San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter
Issue 5
December 2007
SDCC Meeting
December 9
The next San Diego Cherokee
Community meeting is December 9 at 1
p.m. at the Clairemont Community
Center. It is located in the Clairemont
Town Square, 4731 Clairemont Dr.
This is a pot luck luncheon so everyone
please bring a dish to share.
Photo by Mike Ledger
Our program for this meeting will be a
video presentation of the 2007 Cherokee
Nation Holiday, held September 1-3 in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Please mark your
calendar, bring family and friends and
join us!
Visit the San Diego Cherokee
Community website at:
for more information and directions.
Boren Amendment
Delays Housing
Funds Cut
In September, U.S. Rep. Mel Watt, D-
N.C., introduced an amendment to the
Native American Housing Assistance
and Self-Determination Reauthorization
Act of 2007 to strip the Cherokee Nation
of its portion of the funding bill until
citizenship rights are granted to
Freedmen descendents.
U.S. Dan Boren, D-Okla., prior to that
amendment receiving approval on the
House floor, attached a second-level
amendment to the Watt amendment to
delay the cut until the legal cases by
Freemen are decided.
Borenís amendment states congressional
action should be delayed until the case is
decided because some Freedmen have
appealed the March 3 Cherokee Nation
votes that rescinded their citizenship
rights granted in the CN courts. It also
states that Congress should not take
action because in May, the Cherokee
Nation District Court Judge John Cripps
issued a temporary injunction requiring