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This is the elementary/junior school group. The subject for their essay was:

"What everyone needs to know about my tribe."

Little Faron Tewa

Allison Sprague


Shannon Avery


All of the elementary/junior high school entries I received, with the exception of the winner, came from the Saginaw Chippewa Academy, in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. I did some very minor editing.


My tribe has been here before the Europeans came to America. We were a migratory people traveling from the Upper Peninsula and the northern tip of Michigan. In the spring, we would go back to our homelands and collect maple syrup, fish and plant crops. When we did not have anything else to do, we would collect fruits, herbs and medicines. After the treaties signed in 1836 and 1855, the benefits of the U.S government that were promised the tribes did not materialize. So, people from this area tried sueing the government. This effort was unsuccessful.

There were three groups that worked together to unite the Ottawa people politically. The Michigan Indian Defense Association of 1933, The Michigan Indian Foundation of 1947 and the Northern Michigan Ottawa Association of 1948. Little Traverse Bay Band was known as NMOA. In November 29, 1982, they took the name LTBB. Again, the Federal Court would not allow tribes their rights, this time because they were not a federally recognized tribe. My tribe did not want to be a federally recognized tribe under the Bureau of Indian affairs. Instead, they wanted to sign a bill that would give us the federal recognition through reaffirmation.

Now the tribe has a casino in Petoskey. My tribe is building another one on Mackinaw Island. It will take a couple years for my tribe to build it. We got basketball teams, tournaments, leagues and much more stuff.



The tribe that I come from is the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe. I love this tribe because my family and friends live in it. We have the Ziibiwing Center which is a museum for Native Americans. It was opened in 2004, and The Soaring Eagle casino, where you can stay at a hotel and you can eat at restaurants or visit the stores, opened before that. You can take Your Kids and you can take them to Kids' Quest and the arcade. Elders can gamble and try to win some money.

The tribe also has a gym for all of us to play in and a library and a homework lab. We visit the 7th Generation every Tuesday. At the 7th Gen, we have activities we do such as Stone carving, Wood carving, Green house and cooking with Mary.

I like my school because we get to learn our culture and language. We also go on a lot of cool field trips. When we go we always have fun. We have lots of Pow - Wows too and we dance and drum. Lots of Native Americans are dancers or drummers. I have been going to this Academy since I was 3 and left when I was in 3rd grade. Then, I came back in 7th grade.

We also have a campground called the 'hill'. We have Pow wows there and other people who want to camp there.

We always have great feasts, ceremonies and get togethers. We are all very successful although, not all of us like each other but we are all equal as a tribe. Were all lucky because tribal members get per cap (They get it from the casino). So, that's my tribe.



The Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe is located in Mt. Pleasant , Michigan. Here at the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe we like to have pow wows. They are very fun because you dance and drum sometimes they have activities. Activities like egg toss or races. At these pow wows they have slides and horses that you can ride.

We also have a hotel and casino all together its call soaring eagle casino and resort. On the front entrance there next to the sign announcing the soaring eagle casino and resort stands to very large eagles on each side.

We have a school for the kids that are Indians the grades for that school are pre primary up to 8th grade. We have culture and language classes they teach us about our old language and new language words. Culture teaches us about games they use to play in the old days. We have a gym and they have basket ball teams for girls and boys and they are very fun because we get to go pay against other teams. There is a place called seventh generation where they teach us about sap and other sacred stuff. They tell a lot of stories there and they are very interesting to me and my friends. When we are there they spilt us up in groups and there are stone shop and wood shop, kitchen, green house.

Ziibiwing center is a museum about the old Indian ways of hunting things and making baskets, little skits that they have there. There is a sub shop that you can eat at in the ziibiwing center its pretty cool.


Guyan Kunst  

Um hi! My name is Guyan. I am cool Because I am Native and Mexicans. Anyway, we have 2 casinos the NEW (Jessica Simpson went at the Casino to sing I also went to the king of the cage to and it was awesome.)

And there is a little one me and my friends go to the arcade all the time. There is the Tribal gym. I go there all the time. Everyone knows the people that live on the rez. We have pow-wows ceremonies, we have culture/language at our school. All the things to do at the gym are right here---> boxing, basketball (girls & boys), cheerleading. We also have Nimkee Clinic. You can go there if you are sick and there is a dentist office there to. We have a lot of cool things on the rez besides me.


Allison Sprague


The Saginaw Chippewa tribe is the coolest tribe ever. In 1855 and 1864, tribal members signed a treaty with the U.S. government, creating a list of Chippewa members and in 1867 U.S. government listed 1,555 tribal members, who are entitled to land under earlier treaties. Also in 1993 (The year I was born) the tribe opens the Soaring Eagle Casino. The colors that represent our tribe are red, yellow, black, and white.

7th Generation their main goal is and I quote "The purpose of the Seventh Generation Program is to provide a culturally experienced team facility, which will provide education and practice for community members to learn the Traditional Anishnaabe way of life."

The Ziibiwing Center is a place for families of all ages to learn a little about our culture and history. It provides a chance to look at how our people lived hundreds of years ago when there was no cars, 'proper clothing'Ě, or any of the other things modern day civilization offers like no T.V. no DVD's no VCR no cameras and no stove. The way you cooked your food was by open flame and you had to hunt (if you were a male between the ages of about 14-45) and then, after that you were an elder. The women cooked and took care of the family.

Saginaw Chippewa Academy is one of the two schools on the reservation. At the Saginaw Chippewa Academy, they teach us about our culture and they teach us the language. But, in a fun way, in that we get to play games like they did back in the olden days. We still get regular classes but also a few extra ones like Language & Culture. We have recess (sometimes) with (almost) a full playground that's open to the community.

We have the gym where they have basketball teams for the tribe and baseball teams, softball teams and volleyball. The gym is also open to the public. The gym is connected to the Tribes public library, so that kids can come in use the computers, play board games, watch movies, and read.

The other school is Aabizikaawin for high school and adult education. They go on trips and they have school events. My brother went there and they went to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon. They also went to New York and Connecticut and Niagara Falls. They cooked their own food; they would sleep in tents except they had to set them up right when they got there because they would go hiking or fishing.


Marcella Garcia


My tribe's name is the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe. I love my tribe because its fun to be a part of. We have a casino called the Soaring Eagle Casino. On March 28, 2006, Soaring Eagle Casino was honored to receive an award for four diamond service by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

I go to the Saginaw Chippewa Academy which is a Native American school. The Saginaw Chippewa tribe provides a lot of fun activities like the walk for freedom from the Behavioral Health up to the hill (campground).

The Saginaw Chippewa tribe has all kinds of tribes like Potowatami ( my mom is Potowatami).

Most of the people in the Saginaw Chippewa tribe lives on the rez (I live on the rez ). We also have a calendar called Native Beauty. Some Native American models from different tribes got to be in. Models were picked happens to be my older sister, Meredith Koenig.



Michael T. Sowmick  

What everybody should know is stuff, so much stuff, like the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. Like it says in the picture, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort has over 4,700 slot machines, 38 blackjack tables with limits up $1000, and they also have bingo. Bingo's fun isn't it!?! The resort there has many things; 514 guest rooms, a spa, a restaurant called the Water Lily restaurant; it has great room service, art, and a pool. This year it will host the 22nd annual powwow.

The Ziibiwing Center has a whole bunch of cultural things! You should check all of them out. There are some exhibits that you can go through. Like their permanent exhibit. Telling our story about the Anishnabemowin tribe. They also have a gift shop and the Shangewigamig Cafe. Here's some of the history of This Tribe. 10,000 years ago, (that's a long time!) The anishinabek lived along the Atlantic seaboard from what is now Nova Scotia to the Carolinas. From the 1200-1300s, the Anishinabek established the Three Fires Confederacy throughout what is now Michigan. In 1937, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe was reorganized under the Indian Reorganization Act.

Today's proud Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe works with the greater Central Michigan area to promote education and programs not only for the Indians of the area, but for all community members. The Tribe works to further the progress of other Indian Nations as well by working through state and federal legislation. Being located in the middle of Michigan, where they have lived for over 100 years, and close to their historic land base, the members of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe remain uniquely focused on the present and future, while still remembering the past. And there is also 7th Generation. Their goal is to put the old and the young together and we may keep our cultural, keep alive our traditions, and keep alive our language. The 7th Generation program works to create cultural and traditional activities that foster the four directions of our tradition. Our school has the grades Preschool to 8th; we have classes like Science, Social Studies, Math, And Language arts. And Language and culture classes, they teach us about what the Indians did back then, like playing old games, beading, and learning their languanges. Well, that's all I got to say.



Morgan Trepanier  

My name is Morgan Rose Trepanier. I live in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, I am 12 years old. I was born in Crow, Montana, I go to an Indian school where they teach us culture and Ojibway. It is fun to learn new words and I like to bead too.

I like to play Indian baseball. They taught us how to play it in Ojibway class at my school We have Pow-wows here and at the school too. They are fun! Sometimes, I even go to Pow-wows in Montana with my cousins.

I play on the SCIT basketball team. It is fun to go to tournaments. We got 2nd place this year. Last year, we got 3rd but, we are getting better.

We also have a casino and a museum called the Ziibiwing Center. In 2004, the Ziibiwing Center opened and in 1999 the casino opened. The Center teaches us about our culture and history, We go there sometimes. I also like to go to the casino/resort. It is a lot of fun to stay the night there!

The End


Richard (Grade 6)  

The Saginaw Chippewa tribe originally lived, hunted, fished and traded in southern and Midwestern areas of what is now known as the state of Michigan. Treaties between the young American government and the Saginaw bands began in the late 1700's and continued into the late 1800's. Each treaty allowed less and less land based on the tribe's normal pursuits until finally in 1837 all remaining land was gone!

The Saginaw Chippewa tribe is headquartered on the Isabella reservation. The tribal reservation was established under the treaty of October 18, 1864 and the current tribal membership is 2,754. At the time of the establishment of the Isabella reservation in 1864; 98,000 acres were owned by tribal members out of the the total 138,240 acres that comprised the reservation. In 1993, they signed a gaming compact with the state of Michigan which is booming and has evolved into the Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino.

I think my tribe is doing very well compared to prior history, we have our own tribal council, gym educational system, cultural center, and law enforcement.


Sam Mitchell  

My tribe is the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe in Mount Pleasant Michigan. The tribe is supported by two casinos, a large one and a smaller one. The larger of the two has an adjoining hotel with several ballrooms. It also has restaurants, a day care and an arcade.

The tribal council that decides what to do with all of the incoming money is located at our Tribal Center, which also has a public library, gym and kitchen. Behind the Tribal Center is the Nimkii Clinic were you go if you are sick. The clinic also has a workout room.

My tribe has two schools for the education of our youth and a college. We also have two churches and a campground that the tribal members refer to as the ‚Äúhill‚ÄĚ.

The money from the casino is the sole funding for the tribal schools and businesses. In order to help out the tribal members some money is given to the tribal members in the form of per capita. This money supports the members and their families, helping them live a better and easier life.

There is also the Ziibawing Cultural Center that has a lot of information about my tribe's old way of life from before the coming of the Europeans, history during and after the European times, and our current way of life. It has lots of artifacts and treaties. There is also a gift shop where you can buy traditional beadworks, other regalia, and the center includes a cafe.

On the tribal reservation there is another cultural center called 7th Generation, which grows traditional medicines and foods. There is a kitchen, a woodworking shop, a greenhouse, and a stone shop.

This is what I think people should know about my tribe.


Little Faron Tewa


I should say what everyone needs to know about my tribe(s). I canít speak for my tribes and I think thatís a sad thing.

I live in a big city with lots and lots of people, I have been placed in Spanish speaking class, while I have not learned my own languages. I have gone to pow-wows and my mom tells me they arenít the same out here as they are where she is from.

I have gone to Hopi Kachina ceremonies and sometimes I have been scared even though my dad tells me they are good for our land, animals and corn. My grandfather is a very powerful man, who lives in Washington D.C. but he chooses to not even know me, why? What did I do? I know nothing about my tribe from him. I am so confused when I go to drumming class and I learn Apache and Navajo songs, but Iím not Apache or Navajo.

What everyone needs to know about my tribes, is something I canít answer, as I am looking for that answer myself. Am I lost in this big city? My mom teaches me little pieces of the Gros Ventre Language as she learns it herself. But I have no one to talk it with and I have to always ask her what does that mean again? My mom is trying to give us our traditions, I donít know how she can do it, when she lived in this big city all her life, I think she is just as confused as I am. She is always telling me to have respect for things and when I ask her why she says, you just do. I think itís more than that! We have kachina dolls hanging on our walls, but we have no girls in our family, except my mom and she isnít even Hopi. We have a northern traditional bustle hanging in our dining room like a work of art in a museum or something, but my mom says itís there so that it wonít get ruined. There are about 6 pow-wows a year here because we canít ever afford to go anywhere else and me or my little brother try to dance with that bustle, nothing else, except a string of bells, but the rest of the year it just hangs there. Our entertainment center has a huge 36 inch TV that is surrounded by Hopi and Mojave Pottery, kachina dolls, Hopi Rattles, an Alaskan Doll, a flute, and other things, our walls are decorated with pictures of brother wolf, brother bear and Indians from days gone by.

What about my tribe do I need you to know about, I need you to know that people in my drum group tell me how proud they are of me that I am learning traditional ways and I should be honored that I am learning to keep these traditions alive and not lose them, but my friends, thatís not true they are lost, and we in these big citys are lost and trying hard to get any sense of who we are, who we were and where do we belong.

How do you chose which traditions to learn when there is no one around to teach you? How do you chose which traditions to learn when you are mixed with 3 different tribes, with 3 different creation stories, 3 different traditional foods, 3 different languages, 3 different everything? How do I chose my traditional ways when I am faced with street violence, gangs, drugs and half my family in prison? I want to be this person that people will look at with pride and respect so remember who I want to become; I am Little Faron Tewa, Hopi, Gros-Ventre and Mojave Boy lost in a big city looking for myself.

Thatís what I need everyone to know.


Amber Flamand  

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe is in Mt.pleasant, Michigan. We have POW wows where there is dancing, and drumming. And you can eat native foods like fry bread, Chile, and Indian tacos. We have a casino and a hotel called the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. You can go swimming and eat good food. We have a place called the Ziibwing Center. It's a museum where we can learn about our past and our ancestors. It displays our Indian ways of doing things and all that kind of stuff, I like it its pretty cool. We have a gym called the Eagles Nest where you can play basketball and read books at the library.

We also have our own school called Saginaw Chippewa Montessori school the grades for the school are pre-primary to 8th grade. We have many opportunities to learn about our old language, culture and making very neat and fancy native things. our school is pretty cool. Our culture class we learn about our language and play games that are fun.

In 1855 and 1864, Tribal members sign treaty with U.S. government, creating a list of Chippewa members. In 1883 Federal government records show an additional 115 members of the tribe got land. Also in 1982, the Tribe adopted 440 new members into the tribe.

And we have our own basketball teams and base ball teams for girls and boys. We go to place called 7th Generation too where we learn about tapping trees and stuff like that. The Saginaw Chippewa tribe is the best tribe and I'm glad to be apart of it. I like my tribe!


Shannon Avery



I am from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. My tribe is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan but, 10,000 years ago we lived in what is now Nova Scotia down to the Carolinas. During 900 A.D., our tribe began their walk to the Great Lakes of Michigan searching for the food that grows on water (rice). They eventually made it to Michigan and formed the Three Fires Confederacy around the 1200 to 1300's.

During 1795-1838, we signed 7 treaties and gave up almost all of our land. Then, we signed 2 treaties with the United States around 1855-1864 to establish the Isabella Indian Reservation. There are 12 members of Tribal Council and the current chief of our Tribal Council is Fred Cantu. Some of our people can even speak Ojibwe or Anishinabemowin which is our sacred language.

I go to school at the Saginaw Chippewa Academy which is a Native American school in our tribe. There is also a Tribal College, a gym and a daycare. We also have a building called Elijah Elk Cultural Center where my school visits on Thursdays. They have a kitchen, a stone shop, a woodshop and a greenhouse out back of the Cultural Center.

The Tribe also owns the Soaring Eagle which is a casino and resort. The casino was built around 1999. Some people I have met know how to make baskets and almost all of my family can bead. We have Pow-wows where people in regalia or traditional outfits come out and dance. There are three types of women's dances. They are Fancy Shawl, Traditional and Jingle. There are also three types of men's dances. They are called Traditional, Fancy and Grass.

Tribal Members or people who are at least 1/4 Native American get percapita (money from the casino) and there are more than 2,000 tribal members. The tribe owns around 1,500 acres of land. We also have a building called the Ziibiwing Center of Anishnabe Culture and Lifeways that was just opened in 2004. This building contains a cafe, a gift shop , many exhibits about our culture, some old artifacts and some beadwork by a couple members in my family. That's what everyone should know about my tribe.


Bethany Hinmon  

My tribe offers many opportunities for learning our culture. We also have many community events that bring us all together to have fun. I attend the Saginaw Chippewa Montessori Middle School from 8:15 to 3:15 every Monday thru Friday. My school offers my friend’s and I opportunities for us to learn our culture. By having a culture and language staff that we see every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we learn language, beading, Native American sports and other things. We also hold annual Pow-wows in honor of elder’s in our tribe, who were great leaders. We also have a cultural center called the ziibiwing center. We can look at exhibits, and documents on where the Anishnabe have been, what it was like to be a Native American long ago, and what it was like.

My tribe has a basket ball team that travels around Michigan and plays basketball. Our team practices at the gym. Our gym has a basketball court, homework lab, and a library. We have a fitness center that joins up with Nimkee our local health clinic. Also in our clinic we have social services which is located across the street from the gym. We are also very proud of the Youth Task Force. They coordinate many of our tribal trips for the youth. They have hiking trips, white water rafting, celebrations, and community cook-outs. So, what I think everyone needs to know about my tribe is that in a tribe you should have nice people who do nice things and I think we have that.



Corinna Haris  

My name is Corinna Harris. I am 14 years old. I was born in Saginaw. I am part of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan. The reservation I live on is very nice, they have a native school called the Saginaw Chippewa Academy. I have been going to the Academy since I was 5 years old. They teach you cultural actives like beading and making rattles. There is also an Ojibway program and they teach us our Native language. They also have an after school problem to teach us how to drum, dance and learn more about our Native ways. I learned how to dance fancy shawl from the after school programs they teach. I was the first Princess of the Academy.

On this reservation, they have a tribal gym for the youth to hang out. The gym has different activities for you to sign up for like basketball, baseball, boxing, and many more. I am part of the basketball team. They are called the Eagles and they call the gym our Eagle's Nest. We have a campground also called, 'the hill.' People go up there to camp out and to go swimming. There are two casinos. They are called the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. They have an arcade, restaurants, child care and slot machines (for adults).

The tribe also built the Ziibwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways. They have an exhibit where you can walk through and learn some interesting things about our tribe's past, present, and future. Every year, in August, they have their annual Pow-wows called Little Elk Retreat but, I believe they have changed the name. I like to dance in the Pow-wows. I can learn new fancy shawl moves from the older women. Back in our past, we were never allowed to learn our Native language and our Native ways. We used to have to go to boarding schools, where if you spoke the Native language, we would get in trouble. I really enjoy living here on this reservation with my family and friends.

That's all I can tell everyone about my tribe.


Kevin Miller  

In 1855 and 1864 the tribal members signed a treaty with the government making a list of Chippewa Members. In 1864, there was 98,000 acres owned by tribal members. In 1993 the tribe opens the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe has been very successful. They have invested about 700,000 dollars in the schools. We have elementary, middle school, alternative schools and a tribal college.

Many activities and concerts are held at the Soaring Eagle Casino. They are advertised on a huge screen built near the highway. The Parks and Recreation Department has many activities during the summer months. There is a pool where kids can go swimming. There is a dirt track behind the middle school to ride dirt bikes and four-wheelers. We have a museum called the Ziibiwing Center. The museum has a bunch of our history about our ancestors and tribal members get in free. I love my tribe and all its benefits. We are so lucky to be part of the Saginaw Chippewa tribe.


Mariah Rae Pelcher  

Hello my name is Mariah Rae Pelcher, I go to the Saginaw Chippewa Montessori Middle School. I'm In 5th grade and I was born in Midland, Michigan on December 7th 1993.

My family and I get per capita. That is money that is generated by our Casino. People know we won't have percap forever, but some people depend on it. A couple of years ago we made a compact with the state of Michigan so we can have the Casino to gamble. We had to pay the Government for a certain amount for a certain period of time. We had to sign a contract for the time when it had to be paid off. If its not, they will have to CLOSE our casino. We paid it for a year or two, then, they decided to give the money to the community. We also stopped paying the state of Michigan. We get 2% of the money. So, in a couple of years, when the state wants a lot more money (and I mean a lot of money) for not getting their money for all those years. That will mean no more money for everyone. I know a lot of people work at the Soaring Eagle Casino and there might not be a casino.

But enough about that, let's talk about, well every thing else.

We have a school that only Native Americans attend. It's very fun and we get a good education. We have a gym called the Eagle Nest and a basket ball team called the Eagles. We have a Pow Wow Arena that's at the hill and people can go there to go swimming. At he 7tth Gen we use the trees there to collect the sap to make maple syrup.

Being Native American or just being Indian, you can always find something to laugh about.


Miranda Pelcher  

Everyone needs to know that the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe is the best of the best of the best, because we have ceremonies, feasts, get togethers, Ojibwa and culture teachings at our schools, all sorts of activities, drumming lessons, pow wows, great food such as fry bread, bean soup, blanket dogs, strawberry shortcake, corn soup, and Indian tacos. We also have our own gym which we now call the Eagles Nest. Our logo is an eagle that is red, white, and black which are our colors for our sport teams, uniforms. We have basketball, baseball teams and also have boxing available at the boxing barn.

Our casino brings many people here from around the country because of our casino, buffet, Kids Quest (childcare), Cyber Quest (arcade), swimming pool, hotel, and the beautiful paintings, sculptors and Native Art that are displayed in the casino and hotel, which are connected together. We also have another older casino which is smaller and is located across from the big casino. It has bingo and some slot machines in it. You can take a shuttle back and forth from casinos so you do not have to drive or walk.

There is also the Ziibiwing Center that displays all of our history over the years. Many people from the United States and other countries have visited the Center. There are murals, videos, artifacts and exhibits. It also includes a cafE and a gift shop.

We have our own newspaper called the Tribal Observer. It includes news and pictures of things that go on around our rez and things that will be coming up. Located on Tomah Road is our campground which has an outside pool, bathrooms, a playground which has horseshoes and one big wooden boat with swings and a slide. Our campground is known as 'the hill' to local community members. There is the Nimkee Clinic and Fitness center right behind the tribal gym that you can use at anytime or go there if you are sick or need help. There is also a Tribal college that provides learning for adults and teenagers that are on their way to a university.

In conclusion everyone should know about my tribe because we are successful. We are regaining/relearning our Native language, have our own cultural historical center, a strong tribal council and some good financial support for our community.


Nick Shawboose  

Hi, my name is Nick .I am a descendant of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe. The reservation is located in Mt. Pleasant, the central area of Michigan. Most of the descendants haved moved to Ottawa County, KS.

Some important dates in tribal history are the years 1855 and 1864. During these years a treaties were signed creating lists of Saginaw Chippewa members. In 1867, a list of 1,555 members was published by the U.S. Government who were entitled to land by those treaties.

In 1993, the Soaring Eagle Casino was opened in Mt. Pleasant, MI. In 1995, membership of certain members were being questioned by Tribal Leaders. In 1996, tribal person, Phil Peters, cut profits of the people who worked at the casino. In 1997, the new council has all 484 members reinstated.

I hope my tribal representatives Continue to act fairly and wisely.


Roland Jackson  

In my community there are two casinos that support our whole tribe. All the kids go to the Arcade, Kids Quest they like to walk up to the hill (campgrounds) and go swimming in their pool. Parents go to the casino and go play a little slots, and everyone knows everyone on the Reservation.

On the rez there is only about 8 square miles they're and that isn't much land at all. They're building new houses closer and closer until the rez is going to be full of houses. There is not enough room for today's population. There are some houses that are abandoned and they don’t even tear them down and build new ones!

My school is the Montessori Middle School (the casino also supports our school) it provides the best education we can get and we should be glad to get this valuable chance to learn.


Vanessa Rochelle Harris  

What should everyone know about my Tribe? I don't know! What should they know? I don't know! But I do know that most of the kids like basketball, some like football, and some like other sports! Most of the kids also go to the Saginaw Chippewa Montessori Middle School. Most of us are friends, but some of us don't get along with each other! But I don't think that matters because we are all one tribe!

I think it's better to be a tribe then to not be one at all. Our tribe has two casinos but one is also a resort. We also have a tribal gym where basketball practices go on and we have a Ziibiwing Center on East Broadway! At the Ziibiwing Center there is a museum of our tribe's history. There are two short movies. There are statues of real tribal members, and much, much more. I may not know a lot of people, but I do know we are all still one tribe!

I'd like to tell you a little about my tribe's history! In 10,000+years ago, Anishinabek lived along the Atlantic seaboard from what is now Nova Scotia to the Carolinas. In 1640, The first European visitors made contact with Anishinabek in Baawaating. In 1924, The Indian Citizenship Act was enacted. In 1972, The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe opens their first gaming operation, Car Bingo. In 1999, The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort opened. In 2000, The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe became the largest employer in Isabella County. In 2004, The Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture and Lifeways opened.


A couple of people have asked me what is meant by "per-caps." Generally, "per-caps," or more correctly "per capitas," are tribal dividends paid to individual tribal members. This money can come from tribal business profits, trust fund dividends, land leases, oil leases, treaty payments, etc. Not all tribes have such income sources. Not all tribes pay them out, either. As far as I know, my tribe (Cherokee) does not give them out. The profits we get from leases, etc. are put back into tribal government services, such as health care.


There were no entries in the high school catagory.




There were no entries in the college catagory.


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