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Alexis Gershwin

Timeless Classics Extend A Time Honored Family Tradition

When her young peers were going wild over rock n' roll, Alexis Gershwin was
singing 40's and 50's styled love ballads at parties and proms. "Ever since
I was a little girl, this is the only music I've ever wanted to sing," she
says. "It touches my heart like nothing else."

The niece of composers Ira and George Gershwin, Alexis' love for timeless
classics is more than skin deep. She has indeed inherited the rich talents
of her famous uncles, as a performer and vocalist.

From sultry show tunes to soaring ballads, Ms. Gershwin commands full range
of her vocal talent. Critic Richard Blackwell referred to her as "an
absolute beauty with a voice like a thousand angels." And while at home in
almost any genre the twinkle in her eye remains fixated on her first love-
jazz and blues. Legendary music from the likes of Cole Porter, Duke
Ellington, Count Basie and of course, the Gershwins have remained an
integral part of her repertoire throughout her career.

She has performed in theatres and concert halls throughout Europe and the
U.S. and worked with some of the best producers in the industry. She
recorded a still unreleased album with Lee Young, Sr. former A&R Director of
ABC Records and creative head at Motown. She was also discovered by the late
producer Bumps Blackwell (who also discovered Quincy Jones, Lou Rawls and
Little Richard to name a few), whose untimely death led to a short-lived
partnership. "Bumps was a great man," says Ms. Gershwin. "He really inspired
me to get it together and believe in myself."

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