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Jubilee Dancers - Page 4 of 4

Several dancers from the Las Vegas production of Jubilee! came by the KUSI studies on June 27, 2006. They were here as part of a recruiting campaign looking for new dancers. They did a few of their signature dance steps, while they were here.

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jubileedancersandtheirsupportcrewatkusitvinsandiegoonjune272006_small.jpg jubileedancersandtheirsupportcrewatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720062_small.jpg jubileedancersandtheirsupportcrewatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720063_small.jpg jubileedancersandtheirsupportcrewatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720064_small.jpg jubileedancersandtheirsupportcrewatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720065_small.jpg
leonardsimpsonandthejubileedancersatkusitvinsandiegoonjune272006_small.jpg leonardsimpsonandthejubileedancersatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720062_small.jpg leonardsimpsonandthejubileedancersatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720063_small.jpg leonardsimpsonandthejubileedancersatkusitvinsandiegoonjune2720064_small.jpg
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