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Bo Parfet, Mountain Climber/ Author, "Die Trying"

Bo Parfet is one of only 115 people (as of today) in the world who have managed 
to successfully climb the "Seven Summits." The Seven Summits are the highest 
peaks on each of the continents. Bo is by no means a professional mountain climber. 
This makes is story more remarkable.
Bo was a post-graduate research fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards
Board, and an investment banking analyst for J.P. Morgan. He summated
Kilimanjaro at age 26 in 2003. He was no professional climber, nor was he in
any kind of shape to be tackling any major peak.

But in four years, with perseverance and unbelievable courage, he managed to
successfully complete his quest to scale all Seven Summits (Mt. Kilimanjaro,
Aconcagua, Denali, Vinson Massif, Elbrus, Carstenz Pyramid, Kosciusko, and
Everest (the highest peaks on the seven continents) defying all odds and
cheating death in every turn.

He established the Seven Summits Awards Program as a specialized research
grant for The Explorers Club's Youth Activities Grant Program, funded by
both his personal contributions and various capital campaigns. This program
awards students grants to perform health-care-related field research. He has
also established a partnership between The Explorers Club and The Kellogg
School of Management, where seasoned explorers lecture on campus about
lessons learned from exploration.

There's a book out about him now called DIE TRYING. It recounts his battles
against his own limitations and climbing obstacles, which include dodging
avalanches, burying a dead teammate at 27,000 ft., dealing with corrupt army
officials and cannibalistic tribesmen, local militia groups, and surviving
death after falling into a crevasse on Mt. Cook.

And then in Belize, almost drowning in crocodile-infested rapids during a
canoe race.

He will be sharing his stories at the Museum on June 11 at 6:30. The fee is
$25 and it includes an autographed book (which sells for $23!).

You can visit his website at:

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