San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter
Issue 2
August 2007
Bill Introduced
Congresswoman Diane Watson of CA
and 11 other co-sponsors introduced
legislation on June 21 to sever all U.S.
relations with the Cherokee Nation.
The bill would cut all federal funding to
the tribe, estimated to be about $300
million annually, until the tribe restores
full tribal citizenship status to
descendents of Cherokee Freedmen, who
were expelled from the Cherokee Nation
on March 3 in a special election.
The bill states the Department of
Interior, failed to uphold its fiduciary
responsibility by recognizing the tribeís
2003 elections, in which Freedmen were
not allowed to vote, because it violated
the Principal Chiefs Act and Treaty of
The Principal Chiefs Act authorizes the
Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Choctaw
and Seminole nations to popularly select
their principal chiefs and/or other
governing entities, while the 1866 Treaty
is the pact between the U.S. and the
Cherokee Nation that allowed for
Freedmen citizenship in the tribe.
The bill would also suspend the
Cherokee Nationís authority to conduct
gaming operations, which brought in
about $345 million in 2006, until the
tribe complies with the treaty and
statutory obligations.
The day after the bill was introduced, the
BIA notified the Cherokee Nation that it
has no intention of cutting the tribeís
federal funding.
The letter from the BIA can be seen on
the tribeís web site
-Will Chavez,Cherokee Phoenix, July 2007
Save The Date
Our next meeting is September 23,
the place to be announced later.
It was decided at the July meeting,
that due to the closeness of the
August meeting to the Cherokee
Nation Holiday, we would not met
in August. Check out our website: