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Gregory Page

Gregory Page is one of the most notable singer/songwriters in San Diego. He has opened for 
such people as Bob Dylan, Jason Mraz and Jewel. He has just returned from a 3 month tour 
of Australia.   

Gregory Page is a product of his own imagination. He was born in London, England on Easter 
Sunday in 1963 to Armenian and Irish parents who met while they were on tour with their bands 
en route to the Middle East. The boy showed little interest in academic or business studies and 
was always fascinated listening to 78 rpm records on his grandfather's phonograph.  

Upon escapeing to America he began a series of odd jobs, namely as a cab driver and cook he 
also began tirelessly writing and recording his own brand of music.  It's hardly an exaggeration 
to observe that the voice and music of Al Bowlly had a definite effect on Page's career. 

Mr. Gregory Page's new self-released album "My True Love" is a tip of the hat to Al and the Sweet 
Jazz from another era. Like the music of Al Bowlly, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday & Cole Porter, 
Page is not inspired by American music he is American Music. 

"The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition & progress, history & 
fantasy. I am the songbird & the worm." ~ G. Page 

According to WIkipedia: Formerly of The Rugburns, was born in London, England. As a teenager, 
he attended Trinity College of Music where he studied classical guitar and composition. At 
the age of sixteen, Page moved to Southern California where he began writing and recording 
music. Besides working on his own music, Page has also worked with eclectic array of artists 
such as Jason Mraz, John Doe, Jewel, Tom Brosseau, Steve Poltz and A.J. Croce. In 1996, John 
Doe, formerly of the band X, provided lead guitar on and produced his independently released 
Fare thee Well album. His collaboration and friendship with Croce enticed him to join A.J.'s 
label Seedling Records and to release his CD, Love Made Me Drunk.

He is currently living in Southern California and frequently tours Europe and Australia.

My True Love (2011)
Once & For All (Produced by Jason Mraz 2010)
Promise Of A Dream (European Release 2010)
Heartstrings (2010)
Bird In A Cage (2009)
All Make Believe (2009)
Knife In My Chest (Produced by Jason Mraz 2008)
Happiness Is Being Lonely (2007)
Love Made Me Drunk (2006)
Daydreaming A Night (2006)
Sleeping Dogs (2005)
The Reality Of Dinosaurs (2004)
Grace In Arms (2003)
God Makes Ghosts (2002)
Under The Rainbow (2002)
And I Look Up (2001)
Unhappy Hour (2001)
Music For Mortals (2000)
"Live" From The Basement in Oz (1999)
"Live" From Lestat's (1999)
Fare Thee Well (Produced by John Doe 1998)
The Romantic Adventures Of Harry (1996)
A Dream To Remember (1995)
Drawing Down The Moon (1992)

The American Folksingers ~ Volume 1 & 2 (With Tom Brosseau)
The Hatchet Brothers ~ "Love Hurts" & "Tools Of The Trade"
The Rugburns ~ "Morning Wood", "Mommy I'm Sorry" & "Taking The World By Donkey"

NRC Magazine Interview by Amanda Kuyper ~ Febuary 4th 2011

"Promise Of A Dream" Album Review by MUZIEK Magazine ~ September 2010

Jason Mraz writes about his pal Gregory in "Freshness Factor Five Thousand"

You can visit his website at:

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