Issue 7
February 2008
Next Meeting
The next scheduled meeting of the San
Diego Cherokee Community is March 9
at 1 p.m. at the Clairemont Community
Center at 4731 Clairemont Drive. A
video of the Trail of Tears will be
presented along with history leading up
to the removal. All members are
encouraged to bring to the meeting any
family history pertaining to the Trail of
Clairemont Community Center located behind Vons
The door prize will be James Moody’s
History, Myths and Sacred Formulas of
the Cherokees. Also a CD of the
Cherokee Youth Choir will also be given
away to a lucky member that attends the
March meeting.
Please bring a snack or desert to share.
SDCC Council Elections
To Be Held May 18
The by-laws of the San Diego Cherokee
Community were unanimously
Now this paves the way for the SDCC
Council to start the process for the
election of their Council members. The
interim Council members have served on
the board for almost one year. The
SDCC Council has selected the Election
Committee to oversee this process.
Candidates must declare their candidacy
no later than sixty days in advance of the
election. They must provide a written
statement of candidacy and a bio-
graphical sketch which may include
campaign information on why the
individual wants to serve. This cannot
be more than 200 words.
Please email your biographical sketch to
the Election Committee at
by March 19. Or send to SDCC
San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter