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Chuck Lamb, the Dead Body Guy

Chuck Lamb is good at playing dead. He is REALLY good. This is all a bit tongue-in-cheek. Chuck is just trying to get a job in the movies or TV. He discovered he has a real skill. He can play dead. Chuck came by the KUSI studios on March 3, 2006. I'll let him tell the rest of the story. This is Chuck Lamb's bio from his website:

I've always dreamed of being in a movie or on TV. I grew up like most people in their 40's watching everything from Dragnet to Twilight Zone and dreaming "I can do that if just given the chance". I still watch every bit of the credits of a show or movie to see all of the people it takes to make it. Key grips, best boys and personal assistants are all included. I close my eyes and see DEAD BODY ...... played by ...... ME!

Well, at 47, married to a wonderful wife and 6 kids I really don't think I am going to be the next Sean Connery or Robert DeNiro but the dream is still alive and well inside of me.

Now, I have absolutely no acting experience. I am not good looking at all. I have a bit of a southern accent. So what can I bring to the table for any well respected TV or movie producer.


Just ask my wife. No one can lay around like me. Every CSI, Law & Order, and countless other movies and shows feature a dead body in it.

I say "THAT COULD BE ME!" I can lay there and be dead. I can achieve my dream by being shot, stabbed, drugged, mugged, mangled, strangled or any other scenario you can think of. I can even recite lines if needed. As you have probably already guessed, I am not shy at all.

I am asking people all over the world "Help Me Live My Dream -- Let Me Play Dead"

Pass this site on to everyone you know. I will post a new pose as often as I can. I will even take request if you send me an email. I am here to please and willing to show my worth to movie directors or producers. I have a good job in the IT field with a wonderful company and I'm sure they will let me take some time if and when I am called to fulfill my destiny.

Here he is with Assignment Editor Jill Chandler.

Chuck having some fun with KUSI's Paul Rudy and Susan Lennon.

He can be quite "lively" even if he is the Dead Body Guy.

"OK. movie producers, here I am."

Chuck will drop dead at the drop of a hat.

Chuck finally got a part in a movie, 'Horrorween.'

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