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Andy MacDonald - Mike Rogers and the 'Clash In Clairemont'

He has won the World Cup of Skateboarding eight times! Pro skater Andy MacDonald will be here, along with Alisa Arkinsadeh of the Mission Valley YMCA, to tell us about the "Clash at Clairemont," an event where the world's top extreme sports athletes will be helping San Diegans!

GRIND FOR LIFE was founded in 2003 by life-long skateboarder, Mike Rogers after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. As a teen, a tumor was discovered behind his right eye and nasal cavity. He endured a 17-hour surgery that included a cranial-facial resection with a brain-lift, and removal of his eye, cheekbone, half of the roof of his mouth and some of his teeth. After beating cancer once as a pre-teen, the cancer relapsed 25 years later. He overcame it once again. Mike beat the odds and remains an active skateboarder, giving back to those affected by cancer through his organization, Grind for Life.

You can visit Andy's website at:

You can visit the Clash In Clairemont website at:

You can visit the Grind For Life website at:

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