San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter
Issue 6
January 2008
Meeting Dates
The next meeting of the San Diego
Cherokee Community will be January
27, 2008 at the Clairemont Community
Center, located at 4731 Clairemont
Drive at 1 p.m.
The program will be on tracing your
Cherokee genealogy. Please bring your
information on your Cherokee roots to
share with the group. We will also begin
listening to tapes of the Cherokee
language and learning to speak the
language. Cherokee Proud, 2
by Tony Mack McClure will be given
away to a lucky member that attends.
This book is a Cherokee ancestry tracing
On March 9
, the Trail of Tears DVD
will be played for members. Afterwards
a discussion of the video will be held.
The program will start at 1 p.m. Popcorn
and soda will be provided. The meeting
will again be held at the Clairemont
Community Center.
May 18
has been designated for the San
Diego Cherokee Annual Picnic, location
TBA. This will be a potluck picnic and
meeting. The SDCC council is trying to
get Principal Chief Chad Smith or
Deputy Chief Joe Grayson Jr. to attend
the picnic for a meet and greet.
However due to their schedule, nothing
has been definitely set update on this
Visit our website for more information
and updated details:
This Is What You Missed
Last Time by Not
Attending Our Meeting
Our last meeting was December 9
the Clairemont Community Center. It
was our holiday meeting and potluck
Setting up the potluck luncheon