. Dietz Archeological Site
    in Kleberg, Texas
  224. Direct Hit on the Ancestors
    one man's story to find an ancient site
  225. Disaster at Dove Creek
    article from Civil War Times
  226. The Discursive Encounter of Spain and America
    "The Authority of Eyewitness Testimony in the Writing of History"
  227. Don't blame Columbus for Indians' troubles
    copyrighted article by Howard Kleinberg
  228. Dove Creek Battle
    in Irion County, Texas
  229. Dr. E's Internet History: Native Americans
    tons of info, excellent!
  230. Little Cedar Mountain - TVA
    an excellent timeline for the area & Chickamauga Chief Dragging Canoe
  231. Early America's Bloodiest Battle
    St.Claire's defeat, details & a map
  232. Early Emigrant Trails
    by Marcus Lewis
    very detailed, covers most of the explorers in Kansas
  234. Early Native American Cultures (1000 BCE-1600CE)
    info from West Virginia
    tribal histories of this area
  236. Eastern Woodland Indians and Jamestown Settlement
    scholarly paper
  237. Effigy Mounds National Monument
    "established to preserve the earth mounds found in northeastern Iowa"
  238. 1864 INDIAN RAIDS
    historical marker in Nelson, Nebraska
  239. El Salvador
    a brief look at their history
  240. John Eliot's Indian Bible. Cambridge, 1663, 1665
    a look at this publication
  241. Emergence from Nanih Waiya
    how the Muscogees (Creek) first emerged (creation)
  242. The Encounter: Native Americans and the Quincentenary
    "Reprinted from Encuentro, A Columbian Quincentenary Newsletter"
    detailed overview by Ben Hulse
  244. The English Conquest of Georgia
    details & dates
  245. Engraved Powder Horns
    nice site on a powder horn carried during a historical moment
  246. The Establishment of Jamestown and the Decline of Indian Power
    article by Douglas Griffith
  247. The Estevanico Society
    "dedicated to scholarly research into the life and journeys of Estevanico (also Esteban or Stephen the Black.) The society aims to explore his origins in Morocco, and enslavement by the Portugese and Spanish, and his historic journey thru the American Southwest ending in his death at the Zuni Pueblo of Hawikuh."
  248. Etnias
    copyrighted article in Spanish by Carlos R. Villanueva Castillo
  249. Etowah Indian Mounds
    basic info
  250. Etowah Mounds Archaeological Area
    from the North Georgia site
  251. European Exploration in Georgia
    dates & details
  252. An Evaluation of Chaco Anasazi Roadways
    "summarizes research on prehistoric roads of the Chaco Anasazi"
  253. Events in the West: 1820-1830
    from the PBS "The West" site
  254. Events in the West: 1830-1840
    from the PBS "The West" site
  255. Events in the West: 1840-1850
    from the PBS "The West" site
  256. Events in the West: 1850-1860
    from the PBS "The West" site
  257. Events in the West: 1860-1870
    from the PBS "The West" site
  258. Events in the West: 1870-1880
    from the PBS "The West" site
  259. Events in the West: 1880-1890
    from the PBS "The West" site
  260. Events in the West: 1890-1900
    from the PBS "The West" site
  261. Events in the West: 1900-1917
    from the PBS "The West" site
  262. Everything Shall Become A Desert"
    "Amerindian Premonitions of the Coming of the White Man"
  263. Excavation of a Kashaya Pomo Village Site in Northern California
    pictures and info on this location
  264. Explorer Reports
    a look at southwest New Mexico
  265. Fallen Timbers Battlefield
    info, links, photos
  266. Fallen Timbers
    article about this fight
  267. Battle of Fallen Timbers
    a detailed look at this fight
  268. The Fatal Fetterman Fight
    a detailed log
    article from The Wild West
  270. The Final Indian Treaty
    a picture of "The Declaration of Allegience Treaty between The United States and all the Indian Tribes in American"
  271. "The Final Report of the United States DeSoto Expedition Commission"
    a critical look at that report
  272. The First Americans
    by Sharon Begley in "Newsweek"
  273. First Americans Research Resources
    lots of archaeological links
  274. The First Arctic Explorers
    "In Inuit traditions, they are known as "Tunit." For over 3,000 years, in isolation from the rest of the world, they developed a unique and intriguing way of life."
  275. First Nations Histories
    an awesome compilation of histories of many tribes by Lee Sultzman
  276. First Native American Clash in Rockbridge
    about this area
  277. First People of Michigan
    lots of info
  278. Flint Ridge
    "Flint Ridge contains quarry pits where all of the ancient people of Ohio came to get flint for both tools and weapons"
  279. Florence Indian Mound and Museum
    basic info and a few pictures
  280. Florida Department of State - Historical Resources
    lots of info
  281. Florida Indian Mounds
    very detailed site about the tribes, their practices, history and pre-history
  282. The Florida Indian War
    good info and links
  283. History of the Florida Indians
    a detailed look at several subjects
  284. Florida Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  285. Florida Militia Indians?
    "Richard's Company of Friendly Indians; Florida Mounted Volunteers (Florida War.)"
  286. "FORGOTTEN FOUNDERS, Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution," By Bruce E. Johansen
    scholarly paper



    Fort Links:

    There are so many sites on Forts, I created a separate section for them

  287. Fort Amanda
    Along the bank of the Auglaize River in Ohio
  288. Fort Anahuac
    info on this Texas fort from the Handbook of Texas Online (HTO) site
  289. Fort Ancient
    old Indian fort in Ohio
  290. Fort Apache Historic Park
    nice site with walking tour through the Fort
  291. Fort Armstrong
    "The Building of Fort Armstrong-1816"
  292. Fort Atkinson, Nebraska
    about this site
  293. Fort Atkinson State Historic Park
    more info on this Nebraska fort
  294. Fort Atkinson
    historical marker in Nebraska
  295. Historic Fort Belknap
    info on the Texas fort
  296. Fort Belknap
    directions to the Texas fort
  297. Fort Belknap Reservation History
    from the Fort Belknap College
  298. Fort Belknap
    info from the HTO site
  299. Fort bend
    info from the HTO site
  300. Fort Bird
    info from the HTO site
  301. Fort Bliss
    info from the HTO site
  302. Fort Boggy
    info from the HTO site
  303. Fort Bowie
    a NPS site
  304. Fort Buffalo Springs
    info from the HTO site
  305. Fort Buford
  306. Fort Casper on the Oregon Trail
    picture and info
  307. Fort Chadbourne
    in Texas
  308. Fort Chadbourne
    lots of information on this site
  309. Fort Chadbourne
    info from the HTO site
  310. Fort Cibolo
    info from the HTO site
  311. Fort Cienega
    info from the HTO site
  312. Fort Clark
    details on this Texas site
  313. Fort Clark
    info from the HTO site
  314. Fort Clatsop
    NPS site
  315. Fort Colorado or Fort Coleman
    info from the HTO site
  316. Fort Concho
    details on this Texas fort
    info from the HTO site
  318. Fort Concho
    info from the HTO site
  319. Fort Croghan
    info from the HTO site
  320. Fort Davis
    in west Texas
  321. Fort de Chartres
    pictures and info on this Illinois fort
  322. Fort Defiance
    history & pictures
  323. Fort Defiance
    more info
  324. Fort Duncan
    short page on this Texas fort
  325. Fort Elliot
    short page on this Texas fort
  326. Welcome to Fort Erie and The War of 1812
    info on the fort and the war
  327. Fort Fetterman State Historic Site
    info on the place in Wyoming
  328. Fort Folle Avoine Historical Park
    a trading post
  329. Fort Frederica, Georgia
    National Park site with map of the area
  330. Fort Gates
    in Texas
  331. Fort Gibson
    in Oklahoma
  332. Fort Graham
    a fort in Texas
  333. Fort Griffin
    info on this Texas fort
  334. Fort Griffin
    general info
  335. Fort Griffin
    detailed history of this Texas fort
  336. Fort Hall Accounts
    about this Oregon fort and the activity and area around it
  337. Fort Hamar Treaty
    1789 - TREATY WITH THE SIX NATIONS - transcript
  338. Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park
    info on this Nebraska fort
  339. Fort Hartsuff 1874-1881
    Nebraska historical marker
  340. Fort Henry
    the history of the place in West Virginia
  341. Fort Henry
    info on this site in Kingston, Ontario
  342. Fort Willam Henry
    drawings, facts & local info
  343. Fort William Henry...The Siege & Massacre
    picture and info
  344. Fort Hill
    "a nature preserve containing one of the best preserved Indian hilltop enclosures in North America (Ohio)"
  345. Fort Inge
    short page on this Texas fort
  346. Fort Jefferson
    "One of a chain of defensive forts built to protect army supplies from Indians"
  347. Fort Kearny State Historical Park
    from Nebraska, names after Stephen Kearny
  348. Fort Kearny
    historical marker in Nebraska
  349. Fort Phil Kearny
    from Wyoming
  350. Old Fort Kearny
    Nebraska historical marker
  351. Fort Phil Kearny / Bozeman Trail Association
    more on these places
  352. Fort Lancaster
    history and other info
  353. Fort Lancaster
    details on the ruins
  354. Fort Laramie
    the National Park site
  355. Fort Laramie
    lots of info
    historical marker in Nebraska
  357. Fort Laramie History
    from the Electric Library site
  358. Fort Laramie on the Oregon Trail
    a picture and info
  359. Fort Larned
    info on this Kansas fort
  360. Fort Laurens
    "its starving garrison survived on boiled moccasins and withstood a month-long siege by British-led Indians"
  361. Fort Ligonier
    details of the fighting here
  362. Fort Lincoln
    Texas fort info
  363. Fort Loudoun State Historic Area
    details of the Park
  364. Fort Loudoun
    diagram of fort and lots of info
  365. Fort Marcy
    on this Texas site
  366. Fort McIntosh
    details on this Texas fort
  367. Fort McKavett
    originally called Camp San Saba
  368. Fort McKavett
    short page on this Texas fort
  369. Fort McPherson
    Nebraska historical marker
  370. Fort McPherson and North Platte
    historical marker in Nebraska
  371. Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio
    lots of details here
  372. Fort Meigs
    The State of Ohio's site
  373. Fort Merrill
    Texas fort
  374. Fort Michilimackinac
    basic info
  375. Fort Milam
    short page on this Texas fort
  376. Fort Mitchell, 1864-1867
    historical marker in Nebraska
  377. Fort Mitchell
    lots of info on this Alabama site
  378. Fort Necessity National battlefield
    National Parks site - lots of info
  379. Fort Niagara: 300 years of History
    lots of info
  380. Old Fort Niagara
    picture and lots of links
  381. Fort 96
    pictures and some info
  382. Fort Niobrara
    Nebraska historical marker
  383. Fort Nisqually Battle
    very detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library
  384. The Fort at No.4
    info on the New Hampshire fort (Charlestown)
  385. Fort Oldham
    some details - in Texas
  386. Fort Omaha
    historical marker in Nebraska
  387. Fort Ontario: Guardian of the Lake
    originally the "Fort of the Six Nations"
  388. Historic Fort Osage
    well done site on this Missouri fort
  389. Fort Osage
    several pictures
  390. Fort Osage
    basic info
  391. Old Fort Parker
    lots of info on this Texas site
  392. Fort Parker
    details of the Texas site
  393. Fort Peck Indian Reservation
    history of the reservation in Montana
  394. Fort Pena Colorado
    a few facts
  395. Fort Phantom Hill
    Officially "Post on Clear Fork of the Brazos"
    Nebraska historical marker
  397. Fort Raglan Battle
    very detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library
  398. Fort Recovery
    a short article
  399. Fort Richardson, Texas
    State park info
  400. Fort Richardson
    in Texas
  401. Fort Ridgely
    short article and map
  402. Fort Robinson
    state park info
  403. Fort Robinson State Park
    info on the Nebraska fort
  404. Fort Robinson
    historical marker in Nebraska
  405. Fort Scott
    info on this Kansas fort
  406. Fort Sidney
    Nebraska historical marker
  407. History of Old Fort Sill
    the home of Geronimo's grave in Oklahoma
  408. The Fort Smith Story
    about this fort in Arkansas
  409. Fort Smith
    the Nationa Park Service site
  410. Fort Smith
    details on this Texas fort
  411. Historic Fort Snelling
    lots of info and a "virtual tour"
  412. Fort Stanwix, NY
    lots of details
  413. Fort Stanwix Treaty
    1784 - TREATY WITH THE SIX NATIONS - transcript
  414. Fort Steele State Historic Site
    lots of info
  415. Fort Stockton
    a few facts from Texas
  416. Fort Terrett
    short page on this Texas site
  417. Fort Ticonderoga
    pictures, maps, history, timeline & info
  418. Fort Toulouse - Jackson Park
    lots of info
  419. Fort Toulouse History
    lots of info
  420. Fort Toulouse/ Jackson State Park
    timeline and short article
  421. Fort Union National Monument
    a look at this site
  422. Fort Union Trading Post
    the National Park site
  423. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site & Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
    a short page on these two places
  424. Fort Wayne History
    details on this Indiana area
  425. Fort Wellington
    picture and info
  426. Fort Woods
    info on this place in Texas


    end of Fort Links

  427. The French and Indian raid on Deerfield Massachusetts, 1704
    lots of details
  428. French & Indian War: Prelude to War - 1752
    detailed info
  429. French & Indian War: Prelude to War - 1753
    detailed info
  430. French & Indian War: Battles of 1754
    detailed info
  431. French & Indian War: Battles of 1755
    detailed info
  432. French & Indian War: Battles of 1756
    detailed info
  433. French & Indian War: Battles of 1757
    detailed info
  434. French & Indian War: Battles of 1758
    detailed info
  435. French & Indian War: Battles of 1759
    detailed info
  436. French & Indian War: Battles of 1760
    detailed info
  437. French & Indian War: Battles of 1763
    detailed info
  438. French and Indian War: British and French Forts
    locations, years of service and some links
  439. The French and Indian War Homepage - 1755
    Larry Roux page on this war
  440. French and Indian War
    an Encarta page
  441. French and Indian War
    more from Encarta
  442. French Trading Area
    Indian trading area in Texas
  443. The Fur Trade
    a look at this subject
    an overview
  445. Ganondagan State Historic Site
    "Ganondagan State Historic Site is the location of a major seventeenth-century Seneca town and its palisaded granary."
  446. Genocide in The Americas
    by David E. Stannard in The Nation, (October 19, 1992)
  447. Georgia's Spanish Missions
    details and dates
  448. Geronimo Springs Museum
    lots of information from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  449. Ghost Dance
    a detailed look at this movement
  450. Glenbow Archives
    "One of Canada's largest non-governmental repositories, the Glenbow Archives concentrates on personal and business papers relating to western Canadian history."
  451. Glimpses of Paleoindian Life
    in the Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota
  452. Governor Glen, The Role of Indians in the Rivalry Between France, Spain, and England, 1761
    a copy of this document
  453. Gnadenhutten
    Massacre of the Moravian Indians at Gnadenhutten, March 6, 1782" interesting article
  454. The Goat Hill Site
    A Western Anasazi Pueblo in the Safford Valley of Southeastern Arizona - archaeology
  455. Doc Goodman's Arizona Territorial Times
    recreates old newspaper articles
  456. Grand Mound
    "the largest Indian burial mound in the Upper Midwest"
  457. Grand Ronde Reservation
    government letter on this Oregon site
  458. The Great Disease Migration
    by Geoffrey Cowley in "Newsweek" Fall/Winter 1991
  459. The Great Journey: The Peopling of Ancient America
    copyrighted article by Brian M. Fagan
  460. Great Trading Path - Indian History
    they have some transcripts of a few historical documents
  461. Greene Springs and Site of Archeological Discoveries
    site in Texas
  462. Treaty of Greenville
    a transcript of this document
  463. A Guide to the Cherokee Confederates
    list of names, rank, service info, etc, lots of info
  464. Guns of the Little Bighorn
    article from The Wild West
  465. Half-Breed Citizenship Bill, 1857
    a copy and transcript of the bill
  466. Harsh Vengence at Bear River
    article from The Wild West
  467. Harvard-Peabody Native American Timeline
    lots of sports dates
  468. Health and Disease in the New World
    by Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. in "Encounters"
  469. Hennepin's Story of La Salle in Indiana
    by Raymond F. Dolle in "Indiana English"
  470. Henrico County, Virginia--Brief History
    interesting local history
    very nice site on Florida's First Native People
  472. Highlights of the California Missions
    by Mark Galli in Christian History Issue 35
  473. Histoire de l'Amérique septentrionale Tome I
    1722 edition in French
  474. Una historia necesaria
    copyrighted story in Spanish
  475. Historical Atlas of Canada From the beginning to 1800
    very detailed article
  476. Historic Forks of the Wabash
    details and pictures about the area
    descriptions of many, many forts
  478. A Historical Look at Ravenswood in Jackson County, West Virginia
    a look at the area during the French & Indian War, and other times
  479. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1682-1708
    part of "An Anthropological Report on the Piankashaw Indians by Dorothy Libby"
  480. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1708-1763
    more details on the Piankashaws
  481. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1763-1776
    more on the Piankashaws
  482. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1776-1783
    more on the Piankashaws
  483. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1783-1795
    more on the Piankashaws
  484. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1795-1805
    more on the Piankashaws
  485. A Historical Survey of the Locations and Movements of the Piankashaw Indians: 1805-1832
    more on the Piankashaws
  486. The History and Primitive Technology Page
    "intended to be a place where you can find information on various primitive technologies such as ancient methods of firemaking, flintknapping, and what is often referred to as "buckskinning" crafts."
  487. History/Native Studies Databank
    I've been told there is lots of info here
  488. The History Net
    all kinds if good stuff
  489. The History of a Humble People
    several tribal histories
  490. History of Anahuac
    Mexican history
  491. The History of How California Became a State
    lots of info
    several links
  493. History of Native Americans in West Virginia
    pictures and info from West University State
  494. History of Northern West Virginian panhandle
    excellent site with lots of info
  495. History of the Cherokee
    an excellent source of information & very professionally presented
  496. The History of the Conquest of Mexico
    William Prescott's e-text on the subject
  497. The History of Mexico - Time-Line Overview
    a comparative look at different cultures
  498. A history of the NW Coast
    nice maps & good info
  499. History of the Sioux War and massacres of 1862 and 1863
    copy of an 1864 book
  500. A History of the Western Shoshone land dispute
    a detailed text
  501. History on the Rocks
    "an archeao-astronomical alignment at equinox sunrise in southeastern Colorado's "Crack Cave" is discovered."
  502. History's Great Surprise: The American Indian
    copyrighted article by David Warren
  503. Homework Central's Native American section
    many articles
  504. Homolovi Ruins State Park
    "Arizona's first archaeological state park"
  505. Horse Creek Treaty Grounds
    where 10,000 Indians gathered to sign the Fort Laramie Treaty
  506. How Did Native Americans Respond to Christianity?
    by Thomas S. Giles in Christian History Issue 35
  507. How Old Monica Ataguttaaluk Introduced Me to Arctic Archaeology
    an interesting article
  508. Huelco Tanks
    some history on the ancient "watering hole"
  509. I Think the Indians Discovered America
    by Philip Perlmutter (October 10, 1987, p. 23) The New York Times
  510. Illinois - The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
    details about several tribes
  511. Illinois Treaty of August 24, 1816
    info from "The Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795 to 1846 by Dr. David A Baerreis"
  512. Illinois Treaty of July 29, 1829
    with the Potawatomi
  513. Illinois Treaty of October 20, 1832
    with the Potawatomi
  514. Image of the Indian in Portugal and U.S. didn't reflect reality
    by: Maria Laura Bettencourt Pires in: "The New World"
  515. Immigrants from the Other Side?
    Did American Indians come from Europe? A scholarly article
  516. Indian Bulletin for 1867-1868
    copy of an 1867 book
  517. Indian Captives
    historical marker in Nebraska
  518. Indian Captives of Early American Pioneers
    "Here you will find ancestor's stories about capture, release or escape from Native American Indians in the wilderness as found in history books and spoken family tales passed down from previous generations."
  519. Indian Civilization
    copy of an 1877 book
  520. Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains
    from Project Gutenberg
    a long list of who owned what
  522. The Indian miscellany
    copy of an 1877 book
  523. Indian Missions and Missionaries Bibliography
    "The following are general and reference materials regarding the Kansas Legislature. All the books are available in the Research Room of the Kansas State Historical Society"
  524. Indian Mound Temple
    in Florida..."originally served as a religous and civic center that has been preserved to this day"
  525. Indian Policies 1851-90
    a detailed look
  526. The Indian Question
    a copy of this 1874 book
  527. The Indian races of North and South America
    copy of 1864 book by Charles De Wolf Brownell
  528. The Indian Raid on Kerrs Creek
    Angela Ruley's article on this event
  529. Indian References
    books in the Black Hawk War and the Cherokee Removal
  530. Indian Rock Shelters
    site in Coke County, Texas
  531. Indian Shell Mound Park
    on Dauphin Island, Alabama
  532. Indian Congress Tribal Delegates 1898
    excellent site with information on many different tribes
  533. Indian Wars
    several articles about different events
  534. Indian Wars
    detailed article from Encarta
  535. Indian Wars
    one page article
  536. Indian Wars
    several documents listed here
  537. The Indian Wars are not Over
    article on activities in Northern California
  538. The Indian Wars of the West and Frontier Army Life, 1862-1898: Official Histories and Personal Narratives
    a collection
  539. Indian-History
    "This web site is dedicated to retelling the fascinating and sad history of Native American Indians."
  540. Indiana Cession of August 29, 1821
    from "THE GREAT LAKES PROJECT: The Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795-1846"
  541. Indiana Cession of October 2, 1818
    with the Potawatomi
  542. Indiana Cession of October 16, 1826
    with the Potawatomi
  543. Indiana Cession of October 26, 1832
    with the Potawatomi
  544. Indiana Cession of October 27, 1832
    with the Potawatomi
  545. Indiana Cession of September 20, 1828
    with the Potawatomi
  546. Indiana Cession of September 20, 1828
    with the Potawatomi
  547. Indiana Cession of September 30, 1809
    with the Potawatomi
  549. Indians of Pasadena, Texas
    a look at Indians in the history of the Texas town
  550. The Indians of San Diego County
    Paul White's look at these tribes
  551. The Indians and Wells County
    from the Wells County Historical Society/Museum
  552. Indigenous Peoples of New Mexico
    a very detailed and impressive site !
  553. How Iowa Got It's Name
    from the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, Iowa
  554. Andrew Jackson on Indian Removal
    "Extract from Andrew Jackson's Seventh Annual Message to Congress, December 7, 1835"
  555. James Fort
    in Virginia
  556. Jan de Vos...una voz
    Spanish article from the Columbus Project
  557. Jeffers Petroglyphs
    in Minnesota..."slands of uncovered rock, where American Indians left carvings--petroglyphs"
  558. Thomas Jefferson's "Indian Addresses"
    transcripts of 5 letters to: John Baptist de Coigne, Hnadsome Lake, the Choctaw Nation, The Cherokee Nation, and the Wolf and Mandan Nation
  559. The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents - Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France 1610—1791
  560. Jim Janke's Old West Page
    a long list of links
  561. Joe Pool Lake
    an archaeological site in Texas
  562. Johnson County Historic Attractions
    places in Wyoming
  563. Johnson's Wonder-Working Providence 1628-1651
    his look at the natives in New England
  564. Kansas Forts Page
    Info on the forts in Kansas During the "Indian Wars"
  565. Kansas Indian Agency
    short article about this site
  566. Kansas Indian Treaty
    about the "Historical marker beside Highway US 81"
  567. Kaw Indian Mission State Historic Site
    this site is just starting
  568. Ya'`a't`e'e'h! Kayenta Middle School Tribal History Research Project
    this school's look at many different tribes
  569. Knappers Anonymous
    "an online collection of notes, essays,and images from a wide range of sources -- all concerned with the topic of flintknapping."
    in Georgia..."There are 7 mounds within the park which were built during the 12th and 13th centuries by the Swift Creek and Weeden Island Indians"
  571. Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains
    "The History of the Adirondacks is the History of America - This page contains Links to great French and Indian War sites and other US History Pages"
  572. Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site
    "Known as one of the most important archaeological sites discovered in Florida"
  573. Lake Theo - Folsom Bison Kill Site
    in Briscoe County, Texas
  574. Largest Pictograph Site in Texas
    in Concho County, Texas
  575. The Last Indian Hunt
    about an effort to "exterminate" Indians near the Eel River
  576. The Last Seminole War
    By Thomas H. Benton
  577. The Late Pithouse Period at Old Town
    by Jason Lucas..."Originally Presented at the Eighth Mogollon Conference"
  578. The Lenape: A study of Hudson Valley Indians
    a history of this area
  579. Lest We Forget
    A great list of little known events, people & groups (Ex: Black Indians)
  580. Letter about Oregon Mounted Volunteers, 1856
    about their conflicts with local Indians
  581. Lewis & Clark: PBS Online
    an excellent site by PBS based on the Ken Burns series
  582. Lewis & Clark: The Native Americans
    a comprehensive site on the tribes Lewis and Clark met on their journey
  583. Linguistic Evidence Suggests Point of Origin for Na-Dene
    scholarly article
  584. "the lithics site"
    "a resource for archaeological lithic analysts"
  585. Lithics.Net
    "The Center of the Web for Information on North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics. "
  586. Little Big Horn Associates Home Page
    an excellent site, tons of info on this battle
  587. Little Bighorm Coverup
    article from The Wild West
  588. Little Salt Creek Indian Fight
    site in Graham, Texas
  589. Living Cells Unlock Ancient Mysteries
    DNA research on American Indians
  590. Living in the Navajo Past...
    15 pages of info
  591. Logan Elm
    "Logan Elm State Memorial is said to be the site where, in 1774, Chief Logan of the Mingo tribe delivered his eloquent speech on Indian-white relations"
  592. Lords of the Earth
    "Welcome to the Maya/Aztec/Inca Center of the Lords of the Earth, a Web site, which deals with the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas." very nicely done
  593. Louisiana Indian History
    nice page on Louisiana
  594. Lower Creek Towns of the Creek Confederacy
    "as written by Col. Benjamin Hawkins, Indian Agent c.1799"
  595. Lower Sioux Agency
    about this place in Minnesota
  596. Lubbock, Texas History
    a look at the Comanche and others in this part of Texas
  597. Lyman's Wagon Train Battle
    site in Hemphill County, Texas
  598. Maine Indians
    by John Swanton
  599. Mammoth Bones Recovered from Underwater Site: Associated Stones Suggest Meat Anchors
    scholarly article
  600. Manifest Destiny and Western Canada
    "Critical Re-evaluation of the Geopolitical Objectives of the United States Government's Northern Plains Indian Wars of the 1860s and 1870s, and their Encompassing Historical Contexts."
  601. Maryland Indians
    by John Swanton
  602. Massachusetts Indians
    by John Swanton
  603. Massachusetts' North Shore
    Samuel de Champlain journals of his exploration of the area and the people
  604. The Massacre at Fort Mims
    a detailed look
  605. Massacre At Wounded Knee
    "a letter from General Nelson A. Miles to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs in 1917 concerning the Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890" - Miles states it was a massacre, not a battle
  606. Massacre at Wounded Knee
    details and pictures
  607. Massacre Canyon
    site of a Pawnee and Sioux battle in Nebraska
  608. Massacre of Jane McCrea- 1777
    short article
  609. Massacre Rocks
    site in Oregon
  610. Massasoit Peace Treaty of 1621
    transcript and sketch
  611. McLauren Massacre
    historical site in Texas
  612. Medicine Lodge
    site in Wyoming
  613. The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People
    "An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America" - interesting material
  614. Memoir for the Marquis de Seignelay regarding the Dangers that Threaten Canada and the Means to Remedy Them, Januari 1687
    the title says it all
    "Bravery and courage are not the possession of men alone for women served here also; both inside the stockade and in the Indian villages"
  616. Memories of journeying through Creek county and childhood in Clarke County, 1811-1814
    Margaret Ervin Austill's journal
  617. Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, California: Native Americans and Early Settlers of,
    a detailed look at the area
  618. Mercyhurst College News Releases
    including several things about Indians
  619. Mesoamerican Calendars
    calendars and calendar calculators for several cultures, another ecellent site by Victor Mendoza-Grado
  620. Mexican Heritage Almanac
    lots of information here, also by Victor Mendoza-Grado
  621. Mexican Period: 1821-1846
    California history
  622. Mexican Pyramids
    pictures and details
  623. Miamisburg Mound
    "The Miamisburg Mound is the largest conical burial mound in the state of Ohio and possibly in the eastern U. S. "
  624. Michigan Hopewell
    short article and picture
  625. Michigan Indians
    from Indians of North America by John Swanton
  626. Michigan--Treaty of August 29, 1821
    with the Potawatomi
  627. Michigan--Treaty of November 17, 1807
    with the Potawatomi
  628. Michigan--Treaty of September 20, 1828
    with the Potawatomi
  629. Michigan--Treaty of September 29, 1817
    with the Potawatomi
  630. Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference
    "was organized in 1970 to serve as an informal forum at which current archaeological information from the region (roughly from Virginia to New York, west to the Ohio River) could be exchanged."
  631. Mimbres Archeology
    lots of photos and a few maps
  632. Mingo Indians Iroquois or Six Nations
    a short history of the group and several individuals
  633. Minnesota Indians
    from Indians of North America by John Swanton
  634. Minnesota: Projectile Points of,
    detailed text and pictures
  635. Mission Conception
    details and a photo
  636. Mission de las Cabras
    details on this Texas mission
  637. Mission Dolores a Visita
    short page from Texas
  638. Approximate Site of Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
    "for the purpose of civilizing and Christianizing the Tonkawas, Mayeyes"
  639. Mission Nuestra Senora Del Carmen
    Oldest mission in Texas, "Originally founded in 1613"
  640. Mission Nuestra Senora del Espiritu Santo de Zuniga
    details on this Texas Mission
  641. Mission Nuestra Senora del Espiritu Santo de Zuniga
    another short Texas page
  642. Mision Nuestra Senora del Rosario
    "Founded in 1754 for the Cujane Indians"
  643. Mission Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria
    Texas Mission
  644. Mission Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion Del Socorro
    "Established in 1680"
  645. Mission Revilla a Visita
    short page with directions from Texas
  646. Mission San Augustin de Laredo a Visita
    short page
  647. Mission San Clemente
    details on this Texas site
  648. Mission San Clemente
    short page
  649. Mission San Francisco De La Espada
    details on this Texas mission
  650. Mission San Juan Capistrano
    lots of details and a photo
  651. Mission San Lorenzo de La Santa Cruz
    another short page
  652. Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba
    near Menard, Texas
  653. Mississinewa 1812
    "More than 1,300 participants will once again bring to life the land of the great Miami Indian nation. You will experience the sights and sounds of the historic War of 1812 battle fought here by United States troops and British-allied Indians."
  654. Mississippi Indians
    from Indians of North America by John Swanton
  655. Mississippi Temple Mounds
    a "virtual temple"
  656. Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
    "The Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center provides education about ancient cultures of the upper Mississippi River Valley to the general public and undergraduate students, conducts research and exploration of archaeological sites and artifacts, preserves archaeological artifacts of ancient cultures which flourished within the upper Mississippi Valley, and provides a regional center to promote understanding of the prior inhabitants of this region."
  657. The Mississippian and Late Prehistoric Period (A.D. 900 - 1700)
    very detailed site with pictures
  658. Montana Indians
    from Indians of North America by John Swanton
  659. Monte Alban
    history and photo
  660. Mound Builders
    pictures, article and "clickable" map
  661. Moundbuilders
    state park in Newark, Ohio
  662. Mound Builders History - Archaeology
    a comprehensive site on this subject - excellent work
  663. The Mound Builders of Scioto County
    short article and map
  664. Mound Builders, On the Trail of...
    in Ohio, some pictures
  665. Amerindian Mound Culture and American Amnesia
    a very detailed work by James Hutchison
  666. Mound J Astronomical Observatory
    from Monte Alban in Mexico
  667. Moundbuilders links and resources
    from the North Georgia site
  668. Mounds and Mound Builders
    info on Grave Creek and Criel mounds in West Virginia
  669. Whose Mounds are These Anyway?
    an interesting article
  670. Moundville Archaeological Park
    "Experience the wonder of this Mississippian Native American city."
    nicely done page
  672. Pierre LeMoyne Sieur d'Iberville and the Establishment of Biloxi
    a detailed log of his encounters
  673. Murder of the Moravian Indians
    lots of details on this event
  674. Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, Washington
    lots of info & pictures
  675. Museums At Prophetstown, Inc.
    "a public, not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 institution dedicated to preserving the Native American, environmental and agricultural history, art and traditions of the mid-Wabash River Valley region through the operation of professional museum facilities and cultural programs within Prophetstown State Park."
  676. Mystery of the Ancient Ones
    article from Historic Traveler
  677. Nanih Waiya
    an Indian mound description
  678. Nashville’s Native American History - Dragging Canoe & the Chickamauga Cherokees
    nicely written article
  679. Natchez Trace
    the people and the area
    "documents related to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act are organized in the five categories listed below"
  681. National Park Service's Archaeology and Ethnography Program
    lots of info
  682. Native America: 1750-1830
    an overview
  683. Native American, 1800-1828
    a general history
  684. Native American, 1945
    an overview
  685. The Native American: A History Of Oppression
    a short article on the subject
  686. Native American Conquest
    a great site on the Spanish conquest of North America, from the Florida history site
    December 2001 "Link of the Month"
  687. Native American Creation Stories
    "These are of both the creation of the First People as well as some beginnings of individual tribes"
    an overview
  689. Native American Home for Archeology, Paleontology and Anthropology Studies
    "site is maintained by the teenagers of the Pechanga Indian Tribe, located near Temecula, in Southern California"
  690. Native American History Resources on the Internet
    a long list of history sites by Karen Strom - excellent resource
  691. Native American land cessions in Georgia
    timeline, lots of info
  692. The Native Americans
    Indians and the Pilgrims
  693. Native Americans
    lots of details
  694. Native Americans: A Different Perception
    an essay on Native History Month 1997 from the D.E.O.M.I.
    from a long list of links
  696. Native Americans and the Plymouth Colonies
    "A History of the Peace and Conflict" - lots of details
    a lecture from an online course
  698. Native Americans in Canyon De Chelley
    a timeline on the occupation of this area
  699. Native Americans in Indiana: Resistance and Removal
    detailed article
  700. Native Americans in the region of the Blue Ridge
    pictures and info
  701. Native Americans of the Parker River and Surrounding Area
    detailed descriptions from many sources
  702. Native Americans of the West
    general histories of the Mojave, Nez Perce, Paiute
  703. Native Peoples of North America and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire
    an interesting historical research paper on the period
  704. Nebraska Hall of Fame
    a list of people
  705. Nebraska Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  706. Nevada Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  707. The New Americans
    "by Shanti Menon, Discover: The World of Science, January 199"
  708. New Echota Cherokee Capital
    picture, map and article
  709. New England Indian Baskets
    lots of details and pictures
  710. New Hampshire Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  711. New Jersey Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  712. New Mexico Indians
    from The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton
  713. New Perspectives on THE WEST
    PBS site based on the Ken Burns series
  714. New York Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  715. New York State Archaeological Association
    "to promote archeological and historical research concerning the artifacts, rites, customs, beliefs and other phases of the lives and culture of the occupants of New York State"
  716. New York State Anthropological Survey
    covering: "Prehistoric Agriculture, Impact of European Contact on Native American Populations, Fort William Henry, Ancient Earthworks of New York, Women in Archaeology, Ripley Site, Chronolgy for Late Prehistoric Chiefdom Development, Prehistoric Agriculture"
    info from Southern Methodist University
  718. Ninety Six - National Historic Site
    a NPS site in South Carolina
  719. No Man's Land
    "No-Mans Land of early Oklahoma history became what is now known as the Panhandle"
  720. Nooksack War
    another detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library (T.P.L.)
  721. The North: EARLY HISTORY : 1500 TO 1900
    a Canadian site
  722. The North: PRE-CONTACT : BEFORE 1500
    more Canadian history
  723. North American Archaeology
    lots of links
  724. North American Archaeology Links
    lots of links
  725. North Carolina Encyclopedia
    Historical Highlights of North Carolina
  726. North Carolina's First Colonists: 12,000 years before Roanoke
    an archaeological look at this area
  727. North Carolina History
    some Indian info
  728. North Carolina Indians
    also by John R. Swanton
  729. North Central California
    short article and picture
  730. North Dakota Indians
    more by John R. Swanton
  731. North Dakota State Historic Sites
    "The 56 State Historic Sites administered by the State Historical Society of North Dakota are listed alphabetically"
  732. North Valley History
    from Arizona
  733. Northcote Farm Battle
    another detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library (T.P.L.)
  734. Northern Clans, Northern Traces
    "journeys in the ancient circumpolar world"
  735. Northern Forest
    short article and picture
  736. Northeast Lithic Database
    "Lithics constitute the bulk of archaeological artifacts in the Northeast"
  737. Northwest Coast Inhabitants
    short article and picture
  738. Northwest Missonaries
    "In March 1831, three Nez Perces and one Flathead Indian traveled to St. Louis to see General William Clark. They made the long journey east to learn about the white man, his religion and to seek the "white man's Book of Heaven". "
  739. Northwest Tribes
    general history of the Bannocks, Cayuse, Coeur a'Alene, Miwok and Modoc
  740. Norton Mound Group
    about this site in Michigan
  741. Notes on the State of Virginia
    by Thomas Jefferson
  742. Nunguvik Site
    archaeology site in Canada
  743. Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation
    a brief history
  744. Octagon Mound
    "The Octagon Earthworks are part of the Newark group of prehistoric Indian earthworks, originally one of the most extensive earthworks of its kind in the country"
    historical marker in Nebraska
  746. Ohio Fundamental Documents
    a searchable database from the Ohio Historical Society
  747. Ohio Indians Learning Links
    several links to biographies and treaties
  748. Ohio Indian tribes
    lots of info from "The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton"
  749. Ohio's Prehistoric People
    a timeline
  750. Okahumpkee's Home Page
    excellent page on Seminole War history-maps, dates, pictures
  751. Oklahoma Artifacts
    lots of info
  752. Oklahoma History
    info on this area
  753. Oklahoma Indian-Pioneer Interviews
    interviews with many individuals
  754. Oklahoma Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  755. Old Harbor Place
    the history of this town near Tampa Bay, Florida
  756. Old Military Forts
    "Areas in New Mexico are dotted with the crumbling adobe ruins of old military forts"
  757. On de Soto's Trail
    "by Robert B. Rackleff in Historic Preservation"
  758. On the Great Hopewell Road
    an archaeological journey
  759. Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin History
    a brief history
  760. Oposicion continental
    article in Spanish
  761. Order of Indian Wars of the United States
    a list of the "Indian Wars"
  762. The Order of the Indian Wars Home Page
    a club
  763. Oregon-California Trails Association
    Info about these trails & people on them
  764. Oregon Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  765. Oregon National Guard History
    lots of historical info here
  766. The Oregon Trail
    "The first section of the Oregon Trail bisected two major Native American tribes--the Cheyenne to the north and the Pawnee to the south"
  767. Oregon War
    1856 letter to the editor of N.Y.Times
  768. The Battle of Oriskany
    map and article
  769. Other Weapons Used in 19th-Century Battles
    article from The Wild West
  770. Outline of American History
    lots of links
  771. Outline of Prehistory and History in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean Culture Area with Reference to Relevant National Park Units in the Southeast Region
    info & links
    about this California site
  773. Overview of Native/White Land Dispute
    a look at land conflicts
  774. Paiute Story of Creation
    interesting story
  775. The Story of Palatki
    "Tucked into the red rock country near Sedona in Arizona"
  776. Palatki
    "6000 Years of Arizona Rock Art"
  777. Paleoecologist Finds Corridor Ice-free but Forbidding
    scholarly article
  778. Paleoindian & Other Archaeological Stuff
    "I (Tony Baker) have created this WEB site to share my knowledge of the Paleoindians, the Archaic and archaeology of the southwest"
  779. Pathology in the Crow Creek Skeletons: Full Database
    "to provide a compendium of the diseases and other health related conditions that affected the people at Crow Creek"
  780. Patkanin's Battle
    another detailed account from the T.P.L.
  781. Patterns in Early Spanish Overseas Expansion
    "by John E. Kicza The William and Mary Quarterly, April 1992"
  782. Pawnee Woman's Grave
    historical marker in Nebraska
  783. Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
    their exhibits: "The Ethnography of Lewis and Clark: Native American Objects and the American Quest for Commerce and Science, Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam, Against the Winds: American Indian Running Traditions, Three Generations of Women Anthropologists: The Children of Changing Woman"
  784. The Peachtree Highlands National Historic District
    "on land that originally belonged to the Creek Indians"
  785. Pennsylvania Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  786. Pennsylvania on the Eve of Colonization
    from the state history site
  787. The People of The Northern Tsalagi Nation
    "During the forced removals of the 1830's, some members of the Georgia Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nation hid out in the mountain highlands of North Carolina near what is Bryson City"
  788. Perkins Massacre
    another detailed account from the T.P.L.
  789. Pertinent Texts and Images in the 19th Century
    excerpts from many books
  790. The Petroglyphs of Hudson Strait
    lots of details
  791. Pierre's Hole Battle
    another detailed site from the Tacoma Public Library (T.P.L.)
  792. Pinson Mounds
    in Tennessee "consists of at least 12 mounds"
  793. Plains Indian War
    The Study Web's links page for this time period
  794. The Plains Indians
    Kate Bighead's rememberence of the Battle of the Little Bighorn
  795. Battle of Point Pleasant
    info about the events leading to this battle
  796. Plymouth, Rich in Indian History
    history near the Pennsylvania town
  797. Point Types of Southern Ontario
    all kinds of info from Canada
  798. Ponca Indians
    historical marker in Nebraska
    marker in Nebraska
  800. Porque aun lloramos
    Spanish article by "Carlos R. Villanueva Castillo, POR ESTO! Merida, Yucatan"
  801. Porter's Prairie Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  802. Port Gamble Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  803. Pre-Clovis Human Prints Found in Clay
    "Dates of N. Mexico Find Fixed about 28,000 B.P."
  804. Pre-Columbian American History
    lots of information and links
  805. Pre-Columbian Culture
    lots of info on the Maya, Mexcia, and Olmecs, from the University of Guadalajara
  806. Prehistoric Artifacts And Settlement Patterns In Dallas, Native American Presence In Area
    lots of info
  807. Prehistoric Native Americans
    a look at the original Flordians and a good map
  808. Prehistoric People of the Kanawha Valley
    nice history pages
    "This paper provides an overview for the culture history of the Kanawha V
  810. The Prehistory and Prehistoric Art of the Canadian Inuit*
    lots of info here
  811. Prehistory of the Upper Cumberland River Drainage in the Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee Border Region
    extremely detailed article
  812. Presidio Del Norte
    in Texas, "established by captain Alonzo Rubin de Celis in 1759-1760"
  813. Project Gutenberg's Etext of Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains
    by Charles A. Eastman
  814. Putting a New Face on Prehistory
    By Boyce Rensberger
  815. Quest for the Domination of North America
    a brief description of the King William's, Queen Anne's, King George's and French and Indian wars
  816. Raid on Indians' fort in New England. May 26, 1637
    a drawing & brief article
  817. Randolph County History
    in the Mississippi Valley
  818. Red Clay State Historical Park
    "the seat of Cherokee government from 1832 until the forced removal of the Cherokee in 1838"
  819. Red Cloud Agency
    Nebraska historical marker
  820. Red Eagle Surrenders
    also known as William Weatherford
  821. Red River War
    Lots of info & photos on this campaign in Texas and Oklahoma
  822. Red, White and Black
    a look at historical interactions amoung these three groups
  823. "Religious Orders, The Indian, And The Conquest: Fifty Years of Dispute and Contradiction"
    "by Maria Paz Haro, Translated by James Dunlap in Encounters, Issue 9"
  824. Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America
    sympathetic article by Benjamin Franklin
  825. "Reports Available Online" from Cultural Resources Analysts, Inc.
    numerous archaeology reports
  826. Resources for North American Archaeology
    numerous links from ArchNet
  827. Rethinking the Encounter
    "new perspectives on Conquest and Colonization, 1450-1550"
  828. Retracing An Archaeological Expedition
    "The Canadian Museum of Civilization invites you to retrace the footsteps of some of its archaeologists as they uncovered new chapters in the long and fascinating history of the Northwest Territories"
  829. Revolutionary Events in New York and the Colonies 1775 to 1783
    significant dates in New York during the Revolutionary period
  830. Rhode Island Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  831. Roanoke and Jamestown
    "Some information on early colonial North America, for Mrs. Cain's 2nd Grade Class"
  834. The Rocky Boy Reservation
    a history of this reservation in Montana
  835. Rodriguez - Chamuscado Expedition - 1581
    about their trip through Texas
  836. "Roots"
    by Don S. Rice in "Natural History" (February 1991)
  837. Round Mountain
    details on the Civil War battle
  838. Round Valey, California
    a look at some happenings in this area
  839. Route of The Comanche Exodus
    historical site in Texas
  840. Ruddles's Station, Kentucky
    nice site on this settlement
  841. "Rumor of Cannibals"
    by Dave D. Davis in "Archaeology" (January/February 1992)
  842. Russell Cave
    a NPS site in Alabama
  843. The Russian Church & Native American Cultures
    a scholarly look at the subject
  844. Saatut Site
    archaeology site in Canada
  845. St.Stephens History
    Alabama history
  846. Sainte-Marie among the Hurons
    "Established in 1639, Sainte-Marie was the headquarters of the French Jesuit mission to the Hurons and was the first European community in Ontario."
  847. Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Home Page
    a NPS site in New Mexico
  848. Sanco
    historical spot in Texas
  849. Sand Creek
    details of this fight in Colorado
    info on this site in Michigan
  851. Saukenuk Lives on in Rock Island
    a look at this historic village
  852. The Delicate Art of Scalping
    "article written by George A. Bray III"
  853. Schoenbrunn Village
    "The Moravian church founded Schoenbrunn ("beautiful spring") in 1772 as a mission to the Delaware Indians"
  854. Scorpion Village
    "a Hohokam Trading and Farming Center in the Silver Bell Mountains, Arizona"
  855. Sealth's Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  856. Seattle Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  857. "Seeds of Change"
    by Barbara Stauffer in The New World (Spring/Summer 1991)
  858. Seip Mound
    "The Hopewell Indians (100 BC-AD 500) built Seip Mound for burials"
  859. Seminole Canyon Archaeological Site
    ancient site in Texas
  860. September 1824 Indian Treaty
    in Goliad County, Texas
  861. Serpent Mound
    "One of the few effigy mounds in Ohio, Serpent Mound is the largest and finest serpent effigy in the United States"
  862. Settlement in Newfoundland & Labrador, A Brief History
    "This history briefly recounts the people who nested themselves along the eleven thousand miles of rugged coastline that envelops the northeast corner of the North American continent."
  863. 1760-1795: The British Period in the Northwest
    from "The Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795 to 1846"
  864. 1766 Exploration of Diego Ortiz Parrilla
    historical marker in Texas
  865. 7th Cavalry Regiment - Early History
    their story and the Plains Indians
  866. She-Who-Is-Alone's Sacrifice
    article from The Wild West
  867. Shelving Rock
    "for hundreds of years campsite or village of Nomadic Indians" Texas
  868. Shrum Mound
    "It was probably constructed about 2000 years ago by the prehistoric Adena people"
  869. Siege of Detroit
    The Conspiracy of Pontiac
  870. Signe and Tribe
    " Indian representatives who witnessed the signing of the treaty with Virginia in 1677"
  871. Sioux
    a general overview
  872. Sitting Bull and the Mounties
    article from The Wild West
  873. "16th-Century de Soto Expedition Offers Scholars a Look at Earliest Encounters Between 2 Civilizations"
    by Ellen K. Coughlin in "The Chronicle of Higher Education"
    historical marker in Nebraska
  875. Smithville, Texas and Native Americans
    a look at this area
  876. Social Organization of the Aztec
    lots of info
  877. Society for Historical Archaeology
    journal archives and other info
  878. Socorro Mission La Purisima
    in El Paso County, Texas
  879. The Solutrean Solution
    Did Some Ancient Americans Come from Europe?
    maps and lots of details
  881. South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
    "it serves as the main State agency concerned with South Carolina's Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology"
  882. South Dakota Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  883. South Dakota Paleopathology
    "To facilitate exchange of information about skeletal pathology, we hope to build a substantial paleopathology database accessible on the web" - info about the Cow Creek Massacre, too
  884. South Dakota State Historical Society
    their archaeological research center
  885. Southern New England is America's History
    "Whether it's a 19th century seaport village, a Colonial schoolhouse, a Victorian home or the site of a legendary battle...Come visit us and delve into America's glorious past!"
  886. SouthWestern Archaeology
    "This is the "Type Site" for World Wide Web archaeology as practiced in the American Southwest"
    scholarly pager with pictures and maps
  888. The Spalding-Allen Collection
    a collection from the middle 1800s
  889. Spanish Period: 1540-1820
    California history
  890. "Spanish Road, American Destinies, 'Voyages to the Interior'"
    by Lawrence B. Walsh in "Encounters"
    by Michael V. Gannon
  892. The Spirit Sings: Artistic Traditions of Canada's First Peoples
    interesting story
  893. Spokane Plains Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  894. Squaw Creek Indian Fight
    about this site in texas
  895. Steptoe's Battles
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  896. Sterling's Artifacts
    arrowheads, etc.
  897. Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park
    "one of two sites interpreting prehistoric American Indian culture and mound building in the Tennessee State Park system"
  898. The Stone Houses
    in Archer County, Texas
  899. Story Mound
    "Erected by prehistoric Adena Indians (800 BC-AD 100) it was excavated in 1897 by Clarence Loveberry"
  900. A Study and Timeline of the Lakota Nation
    "we are attempting to bring a greater understanding of the presumed unknown history of the Lakota Sioux Indians from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota"
  901. "Study says all U.S. Indians descended from 4 women"
    in Lancaster "New Era"
  902. Studyweb's History Links
    broken down by subject
  903. "Surviving Columbus: First Encounters"
    by Evy Todd in "Encounters"
  904. Table Creek Treaty with Pawnee Indians
    Nebraska event on September 24, 1857
  905. The Taking of the West from Native America
    an overview
    "All of my hunting activity has been in Comanche County Texas where there has been an abundance of Indian artifacts to be found on the surface of the ground in the fields and along the draws in the pastures"
  907. "Telltale Bones"
    by Clark Spencer Larsen in "Archaeology" (March/April 1992)
  908. Temecula History
    a chronology of the Southern California town
  909. Tennessee Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  910. Middle Tennessee's Native American History
    broken down into periods
  911. Teotihuacan
    a look at this ancient city in Mexico
  912. Texas Archeological Society
    "dedicated to the study and preservation of the historic and prehistoric aspects of Texas' past"
  913. Texas Archeology E-Journal
    historical tribes, Caddo info, rock art
  914. Texas Indians
    written at a child's level
  915. Texas Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  916. Texas Rangers' Battle of May 29, 1850
    historical marker in Texas
  917. Texas Site Suggests Link with European Upper Paleolithic
    by Don Alan Hall & George Wisner
  918. Texas Tale's
    "Indian deperdations" in 1800s Texas
  919. This Day in Georgia History
    an excellent site set up similar to the "Dates" section of my site
  920. History of The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site
    short article
  921. Battle of Tippecanoe
    history, pictures and links
  922. Battle of Tippecanoe
    short Encarta article
  923. The John Tipton Papers
    the journal of a soldier who fought at Tippecanoe
  924. The Tobin Indian Raid
    about this event in Nebraska
  925. Tonto National Monument
    "This was home to the prehistoric Salado people"
  926. Tonwantonga
    "Ruled by the great chief Blackbird, an estimated 1,100 people lived in this earthlodge town about 1795"
  927. Town Creek Indian Mound
    details and a photo of this ancient site in North Carolina
  928. TOWNS of the LOWER CREEKS
    List from Albert James Pickett's "History of Alabama"
  929. Towns of the Uppers Creeks
    "List from Albert James Pickett's "History of Alabama""
    short page on this Missouri site
  931. "Tracking the First Americans"
    by Brian Fagan in "Archaeology" (November/December 1990)
  932. Trade Routes and Economic Exchange Among the Indians of California
    a look at this subject
  933. The Trail of Tears
    "An American Tragedy - The Story Continues Through Arkansas"
  934. The Trail of Tears
    short article
  935. Trans-Mississippi Rifles, Civil War Reenactors, Oklahoma
    lots of links here, including battles in Indian Territory
  936. Treaties RE: Lakota Wars of 1851 - 1877
    details of several treaties & government reports
  937. Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians
    1677 transcript
  938. The Treaty Era from the perspective of the Menominee Indians
    "These lessons are in no way designed to be Indian propaganda, but strive instead to give a balanced view of the treaty era in Wisconsin History from the perspective of the Menominee Indians"
    copy of this Canadian document
    transcript from Canada
  941. TREATY No. 8
    MADE JUNE 21, 1899
  942. Treaty No.11
    June 27, 1921 in Canada
    made in 1875
    a transcript from Canada
  945. (JAMES BAY) TREATY No. 9
    originally written in 1905, amended several times
  946. Treaties
    several different treaties from "Cherokee Fire"
    made in 1877
    a copy
    a Canadian Treaty
  952. The Treaty of 1851
    "representing the Poh-lik or lower Klamath, the Peh-tsick or upper Klamath, and the Hoo-pah or Trinity river Indians"
  953. The Treaty of 1864
    "between the United States government, and the Hoopa, South Fork, Redwood, and Grouse Creek Indians."
    a transcript
  955. Treaty of Neah Bay, 1855
    between the U.S. and the Makah
    "Signed by the Quinault on the Quinault River: July 1, 1855"
  957. Articles of Treaty Seven
    from Canada
    JULY 29, 1837 ftp transcript
    OCTOBER 4, 1842 ftp transcript
    SEPTEMBER 30, 1854 ftp transcript
    1794 transcript
    1838 transcript
    1838 transcript
    March 28, 1836 ftp file
  965. Tribal Histories
    This is a good place to go to get a brief look at the history of many tribes
  966. Tributary Indians of Virginia, 1670
    tribes by county and numbers
  967. "A Triumph of Spirit"
    about the Mayan epigraphy by Michael D. Coe
  968. The Truth About America
    "The Untold History of Our Country's People by Perry W. Payne, Jr."
  969. Tucson History
    "Visitors remain drawn to the area's Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and pioneer roots, which converged to create its unique character"
  970. Tulsa's History
    info about this area of Oklahoma
  971. Turquoise Traders of the Silver Bells
    by Laurie V. Slawson
  972. Ultra-Sophisticated Stuff about the Pre-History Of the NorthCarolina Piedmont (and stuff)
    lots of pictures, questions and explainations
  973. "The Unmanned Wild Countrey"
    by Samuel M. Wilson in "Natural History" (May 1992)
  974. U.S. and Indian Treaties
  975. U.S. History - Colonial Cycle
    lots of info and links for this time period
  976. U.S.Indian policies 1830-1890
    Great site, lots of info & links
  977. The Utah History Encyclopedia
    lots of info here on a wide variety of subjects
  978. Vanished Peoples: The Archaic Dorset & Beothuk People of Newfoundland
    lots of info here
  979. Chief Vann House State Historical Site
    "Called the ÒShowplace of the Cherokee Nation,Ó this two-story classic brick mansion was built by Chief James Vann in 1804"
  980. Vermont Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  981. Victoria Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  982. "The Vikings and the Eskimos"
    by Samuel M. Wilson in Natural History (February 1992)
  983. Virginia Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  984. Virginia: THOMAS HARIOT'S A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land
    first published in 1588
  985. Virginia: A Brief History of the Indian Tribes of
    general overview
  986. Los Virus, Antes que las Armas, Diezmaron a los Indigenas
    article in Spanish By Francisco Guerra
  987. Voices of the Little Bighorn
    a timeline for people & events related to the Battle of the Little Bighorn (Greasy Grass)
  988. Walking Tour of Fort Wayne, Indiana
    a map & highlights of historical spots
  989. A Walking Tour of Plimoth Plantation
    Re-creations of Indians' and settlers' homes
  990. War Chart
    when who fought who
  991. The War of 1812
    links to sites on this war
  992. Warren Wagon Train Massacre
    about this site in Texas
  993. Wars and Conflicts Timelines
    by name, date and area
  994. George Washington and Indians
    a detailed look at his writings and more
  995. Washington and the Creek-Georgia Conflict
    a detailed look at this subject
  996. Washington Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  997. Washington Triggers the French and Indian War
    long article on Washington's actions
  998. Weapons and Tools of America's Past
    Ray Louis makes replicas of old artifacts
  999. Weapons of Mass Destruction - Native Americans, part 1
    a very long and detailed article
  1000. This Week in Western Canadian History
    all kinds of info
  1001. Wennawoods Publishing
    They specialize in the 17th & 18th Century along the Eastern frontier-lots of fascinating books
  1002. "Were the Spaniards That Cruel?"
    by Gregory Cerio in "Newsweek"
  1003. West Virginia Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  1004. Western Frontier
    "Regrettably, many of the accomplishments and sagas of African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Asian Americans have never been told in book form. There is a need for the total history of the American West to be told so there will be a more complete picture. Members of these groups played a crucial role in the development of our nation, and the West is no exception"
  1005. Western History - The American Indian
    brief articles on tribes, famous people, battles & "way of life"
  1006. The Extraordinary Lewis Wetzel
    details on the life of "one of America's greatest forgotten indian fighting heros"
  1007. "What Columbus Discovered"
    by Kirkpatrick Sale in "The Nation" (October 22, 1990)
  1008. What's The Point?
    Identifying Flint Artifacts (Ohio Site)
  1009. When the Europeans Arrived
    "No matter where you live in Georgia, the land around you was once the home and hunting ground of native tribes"
  1010. White Family Massacre
    very detailed page from the T.P.L.
  1011. White River Massacre
    very detailed page from the T.P.L.
  1012. Whitman Massacre
    very detailed page from the T.P.L.
  1013. Whitman Massacre
    lots of info
  1014. Whitman Massacre Trial Introduction
    all kinds of details
  1015. Whitman Mission
    lots of info on this site
  1016. Whitman Mission Captures History
    article from the Tri-City Herald
  1017. Who Really Killed Yellow Hair
    article from The Wild West
  1018. Wild Women of the West
    from The Wild West
  1019. Winnebago County
    the history of the area
  1020. William Wood's New Englands Prospect (1634)
    his descrption of the native's appearance, ornaments, fishing & hunting
  1021. Wisconsin Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  1022. Wisconsin Treaty of September 26, 1833
    with the Potawatomi
  1023. The Withlacoochee
    Latest news on 2nd Seminole War sites:
    "From the Montgomery Mail, February 27, 1858"
  1025. Tom Woodward's Letter on the Creek War
    written "Nov. 3, 1858 to J.J. HOOPER Esq."
  1026. More on the Creek War from General Thomas Woodward
    "October 31st, 1858, To J.J. HOOPER, Esq."
  1027. Another letter by T.S.Woodward
    "Oct. 20th, 1858, To J.J. HOOPER, Esq"
  1028. T.S.Woodward Correspondence
    "August 12th, 1858, to COL. ALBERT J. PICKETT"
  1029. More on Alabama by Woodward
    "July 8, 1858, to J.J. HOOPER, Esq."
  1030. The people and events of old Alabama by Woodward
    "June 21st, 1858 to COL. A.J. Pickett"
  1031. Descriptions of the Creek War by General Woodward
    "June 16th, 1858 to COL. JOHN BANKS"
  1032. Day to day life in Alabama by T.S.Woodward
    "June 13th, 1858, to J. J. HOOPER, Esq"
  1033. General Woodward's commentary on the Indians of Alabama
    "April 25th, 1858, to COL. ALBERT J. PICKETT"
  1034. The early history of Macon by T.S.Woodward
    "April 2, 1858, to F. A. RUTHERFORD, Esq"
  1035. Woodward answering questions on the Chippewas
    in the Montgomery Mail, March 25, 1858
  1036. Woodward on de Soto
    "March 21, 1858, To. J. J. HOOPER, Esq"
  1037. Woodward expounding on the Creeks
    "Jan. 10, 1858, TO J. J. HOOPER, Esq"
  1038. Wounded Knee
    short article
  1039. Wounded Knee Battle
    another detailed site from the T.P.L.
  1040. Massacre at Wounded Knee
    lots of info
  1041. Wyoming Indians
    by John R. Swanton
  1042. Wyoming Valley History
    details and a picture
  1043. Wyoming Valley History
    chronology of the European settlements & interactions
  1044. The Wyoming Valley Massacre
    this is in Pennsylvania, not Wyoming
  1045. Yahoo
    Yahoo's links to Native American History

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