My photographs of ancient American Indian artifacts, rock art, morteros and the surrounding landscape in San Diego County's Blair Valley. I visited twice in January 2009. Blair Valley is off of a road called "The Great Southern Overland Stage Route Of 1849." You can see why most people call it "S-2."

There is a map at the bottom of the page.

jan1_2009_small.jpg photo_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg
photo6_small.jpg photo7_small.jpg photo8_small.jpg photo9_small.jpg photo10_small.jpg photo11_small.jpg
photo12_small.jpg photo13_small.jpg photo14_small.jpg photo15_small.jpg photo16_small.jpg photo17_small.jpg
photo18_small.jpg photo19_small.jpg photo20_small.jpg photo21_small.jpg photo22_small.jpg photo23_small.jpg
photo24_small.jpg barrel800_small.jpg photo25_small.jpg photo26_small.jpg photo27_small.jpg photo28_small.jpg
photo29_small.jpg photo30_small.jpg photo31_small.jpg photo32_small.jpg photo33_small.jpg photo34_small.jpg
photo35_small.jpg photo36_small.jpg photo37_small.jpg photo38_small.jpg photo39_small.jpg photo40_small.jpg
photo41_small.jpg a800_small.jpg photo42_small.jpg photo43_small.jpg photo44_small.jpg photo45_small.jpg
photo46_small.jpg a8002_small.jpg photo47_small.jpg photo48_small.jpg photo49_small.jpg photo50_small.jpg
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