Phil Konstantin's "This Day in North American Indian History" Essay Contest - 2006


The section below contains the rules, subject matter and the awards for the winners and the runners-up.

I would appreciate your assistance in getting this information out to anyone you think might be interested in participatings. Please feel free to pass it along to others, add it to your newsletters, newsgroups, websites, etc.

Please be sure to include the rules, when you pass this along to others.



There are a couple of reasons for this contest. It is my hope that these essays will help raise the participant's awareness in the subject matter. Sharing the information will help to educate the public, as well. Finally, this is a way for me to help pay back the community who has supported my efforts through my websites, newsletters and book ("This Day in North American Indian History"). In case it matters, I am an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation.

This is an essay contest for North American Indian students. Anyone whose ancestry is from any tribe between the North Pole and Panama (Hawaii included) is eligible to enter. When the word "tribe" is used in the rules, it is meant to include the concept of "nation" or "native village," as well.

There are three subjects: one for elementary/junior high school students, one for high school students, and one for college students.

While I am the judge and final arbitor of the contest, I might ask others for their opinions or assistance.

I will post some of the essays on my website and in my newsletters (see the link at the bottom of the page).


Elementary and Junior High School students:
"What everyone needs to know about my tribe."

High school students:
"How my tribe's history guides my life."

College students:
"What does tribal sovereignty mean to my tribe."


There will be a total of three first place winners: one for each of the different grade levels.

There will be a total of six runners-up: two for each of the different grade levels.

All nine first place and runners-up essays will be posted on my website, and included in my newsletter.

First Place Prize:
$50.00 (U.S.)
A signed copy of my book

Runner-up Prize
$25.00 (U.S.)
A signed copy of my book


1. The essay should be under 500 words in length and written in English, or have an English translation with it.

2. Entrants should have American Indian ancestry, or attend a tribal-run school. You do not have to be an "enrolled" member. Contact me if you have any questions about whether you qualify. I will be flexible on this.

3. Entries should be mailed or e-mailed to the addresses below.

4. All essays become the property of Phil Konstantin. They will not be returned.

5. Essays may be posted on Phil Konstantin's website, newsletters or other publications. By submitting an entry, you agree to these terms.

6. Phil Konstantin is the final judge and arbitor for the contest.

7. The deadline for receiving entries is April 15, 2006

Submitting entries:

E-mail is the prefered method. Please submit each entry in an individual e-mail. Written entries may be submitted as a group (i.e. if everyone in a class writes an essay, they can all be mailed in the same envelope).

Be sure to include the student's name, tribal affiliation, school grade & mailing address on their essay.

Regular mail:
Phil Konstantin
Essay Contest
P.O. Box 17515
San Diego, CA, USA 92177-7515

"Essay Contest" in the subject line or

The date of the announcement of the winners will be determined by the number of entrants. As I have to read each entry, the more I get, the longer it will take for me to read them. I will try to announce the winners as soon as I have read all of the entries. A copy of this notice has been placed on this website:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Best wishes and good luck,

Phil Konstantin

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