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Fort Abercrombie, near Wahpeton, in the southeastern corner of North Dakota
Fort Adams, in southwestern Mississippi
Fort Alleghan, Auburn, New York
Fort Allen, Weissport, Pennsylvania
Fort Amanda, southeast of Lima, in western Ohio
Fort Amsterdam, modern New York City
Fort Andrews, on Fenholloway Creek in Taylor County, north Florida
Fort Apache, near Whitewater, Arizona
Fort Apalachicola, Gadsden County ,northwest Florida
Fort Arbuckle, near modern Davis, southern Oklahoma
Arkansas Post, Gillett, Arkansas
Fort Armstrong, Bushnell, Florida
Fort Ashby, Fort Ashby, West Virginia
Fort Assinniboine, in Havre, north-central Montana 
Fort Assumption, modern Memphis, Tennessee
Fort Astoria, in western Oregon territory
Fort Atkinson, Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska
Fort Atkinson, west of modern Dodge City, in southwestern Kansas
Fort Atkinson, Lafayette County, near Day, north Florida
Fort Atkinson, Fayette, Iowa 
Fort Aubrey,  located between modern Kendall and Syracuse, Kansas.
Fort Augusta, Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Fort Barbour, Gadsden County ,northwest Florida
Camp Barbour, on the San Joaquin River in central California
Fort Barker, near modern Cooks Hammock, Lafayette County,  north Florida
Fort Barnwell, on the Neuse River between New Berne and Kinston, North Carolina
Fort Barrancas, Pensacola Bay ,northwest Florida
Fort Barrancas, Memphis, Tennessee
Fort Bascom, Near Tucumcari, in eastern New Mexico
Fort Basinger, Fort Basinger, Florida
Fort Battleford, Battleford, northwest Saskatchewan, Canada
Fort Bayard, in southwestern New Mexico
Fort Belknap, in Newcastle in central Texas
Fort Belknap, northcentral Montana
Fort Bell, Belleville, Alabama
Fort Belle Fontaine, Spanish Lake, Missouri
Fort Bellevue, Bellevue, Nebraska
Fort Belmont, Woodson County, southeastern Kansas
Camp Belt, on the King River in central California
Fort Bend, in modern Fort Bend County, Texas
Bent’s Fort, Las Animas, Colorado
Fort Benton, in northern Montana
Fort Bergen, Jersey City, New Jersey 
Fort Berthold, northwest of Bismarck, North Dakota
Camp Bidwell, near Chico, California
Fort Bidwell, near Alturas, northwestern California.
Bingham's Fort, in Juniata County, Pennsylvania 
Bird’s Fort, in Arlington, between modern Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Blackmore, Fort Blackmore, in western Virginia 
Fort Blair, Desdemona, in central Texas
Fort Bliss, modern El Paso, Texas
Fort Blue Mounds, near  modern Madison, Wisconsin
Fort Boise, Boise, Idaho	
Fort Boggy, near modern Leona, in Leon County, Texas
Fort Bowie, near Willcox in southwestern Arizona	
Fort Boykins, Smithfield, in southeastern Virginia
Fort Braden, Leon County, northwest Florida
Fort Bragg, Fort Bragg, California
Fort Breckenridge, Falling Spring, in western Virginia 
Fort Brewerton, Brewerton, New York
Fort Bridger, southwest corner of Wyoming
Fort Bridgman, Vernon, Connecticut
Fort Frank Brooke, Steinhatchee Dixie County, north Florida
Fort Brooke, Tampa. Florida
Camp Brown, in west central Wyoming
Fort Buchanan, southeast of Tucson, Arizona
Fort Buckeye, at Steinhatchee Springs, Lafayette County, north Florida
Fort Buffalo Springs, in Clay County, 30 miles north of Jacksboro, Texas 
Fort Buford, near the North Dakota-Montana line, in western North Dakota
Fort Bull (also called Wood Creek Fort), near  modern Rome, New York
Forts Canby and Wingate, on the New Mexico-Arizona line,
Fort Caroline, Jacksonville, Florida
Fort Carondelet, Vernon County, Missouri
Fort Cascade, east of Portland, Oregon
Fort Caspar, Casper, Wyoming
Fort Cavagnial (Fort de la Trinite), in what is now modern, Kansas City
Fort Chadbourne, near Bronte in west-central Texas
Fort Chambly, in modern Chambly, Quebec, southeast of Montreal.				
Fort Charles, Pemaquid, northeast of Portland, Maine
Fort Charlotte, Grand Portage, Minnesota
Fort de Chartres, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois
Fort Chipola, on the river of the same name, northwest Florida
Fort Chiswell, Fort Chiswell, in western Virginia 
Fort Christanna, Lawrenceville, in central Virginia
Fort Christina, Wilmington, Delaware 
Fort Churchill, east of Carson City, Nevada
Fort Cienega, six miles east of Shafter, in Presidio County, Texas
Fort Claiborne, Claiborne, Alabama
Fort Clark, near  present-day Del Rio, Texas
Fort Clatsop, Warrenton, Oregon
Fort Clinch, Frostproof, Florida
Fort Cobb, west of Anadarko, Oklahoma
Fort Coffee, in eastern Oklahoma
Fort Colerain, on the St. Marys River Georgia, just north of Florida
Fort Collins, Colorado
Colonial Fort, Alexandria, Virginia
Fort Colville, northeastern Washington near Colville
Fort Concho, modern San Angelo in west-central Texas
Fort Condé, Mobile, Alabama
Fort Confederation, near Epes in western Alabama 
Fort Connor, (later Fort Reno) near present-day Sussex, Wyoming
Camp Cooper, on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River in modern Throckmorton County, Texas
Fort Cooper, south of Inverness, Florida
Fort Cote, sans Dessein, Osage City, Missouri
Fort Craig, south of Socorro, New Mexico
Fort Crawford, at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
Fort Cresap, Williamsport, Maryland 
Fort Cresap, Oldtown, Maryland 
Fort Creve Coeur, Creve Coeur, Illinois
Camp Crittenden, north of Nogales, in southern Arizona
Fort Croghan, in modern Burnet, Texas
Fort Croghan, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Fort Cumberland, in western Maryland
Fort Cummings, in southwestern New Mexico
Fort Cummings, Honeoye, New York
Camp Cureton, southeast of Archer City, Texas
Fort Custer, in south-central Montana
Fort Dabney, Old Town, Dixie County, north Florida
Fort Dakota, Sioux Falls, Sout Dakota
Fort Dalles, The Dalles, Oregon
Fort Davis, in western Texas
Fort Dearborn, in present-day Chicago, Illinois
Fort Dearborn, Washington, Mississippi
Fort Defiance, in northwestern Arizona
Fort Defiance, northwest, Ohio
Fort Defiance, Barnard, Vermont
Fort Dent, near Seattle, Washington
Fort Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
Fort Dickinson, Millboro Springs, in western Virginia 
Fort Dobbs, modern Salisbury, North Carolina
Fort Dodge, in southwestern Kansas, a few miles southeast of modern Dodge City, Kansas
Fort Dodge, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Fort Donnally, Richlands, West Virginia
Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah
Fort Downer, west of Hays, Kansas
Fort Downing, Suwannee County, north Florida
Fort Downing, Lafayette County, north Florida
Fort Drane, northwest of present-day Ocala, Florida
Camp Drum, Wilmington, California
Fort Duchesne, Fort Duchesne, Utah
Fort Dummer, Brattleboro, Connecticut
Fort Duncan, near Eagle Pass, Texas
Fort Dunmore, Pittsburgh
Fort Durkee, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Fort Dusquesne, Pittsburgh (also spelled Fort Duquesne)
Fort Edward, Fort Edward, New York
Fort Elliot, in north Texas east of Pampa
Fort Ellis, in southern Montana
Fort Ellsworth (later Fort Harker) near modern Ellsworth, Kansas
Evan's Fort, Big Spring, West Virginia
Fort Fannin, Fanning Springs, Florida
Fort Fauntleroy, in western New Mexico. It would later be renamed Fort Lyon, and then Fort Wingate
Fort Fetterman, in east-central Wyoming
Fort Fillmore, south of Las Cruses, New Mexico
Fort Finley, in modern Findley, northwestern Ohio
Fort Finney, at the Great Miami and Ohio Rivers on the state lines of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky
Fort Fisher, modern Waco, Texas
Fort Fitzhugh, south of Gainesville, Texas
Fort Fletcher (later Fort Hays), in central Kansas
La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Forty Fort, in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania, near Wilkes-Barre
Fort Franklin, Syndersville, Pennsylvania
Fort Frederick, Pemaquid, northeast of Portland, Maine
Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, California
Fort Ganondagan, Victor, New York
Fort Garland, east of Alamosa, in south-central Colorado
Fort Gadsden, east of Panama City, northwest Florida
Fort Garrison, Stevenson, Maryland 
Fort Garry, in present-day Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fort Gaston, Willow Creek, in northern California
Fort Gates, east of Gatesville, Texas
Fort George in Brunswick, Maine 
Fort George, modern Astoria, Oregon
Fort George, just southeast of Pierre, South Dakota on the Missouri River
Fort George, in modern Oswego, New York
Fort Gibson, in western Oklahoma
Fort Gillespie, Knoxville, Tennessee
Fort Gower, Hockingport, Ohio
Fort Graham, west of Hillsboro, Texas
Camp Grant, in southeastern Arizona
Fort Granville, central Pennsylvania
Great Swamp Fort, in Kingston, Rhode Island
Fort Griffin, near modern Albany, Texas
Fort Griffin, Dixie County, north Florida
Fort Half Moon, Waterford, New York
Fort Hall, north of Pocatello, Idaho
Fort Halleck, Halleck, Nevada
Fort Halleck, Whiskey Gap, Wyoming
Fort Hamilton, north of Cincinnati, Ohio
Fort Hamilton, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Fort Hamilton, Wisconsin
Fort Hancock, southeast of El Paso, texas
Fort Harker, near modern Ellsworth in central Kansas
Fort Harmar, near present-day Marietta, Ohio
Fort Harney, west of present-day Burns, in east-central Oregon 
Camp Harney, west of present-day Burns, in east-central Oregon
Fort Harriet, Leon County, northwest Florida
Fort Harrison, Terre Haute, Indiana
Fort Harrison, Clearwater, Florida 
Fort Hartsuff, Burwell, central Nebraska 
Fort Hays in central Kansas
Fort Henricus, Dutch Gap, in central Virginia 
Fort Henrietta, Echo, Oregon
Fort Henry, near Bethel, Pennsylvania
Fort Henry, Wheeling, West Virginia
Fort William Henry, Lake George, New York
Fort William Henry, Pemaquid, northeast of Portland, Maine 
Fort Herkimer, in the Mohawk Valley of New York
Hinkle's Fort, Riverton, West Virginia 
Camp Holmes, on the eastern border of the Grand Prairie, near the Canadian River
Camp Houston, later named Fort Martin Scott, near Fredericksburg, Texas
Fort Houston, west of Palestine, Texas
Fort Howard, Green Bay, Wisconsin								
Fort Huachuca, near Sierra Vista in southeast Arizona
Fort Humbolt, Eureka, California
Fort Hunter, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hupp's Fort, Strasburg, in western Virginia 
Fort Industry on the Miami River, in western Ohio
Fort Inge, south of Uvalde, Texas
Fort Inglish, in modern Bonham, Texas
Fort Jackson, near modern Wetumpka, Alabama
Fort Jackson, Madison County, north Florida
Fort James, Providence Forge, in central Virginia
Fort Jefferson, south of Greenville, Ohio.
Fort Jenkins, in the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania, near West Pittston 
Fort Johnston, Ottawa, Illinois
Fort Josselyn, Scarboro, Maine
Presidio del Norte de la Junta de los Rios, in modern Presidio County, Texas
Fort Kanadesaga, Geneva, New York
Fort Phil Kearny, in northern Wyoming, south of present-day Sheridan
Fort Kearny, Kearny, in southern Nebraska
Fort Keogh, near modern Miles City, east-central Montana
Fort Kiksadi, Sitka, Alaska
Fort Kilgore, Nickelsville, in western Virginia
Fort King, near  present-day Ocala in the northcentral part of Florida
Fort Klamath, between Klamath Falls and Crater Lake, Oregon
Fort Lancaster, west of Sheffield, Texas
Fort Lane, in southwestern Oregon	
Fort Lapwai, east of Lewiston, Idaho
Fort Laramie, Laramie, in eastern Wyoming
Fort Larned (formerly "Camp on Pawnee Fork"), in southwestern Kansas
Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fort Laurens, Bolivar, Ohio
Fort Leaton, Presidio County, Texas
Fort Leavenworth, eastern Kansas
Fort Lebanon, northwest of Reading, Pennsylvania 
Fort Le Boeuf, at present-day Waterford, in northwestern Pennsylvania
Fort Lee, Charlestown, West Virginia
Camp Lewis, near Lewiston, Montana
Fort Ligonier, in  southwestern Pennsylvania near  modern Johnstown
Fort Abraham Lincoln (formerly Fort McKeen), near Bismarck, North Dakota
Fort Lincoln, north of modern D’Hanis, in Medina County, Texas
Fort Lipantitláán (meaning "Lipan land"), in northwestern Nueces County
Fort Logan, modern Denver, Colorado
Logan's Fort, Stanford, Kentucky
Fort Loudoun,  near modern Vonore,  in southeastern Tennessee
Fort Loudoun, in Fort Loudoun, Pennsylvania
Lovewell’s Fort, Center Ossipee, New Hampshire
Fort Lowell, Tucson, Arizona
Fort Lyday, near Dial, Fannin County, Texas
Fort Lyon, in southeastern Colorado
Camp Lyon, in Oregon
Fort Macintosch, in western Pennsylvania
Fort Macleod, in southwest Alberta, Canada
Fort Macom, Wakulla County, northwest Florida
Fort Macomb, Lafayette County, near Day, north Florida
Fort Madison, southeastern corner of Iowa
Fort Malden, near Amherstburg, southern Ontario, Canada
Fort Manada, Grantville, Pennsylvania
Fort Mann, west of Dodge City, Kansas
Fort Manuel, Kenel, South Dakota
Fort Many, Wakulla County, northwest Florida
Fort Marion, in St.Augustine, Florida
Fort Marr, Old Fort, Tennessee
Mashantucket Fort, near Ledyrad, Connecticut
Fort Mason, Mason County in central Texas
Fort Massac, Metropolis, Illinois
Fort Massachusetts, in southern Colorado
Fort Matanzas, St. Augustine, Florida
Fort McCord near Loudon, Pennsylvania
Fort McCrabb, near Old Town; Dixie County, north Florida
Fort McDermitt, northwestern Nevada
Camp McDowell, near Phoenix, Arizona
Camp McGarry, northern Nevada
Fort McKavett, Menard, Texas
Fort McKeen (then Fort Abraham Lincoln), near Bismarck, North Dakota
Fort McLane, in southwestern New Mexico
Fort McPherson, Maxwell, in central Nebraska
Fort McRae, are near Canada Alamosa, in southern New Mexico Territory
Fort McRee,  at the entrance to Pensacola Bay, northwest Florida
Fort Meade, in Sturgis, western South Dakota
Fort Meade, Fort Meade, Florida
Fort Meigs, modern Perrysburg, Ohio
Fort Mellon, Sanford, Florida (thanks to Jim Buck)
Fort Merrill, west of Corpus Christi, Texas
Fort Miami, was located at the site of modern Fort Wayne, Ohio
Fort Miami, near present-day Toledo, Ohio
Fort Micanopy, in Micanopy, south of Gainesville,Florida
Fort Michilimackinac, on the straights between upper and lower Michigan
Fort Mims, near Tenshaw, just north of Mobile, Alabama
Fort Misery, Prescott, Arizona
Fort Missoula, Missoula, Montana
Fort Mitchell, Alabama, near Columbus, Georgia
Fort Mitchell, Mitchell, Nebraska
Fort la Mobile, Mobile, Alabama
Fort Mohave, southwest Arizona
Fort Monroe,  modern Sanford, Florida
Presidio of Monterey, Monterey, California
Fort Monument, in western Kansas, north of Garden City
Moore's Fort, St. Paul, in western Virginia 
Fort Moritas, near Shafter, Presidio County, Texas 
Fort Moultrie, near Charleston, South Carolina
Fort Muncy, Muncy, Pennsylvania
Fort Nashborough would eventually become Nashville, Tennessee
Neally's Fort, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Fort Necessity, near modern Farmington, in southwestern Pennsylvania
Fort Neck, Massapequa, New York
The “Negro Fort” (later Fort Gadsden) east of Panama City, Florida
Fort Nephi, Nephi, Utah
Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York
Fort Nicholas, Cresaptown, Maryland 
Fort Nicholls (also spelled Nicolls and later Fort Gadsden) east of Panama City, Florida. 
Fort 9, near Mayo, Lafayette County, north Florida
Fort Ninigret, Charlestown, Rhode Island
Fort Niobrara, Valentine, Nebraska
Fort Nisqually, Tacoma, Washington
Fort Noel, Madison County, north Florida 
Fort Northkill, Shartlesville, Pennsylvania
Camp Nowlin, Archer City, texas
Fort Number 4, near modern Charlestown, New Hampshire
Fort Number 21, Hamilton County, north Florida
Fort Ogden, Fort Ogden, Florida
Fort Okanogan, Brewster, Washington
Fort Ohio, Ridgeley, West Virginia
Fort Oldham, central Burleson, Texas
Fort Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Fort Orange, in modern Albany, New York
Fort Orford, in southwestern Oregon
Fort Osage, in Sibley, east of Kansas City, Missouri
Fort Oswego, Oswego, New York.
Fort Ouiatenon, in present-day West Lafayette, northwestern Indiana
Parker’s Fort, near present-day Navasota, Texas
Camp on Pawnee Fork, (later Fort Larned), in southwestern Kansas
Fort Pease, just north of present-day Custer in central Montana 
Fort Peck, in New Orleans
Fort Peck, in northeastern Montana
Fort Pena Colorada, Marathon, Texas
Fort Phantom Hill, north of Abilene in west-central Texas						
Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Bay, northwest Florida
Fort Picketville, Breckenridge, Texas 
Fort Pierre, Pierre, South Dakota
Fort Pitt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fort Place, later became the town of Wewahitchka., Gulf County, northwest Florida
Camp Pope, near Little Rock, Arkansas
Fort Popham, northeast of modern Portland, Maine
Camp Poplar, in northeastern Montana
Fort Presqu'ilse at modern Erie, Pennsylvania
Fort Preston, near modern Bristol and Blountstown ,northwest Florida
Fort Preston, near denison, Texas
Fort Prince George, west of Greenville, South Carolina
Fort Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado
Fort Purdy, Denison, Iowa
Fort Qu'Appelle, northeast of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Queen’s Fort, near Exeter, Rhode Island
Fort Quitman, southeast of El Paso, Texas near the Rio Grande
Fort Rains, near North Bonneville, Washington
Fort Randall, on the Missouri River in South Dakota, just north of the Nebraska border
Fort Ransom, west of Fargo, North Dakota
Fort Raymond in central Montana near modern Custer.
Camp Radziminski, on Otter Creek, in Oklahoma
Fort Recovery, on the Ohio-Indiana border.
Fort Red Clay, Cleveland, Tennessee
Fort des Renards, McLean County, Illinois 
Fort Reno, near present-day Sussex, Wyoming
Fort Reno, in west-central Oklahoma
Fort Reynolds, in southeastern Colorado
Fort Rice, south of Bismarck, North Dakota
Fort Richardson, in near Jacksboro in north-central Texas
Fort Ridgely, in south-central Minnesota 
Fort Riley, in central Kansas, west of Manhattan
Fort Ringgold, Rio Grande City, Texas
Fort Ripley, north of Little Falls in central Minnesota
Fort Robinson, Crawford, in northwestern Nebraska
Fort Rosalie, Natchez, Mississippi
Fort Ross, Marion, California
Fort Ruby, Ruby Valley, Nevada
Ruddle's Fort, Cynthiana, Kentucky
Fort St. Anne, Isle la Motte, Vermont
Fort St. Charles, northern Minnesota
Fort St. Clair, Eaton, Ohio
Fort St. Jean Baptiste, near Natchitoches, Louisiana 
Fort St. Joseph, in modern Niles, Michigan
Fort St. Louis, Utica, Illinois
Fort St. Louis, in modern Chambly, Quebec, southeast of Montreal.  
Fort St. Louis, Indianola, Texas
Fort St. Michael, Sitka, Alaska
Fort St. Pierre, in southern Louisiana
Fort St. Pierre, Redwood, Mississippi
Fort St. Stephens, St. Stephens, Alabama
Fort St. Vrain, Platteville, Colorado
Fort Sanders, Laramie, Wyoming
Fort Sandusky on Lake Erie in Ohio
Fort San Carlos, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Presidio of San Diego, San Diego, California
Fort San Marcos De Apalache, St. Marks, Florida
Fort Santa Lucia, Jensen Beach, Florida
Fort Sartwell, Vernon Connecticut
Fort Saybrook, Old Saybrook, southern Connecticut
Fort Schellbourne, north of Ely, Nevada
Fort Schlosser, Niagara Falls, New York
Fort Scott, on the Flint River in southwest Georgia
Fort Scott, in southeastern Kansas
Fort Scott, Charleston, Tennessee
Fort Martin Scott, southeast of Fredericksburg, Texas
Fort Sedgwick, in the northeastern corner of Colorado
Fort Selden, near Las Cruces, New Mexico
Fort Serof, Fort Morgan, Alabama
Fort Seybert, Fort Seybert, West Virginia
Camp Shafter, twenty-six miles southeast of Fort Duncan and Eagle Pass, Texas
Fort Shaw, west of Great Falls, Montana
Camp Sheridan, in northwest Nebraska
Fort Sherman, southwest of Mount Pleasant in Titus County, Texas 
Fort Sidney, in western Nebraska
Fort Sill, in south-central Oklahoma 			
Fort Simcoe southwest of modern Yakima, Washington
Fort Simpson, southwester Northwest Territories, Canada
Fort Sinquefield, near Tenshaw, north of Mobile, Alabama
Fort Sisseton, in Lake City, northeastern South Dakota
Fort Schlosser, Niagara Falls, New York
Fort Martin Scott, near Fredericksburg, Texas
Fort C.F. Smith located near present-day Yellowtail and Big Horn Lake, in southern Montana
Fort Smith, in western Arkansas
Fort Smith, in northeastern Hill County, Texas
Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spanish Fort, Montague County, Texas
Fort Spokane, Spokane, Washington
Fort Stansbury, Wakulla County, northwest Florida
Fort Stanton, in central New Mexico						
Fort Stanwix, modern Rome, New York
Fort Star, Star Island, Maine
Fort Fred Steele, in southern Wyoming
Fort Steilacoom, Steilacoom, Washington
Fort Stephens, St. Stephens, north of Mobile, Alabama
Stephen's Fort, Middletown, in western Virginia 
Fort Stephenson, at modern Fremont, Ohio
Fort Steuben, Steubenville, Ohio
Fort Stevens, Hammond, Oregon
Fort Stevenson, Garrison, North Dakota
Fort Stockton, in Fort Stockton, west Texas
Stone Fort (later Fort Garry), in present-day Winnipeg, Manitoba
Old Stone Fort, Nacogdoches, Texas
Fort Strother, Ohatchee, Alabama
Fort Sully, just north of Pierre, South Dakota at the juncture of the Missouri and Cheyenne Rivers
Fort Sumner, Fort Sumner, in east-central New Mexico
Fort Supply, in northwestern Oklahoma							
Camp Supply in the southwest corner of Arizona.
Camp Supply, Oklahoma		
Fort Swatara, Suedberg, Pennsylvania	
Fort Tackett, St. Albans, West Virginia
Fort Tejon, north of Los Angeles, California
Fort Tenoxtitlan, Caldwell, Texas
Fort Teodore, Montague County, Texas
Fort Terrettm, near Roosevelt, Texas
Fort Thompson, modern Fort Thompson, southeast of Pierre, South Dakota
Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, New York
Fort Tonoloway, Hancock, Maryland
Fort Totten, Fort Totten, North Dakota 
Fort Toulouse (Fort Jackson), in modern Wetumpka, Alabama
Fort Towson, in southeastern Oklahoma 
Fort Trent, Pittsburgh
Fort de la Trinite in what is now modern, Kansas City
Tubac Presidio, Tubac, Arizona
Fort Tularosa, near Alamogordo, New Mexico
Fort Umpqua, Winchester Bay, Oregon
Fort Union, north of Las Vegas, New Mexico
Fort Union, north of Sidney, in Montana
Fort Union, Suwannee County, north Florida
Camp Union, Sacramento, California
Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington
Fort Vause, Shawsville, in western Virginia
Fort Venango, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Camp Verde, in central Arizona
Waggoner's Upper Fort, Upper Tract, West Virginia
Fort Washita, near Durant, Oklahoma
Camp Walbach near Cheyenne Pass, in the southeastern corner of Wyoming
Fort Wallace, in west-central Kansas
Fort Walla Walla, in southeastern Washington
Fort Walsh, southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada
Fort Walton, Fort Walton beach, Florida
Fort Washakie, north of Lander in central Wyoming
Fort Washington, Cincinnatti, Ohio
Fort Washita, northwest of Durantis, in southeastern Oklahoma 
Fort Watauga, Elizabethton, Tennessee
Fort Waters, near Walla Walla, Washington 
Fort Watson, Mitchell, Oregon
Fort Wayne, northeastern Indiana
Fort Wayne, Jay, Oklahoma
Fort Wayne, Erie, Pennsylvania 
Fort Westbrook, Montague, New Jersey 
White's Fort, modern Knoxville Tennessee
Camp Wichita, Buffalo Springs, Texas
Fort Wilbourn, Peru, Illinois
Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor, in northern Michigan
Fort Wilkinson, near present-day, Milledgeville, Georgia
Fort William, near modern Rome, New York
Fort William, near Amsterdam, in western Virginia 
Camp Wilson, then Fort Griffin near modern Albany, Texas
Fort Wingate, in western New Mexico
Fort Winnebago, Portage in southern Wisconsin
Fort Wintermoot, in the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania, near Exeter
Fort Wise, in southeastern Colorado (renamed Fort Lyon)
Camp Wood, near Del Rio, Texas
Wood Creek Fort, near  modern Rome, New York
Fort Wool, Dixie County, north Florida
Fort Worth, ort Worth, Texas
Fort Yamhill, near Sheridan, Oregon
Fort Yates, at Fort Yates, southern North Dakota
Fort Young, Covington, in western Virginia
Fort Yuma, southwest Arizona
Fort Zarah, near present-day Great Bend, in central Kansas

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