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Skateboarder Tony Alva

Tony Alva, May 27, 2005
Tony Alva, May 27, 2005
A new style of skateboarding emerged in the 1970s. It was patterned after techniques used by surfers. Legendary skateboarder Tony Alva was one of the people who created this new form of skateboarding. His (and his friends) story first saw the big screen in the 2002 documentary "Dogtown and Z-Boys." Their exploits will become more well-known with the 2005 Hollywood version of their story "Lords of Dogtown." Tony visited us on May 27th to talk about "Lords of Dogtown." FYI, 'Dogtown' refers to the neighborhood where Tony grew up. I used to skateboard in the old days when the wheels were made of metal. My daughter Heidi is an excellent skateboarder.

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