Robyn's List of Links

Whales 4 U
More info on whale watching
My husband's, Phil Konstantin, home page
California Highway Patrol, Space Exploration & "American Indian" info
On This Date in North American Indian History
A weekly update on what happened on this date in history related to "American Indians."
a excellent site covering a wide rnge of marine mammal issues & information
A Travel Guide to... Baja California's Friendly Whales
Lori Saldana's "how to" page on visiting San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California-nicely done
Map of San Ignacio village
This will help you find the road to the lagoon
Baja California Travel Resource Guide: San Ignacio - Laguna San Ignacio
good info on San Ignacio
Marine Biology Careers
This site will answer most of your questions about a career in marine biology
Stratigies For Pursuing A Career In Marine Mammal Science
This should answer all of your other questions
Dolphins and Man....Equals
an interesting look at this question
University of New England Marine-Realted Sites
This has a great list of links
Dolphin & Whale Web Sites
This has a massive list of links!
San Diego Oceans Foundation
I do work for this very worthwhile organization
In Search of Giants
an article from Scuba Times on whale watching in Baja
Marine Mammal WWW List
another massive list of links
Amigos de Baja's Bajanet Fishing & Information Resources
They have lots of info on traveling in Baja, mileage guides, road conditions, etc.
Oceania Project
Australian site with lots of info & photos
Marine Species Links
Another large list of links
Bajalinks: Master Links to Baja Sites
lots of info on Baja
The Whales of Baja
a links page to tours and info pages
The Friendly Whales Of SAN IGNACIO LAGOON
Paula McDonald's story on her trip to see the Gray Whales - nice photos, too!
Big Ted's World of Marine Mammals
Lots of Links, Images & Sounds
NetVet: Marine Mammal List of Links
lots of links & images
Human Dolphin Institute

New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust
Lots of data
The Dolphin Page
Lots of data
Dolphin & Whale
lots of addresses
A Spinner Dolphin

The Dolphin Ring
Ring of dolphin sites
Underwater World
All kinds of neat stuff
Florida Aquarium
Live shots & other stuff at the aquarium
Ask Shamu
Ask Shamu all kinds of questions
Keiko Home Page
Shows Keiko info & links
Keiko Main Page
More Keiko info & links
Cetacean Society International

Whales - Orcinus Orca
Orca or Killer Whale Info
Lots of info on BajaM
Click on "Baja Multiplex" to go Quicktime movies - ballena gris (gray whale) & cola de ballena (whale tail)
Gray Whale Quicktime Movie
This 12 second movie takes a while to load, but it gives you a good idea of the interaction of people & whales @ San Ignacio.
Baja Whale Watching
more nice picture & movies of gray whales & people in Baja
Virtual Dolphin

Right Whale Links

American Cetacean Society
Test site
Sperm Whales
Virtual Whale Museum
Tales of the WHALES
Marine Mammal Info
Other Whale Species
Toothed Whale Info
More Toothed Whales

A Whale of a Family

Whale Watching - Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Comfortable Whale Watching boat tours in Johstone Strait for bears, birds, and killer whales.
Enfangered & Threatened Marine Mammals of Coastal U.S. Waters
Lots of info
Marine Mammals page
Lots of info, too
Marine Mammal Commission
This site has info from the Commission
Details on marine mammals

More marine mammal info

Marine Mammals of the Miami Seaquarium
This has some nice pictures
Whale Photos by Thomas H. Hogan
Great pictures!!!!
Discovering Whales
Lots of good info & photos, well worth a view
Whale Watching Related Links
a pretty massive list of links
Majestic Presence of the Whale
Large list of photos with details included
Whale Links
a page of links
Whale Watching On Cape Ann
Commerical operations in Massachusetts
Whale Photo Album
a good group of photos
Lots of contacts
Coastal & Marine Institute
From San Diego State University
Sheila's Marine Mammal Page
Some nice pictures and links
Whale Conservation Institute Homepage
Does not always load
Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico

pictures, quicktime movies, info
The Infamous Exploding Whale
Yes, it's true, and here are the pictures to prove it!
the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
one of the best sites for oceanograhic information!
Mandurah Dolphins
a great site in Australia where the Dolphins play with you!
ATOC home page
click here for data on Acoustic Thermography Ocean research
Dolphins Resource Center
Lots of info
Whale Resource Center/
Lots of info

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