Pictures taken at Robyn's Crash by the Texas Highway Patrol
on Interstate 10 west of Sierra Blanca, Texas
April 6, 1999.

This is the front of Robyn's Car after they removed it from the guardrail. It is facing east in the westbound lanes. You can see some of the damage to the guardrail.

This is the passenger side of Robyn's car. You can see how they cut off part of the roof and folded it back to get her out.

The skid marks are from a crash which happened the day before Robyn's.
Yes, that is Robyn.

Robyn and Phil In Yosemite.

Robyn's Memorial Plaque on the HMCS Yukon

Sign on Interstate 15 in Utah.

from the Think! U.K.Department for Transport website.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in her name to the:

San Diego Oceans Foundation
"for Robyn"
P.O.Box 90672
San Diego, CA. 92169-2672

Please Feel free to add a link to this site. I am available for media interviews to discuss sleepy drivers or Robyn's crash.

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