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Fitness/Nutrition Guru Cindy Whitmarsh

Cindy Whitmarsh is one of our regular guests. She is a workout and nutrition expert. She is also a really nice person. We all look forward to her visits so we can get her latest workout techniques. In December, Cindy came out with a book titled "Ultrafit: Challenging Workouts and Amazing Results." I have a link to it below. I'll add more pictures and info as time goes by. Below you will find links to videos of Cindy's appearances on KUSI and some photos, as well.

Links to videos of some of Cindy's appearances:

Ten-Minute Fitness Ball Workout by Cindy Whitmarsh

Power Of Pilates by Cindy Whitmarsh

Kid-Smart Breakfasts by Cindy Whitmarsh

Curb Your Carbs by Cindy Whitmarsh

Six Minute Workout by Cindy Whitmarsh


January 4, 2006

January 25, 2006

February 1, 2006

February 8, 2006

February 15, 2006

February 22, 2006 - Cindy and her daughter Jaden.

March 22, 2006 - Cindy came by to help women to get in shape for their upcoming nuptuals.

Using some dumbbells, bend over a bit and raise your arms to the rear. This will help your back.

With this exercise, you lunge forward with one leg. Then, alternately punch out with each arm.

This also helps you upper arm.

Then if you are really energetic, do a kick.

March 29, 2006 - Today Cindy offered some workouts to improve your posture.

Sit on the balance ball, raise your arms out to the side.

Check out the definition in her arms.

Sitting up works the abdominals, too.

Raising your arms up along your sides is also beneficial.

You can also do this on your back.

Assuming a Superman-like pose is a good workout.

With your stomach on the balance ball, raise your upper torso.

Then, extend your arms.

Click here to visit Cindy's website (

You can get a copy of her books here:
...... or .....
Click here for her new book: "101 Ways to Work Out with Weights"

Cindy's bio from her website:

BA Corporate & Community Fitness/Nutrition, North Dakota State University
ACE certified instructor 1995, Boxing, Muscle, Step, Spin, Boot camp
Reebok Certified cycling 1997
Chairperson "City of Hope" charity 1996
Group Exercise manager Frogs Club 1995-1998
Founded ULTRAFIT NUTRITION SYSTEMS in 1997-current
Bosu Certified 2003
Ace Certified Lifestyle and weight management Consultant 2002
Online Nutrition Consultant for fitness expert, Tamilee Webb 1998-current
Design nutrition programs for Tamilee Webb fitness products 1999
Design nutrition programs and starred in Video Series "Tighter Assets" withTamilee Webb 2002
Developed nutrition program for Scott Cole fitness, and yoga guru DVD Series 2002
Author of ULTRAFIT Cookbook
Nutrition Editor for Petite Magazine 2001
Developed and leads the ULTRAFIT Fat-Burning Video
Developed Ultrafit clothing line 2001
Published articles "Personal Excellence" magazine
Nutrition and Fitness consultant for local San Diego radio station 103.7 The Planet
Nutrition expert Star 100.7
Fitness and Nutrition expert for local San Diego television station, KUSI
Fitness expert for local TV Fox, NBC, The WB
Model for Muscle & Fitness Mag.2002
Appeared on the Ed Bernstein show in Las Vegas 2002
Featured in: The Union Tribune, The DelMar Times, The Carmel Valley News, The Rancho Santa Fe News and the Health and Fitness Magazine
Expanding Ultrafit Nutrition Systems to California Fitness Clubs, Frogs Club One2003


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