San Diego Cherokee
Community Newsletter
Issue 8
April, 2008
SDCC Council Elections To Be Held May 18
The first council election for the San Diego Cherokee Community will be held May 18.
The Council will be comprised of seven members, at least four of whom shall be
registered members of the Cherokee Nation. The positions are Meeting Facilitator,
Records Keeper, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, Alternate Facilitator and Records
Keeper and 2 Program Coordinators.
Council members shall serve a term of two years. The initial election of the seven
council members, the top four vote getters will take two-year terms. The remaining three
will take one-year terms. Thereafter, all Council members will be elected to two-year
Each eligible SDCC voting member shall be mailed a ballot by the end of April. If you
havenít received your ballot by May 4
, then contact George Lynch at 760-489-1836 or
email at
A sample ballot will be available on
line at our website
Voters will mark their ballot, fold it, and seal the ballot in the envelope provided. They
will then print their name, sign the back of the envelope and mail in the ballot. Mailed
ballots must be received by Friday, May 16, in order to be valid. Ballots may be
delivered in person to the Election Committee prior to the counting of the votes at the
general meeting and Annual Picnic on May 18.
Meet the CandidatesÖ..
(In order of receipt)
Wynona Bigknife
I was born and raised in Vinita, OK. My paternal grandparents are listed on the Dawes
Roll. San Diego became my home about 18 years ago. Iíve served 4 years on the Board
of Directors of the Society Club of the American Cancer Society, with 2 years as their
board president. I have also served on my condo associationís board for over 4 years. I