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Full Revolution

On May 11, 2007, "Full Revolution" came by the KUSI studios. Full Revolution is one of the hottest, local, up and coming bands in North County, San Diego. They were the winners of the Carlsbad Battle of the Bands and they are only 14 and 15-years-old.

The members of the band are:
Spencer Helfrich, guitar and vocals
Ian Christensen, drums
Kyre Wilcox, bass and vocals

You can see a video of Full Revolution on KUSI by Clicking Here.

You can visit Full Revolution's website by Clicking Here.

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gdb2_small.jpg db5_small.jpg gd_small.jpg g_small.jpg gd2_small.jpg
d_small.jpg gd3_small.jpg d2_small.jpg br_small.jpg gd4_small.jpg
br2_small.jpg dl_small.jpg b3_small.jpg bgl_small.jpg bl_small.jpg
br3_small.jpg dgb_small.jpg b4_small.jpg d3_small.jpg b5_small.jpg
db6_small.jpg gr_small.jpg bl2_small.jpg db7_small.jpg d4_small.jpg
db8_small.jpg br4_small.jpg adan_small.jpg adan2_small.jpg gbig_small.jpg
crew_small.jpg gdl_small.jpg gl3_small.jpg dl2_small.jpg b6_small.jpg
dl3_small.jpg gl4_small.jpg crew2_small.jpg gl5_small.jpg grdan_small.jpg
gb_small.jpg bgl2_small.jpg grdan2_small.jpg dbl_small.jpg gl6_small.jpg
gbrdan_small.jpg bl3_small.jpg gb2_small.jpg gbrdan2_small.jpg bdr_small.jpg
br5_small.jpg bdr2_small.jpg gbrblur_small.jpg gbrdan3_small.jpg br6_small.jpg
dr_small.jpg br7_small.jpg gbrdan4_small.jpg br8_small.jpg b7_small.jpg
gbr_small.jpg br9_small.jpg gbr2_small.jpg br10_small.jpg dr2_small.jpg
br11_small.jpg dr3_small.jpg br12_small.jpg db9_small.jpg dr4_small.jpg
g2_small.jpg br13_small.jpg dr5_small.jpg gl7_small.jpg db10_small.jpg

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