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Connie Talbot

Ever since Connie Talbot stepped onto the stage of "Britain's Got Talent" in
2007,  she has been enchanting audiences around the world with her angelic
voice and sweet demeanor. At 6 years-old, this adorable young lady became
the runner up on "Britain's Got Talent" after her rendition of "Over the
Rainbow" melted the judges' hearts - including the notorious critic, Simon
Cowell. (Two years before Susan Boyle!)

Since her appearance, Connie (now 8 years-old) has traveled the world over,
entered the Guinness Book Of World Records, sang at Nelson Mandela's Annual
Children's Fund Gala and was a guest on Oprah Winfrey's 2008 "Search For The
World's Smartest and Most Talented Kids" segment.

Connie continues to captivate audiences--both young and old alike.
Connie Talbot's soulful interpretation of the classic "I Will Always Love
You," is at the #21 position on the venerable radio trade magazine FMQB's
Adult Contemporary chart.

*Over 100 million hits on, ranking #18 all-time most viewed
*Five gold and platinum albums to her credit
*Nintendo wii karaoke game out soon.

A bridge in Seoul, South Korea (Banpo Bridge) has recently been affixed with
10,000 nozzles of gushing water on either side of its 3,700-foot-long span;
shooting dramatic bursts of water into the Han River, they are playing in
time with music, including Connie's version of "Over the Rainbow."

You can visit her website at:

Click here to see a video of the interview

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