For most of my life, I have been a space travel enthusiast. As a youngster, I kept scrapbooks of all of the spaceflights. Even though I was fairly young, I remember the Mercury flights. My interest increased as I got older. Like most people alive at the time, I know exactly where I was when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. My interest in the space program eventually led to me working at NASA in Houston. For much of that time, I helped to run the computers in the Real Time Computer Complex (RTCC) (during Apollo 16, 17 and all of the Skylab missions). These were the computers that ran the flights. I was 19 when I started working there. In fact, I was one of the youngest people there for a while. I was just a lowly computer operator, but I would occasionally get to rub elbows with some of the bigwigs because I had to go into different parts of the operation center to do some minor activities with remote computer operations.

After I left NASA in 1975, I met other astronauts as I wrote magazine articles about NASA and space exploration. In 2005, I started working as a reporter at KUSI-TV in San Diego. I have met many more astronauts while working there.

Below I have lots of photos and videos of these highly trained and motivated folks. The photo section has pictures of Astronauts Gene Cernan, Alan Bean, Charlie Duke, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Jack Lousma, Jim McDivitt, Scott Carpenter, Tom Stafford, Dave Scott, Richard Gordon, Edgar Mitchell, Vance Brand, Bruce McCandless, Rusty Schweickart, Wally Sschirra, Sally Ride, Tracy Caldwell. I put a label before each person's picture to help you find them.


While they were at a golf tournament associated the Spacefest event in 2009, I interviewed Charlie Duke, Jack Lousma, Jim McDivitt, and Gene Cernan for my televsion station. They are all still pretty sharp guys. That report is below.

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Click here to see a video of a news story on Apollo 11's 40th anniversary.

Click here to see a video of an interview of Apollo 11's 40th anniversary with Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke and Alan Bean


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nasaid_small.jpg wallysign_small.jpg schirraphil258_small.jpg carpentersign_small.jpg tn_carpenter_small.jpg
_2208204carpenter_small.jpg staffordsign_small.jpg tn_stafford_small.jpg mcdivittsign_small.jpg _2198170mcd_small.jpg
jimmcdivitt2_small.jpg buzzsign_small.jpg pk02aa_small.jpg _2208201buzz_small.jpg _2208220buzz_small.jpg
_2208221buzz_small.jpg _2218237_small.jpg _2218248buzz_small.jpg _2218261buzzphil_small.jpg collinssign_small.jpg
_2208205collins_small.jpg _2208207collins_small.jpg _2208224collinsphil2_small.jpg cernansign_small.jpg _2198171gc_small.jpg
_2198188_small.jpg cernanme_small.jpg cernanduke_small.jpg lousmacernan2_small.jpg _2208223cernan_small.jpg
dukesign_small.jpg _2198165d_small.jpg dukemerobbins_small.jpg _2198178d_small.jpg dukeautograph_small.jpg
cernanduke2_small.jpg davescottsign_small.jpg _2208208davescott_small.jpg beansign_small.jpg _2208210bean_small.jpg
_2208218bean_small.jpg gordonsign_small.jpg _2208211gordon_small.jpg edgarsign_small.jpg _2208212mitchell2_small.jpg
_2208212mitchell_small.jpg rustysign_small.jpg _2208219schweickart_small.jpg _2218230schweikhart_small.jpg lousmasign_small.jpg
jacklousma2_small.jpg lousmame_small.jpg lousmacernan22_small.jpg lousmagolf_small.jpg _2198179louslaz_small.jpg
_2218231lousma_small.jpg vancesign_small.jpg _2208214vancebrand_small.jpg mccandlesssign_small.jpg _2208215mccandless_small.jpg
_2208216mccandless_small.jpg sallysign_small.jpg sallyrideme_small.jpg crewssign_small.jpg alcrews_small.jpg
alcrews2_small.jpg alcrewsme_small.jpg caldwellsign_small.jpg tracycaldwellme2009_small.jpg walkersign_small.jpg
_2208217charleswalker_small.jpg sts100sign_small.jpg astros1_small.jpg actorssign_small.jpg _2208203rhatch_small.jpg
_2208213_2001_small.jpg _2218228_small.jpg _2218232levar_small.jpg _2218229f_small.jpg

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