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Thomas Arvid - Artist Supreme & Preeminent Painter of Wine

Thomas Arvid visited KUSI on October 20, 2006 to promote a show of his works at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Art Studio. Thomas brought a blank canvas and started to paint one of his creations in the KUSI studios. It was very interesting to see how he created the subtle textures that go into his life-like works of art. It was a pleasure to watch this artist at work.

He told us that many pieces of a similar size will sell for over $50,000!

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Click on either of these boxes to see some of his projects in print.

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a207898600_small.jpg a207841600_small.jpg a207842600_small.jpg a207843600_small.jpg a207844600_small.jpg
a207846600_small.jpg a207847600_small.jpg a207848600_small.jpg a207849600_small.jpg a207851600_small.jpg
a207853600_small.jpg a207855600_small.jpg a207891600_small.jpg a207892600_small.jpg a207894600_small.jpg
a207895600_small.jpg a207896600_small.jpg a207900600_small.jpg a207901600_small.jpg a207902600_small.jpg
a207903600_small.jpg a207904600_small.jpg

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