San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter
Issue 3
September 2007
BIA approves CN
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has finally
acknowledged that the federal
government no longer has the authority
to approve amendments to the Cherokee
Nation Constitution. The BIAís top
official, Carl Artman, in a letter dated
August 9, cited a June 23 vote of the
Cherokee people and agreed that federal
approval of amendments to the CN
Constitution would no longer be
This letter ends an eight-year struggle by
the Cherokee Nation to remove the BIA
from its Constitutional process. Chad
Smith, Principal Chief of the CN stated
that the acknowledgment should be seen
as a victory for all tribes who understand
the importance of self-governance.
The Cherokee Nation re-affirmed its
2003 Constitutional amendment
rejecting BIA approval with a 67% yes
vote on June 23.
For more information and to view a copy
of the BIAís letter about the Constitution
and about Cherokee Nation funding
issues, visit the Cherokee Nationís web
site at
BIAís Approval Letter can be viewed at:
Meeting September 23
Our next meeting is September 23 at
p.m. at Lake Murray. Take I-8 to the Lake
Murray Blvd exit. Go north for Ĺ mile &
turn left on Kiowa Dr. This is a potluck
picnic, so bring a dish and share. Just look
for our
signs. We will have a special
presentation on the health care services
provided in San Diego county for the
Cherokee Nationís citizens.
So please come join us to see what can
be provided in the way of health care.
Cherokee Nation May
Get Funding Cut
The Cherokee Nation is at risk to lose
its federal funding if it doesnít restore
full citizenship rights to Freedmen. Rep.
Diane Watson, D-CA, is the driving