I fly over San Diego as a part of my job as a reporter for KGTV (Channel 10 - ABC) in San Diego.


These are some of the still pictures I have taken. Scroll down the page to see them. Some of these are a bit hazy. This is because I took them through the helicopter's tinted side window.


Being a port city, San Diego has lots of ships. As we travel around the county, I take pictures whenever I can. Keep checking back in for new and better photos.



Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger version of it.

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sobayshipscvn74stennis_cvn70vinson5_small.jpg _ship_cvn72_abrahamlincoln_small.jpg _ship_cvn72_abrahamlincoln2_small.jpg _ship_cvn_vinsonmaybe_small.jpg sobayship4_small.jpg sobayship5_small.jpg
sobayshipussmidway_small.jpg sobayshipmidway_small.jpg midway4_small.jpg midway22_small.jpg midway32_small.jpg midwaymerged_small.jpg
midwaymerged1_small.jpg midwaymerged1000_small.jpg p8096407sdbay_small.jpg p8096408sdbay_small.jpg p8096415kissstatue_small.jpg p8096416kissstatue_small.jpg
p8096461kissstatue_small.jpg p8096462kissstatue_small.jpg p8096463kissstatue_small.jpg p8096464kissstatue_small.jpg p8096465kissstatue_small.jpg p8096466starofindia_small.jpg
p8096467starofindia_small.jpg p8096468ussmidway_small.jpg p8096469ussmidway_small.jpg p8096470kissstatue_small.jpg p8096471kissstatue_small.jpg p8096472usscarlvinson_small.jpg
p8096473usscarlvinson_small.jpg p8096474usscarlvinson_small.jpg panorama7154210_15vinson_small.jpg panoramavinson1_small.jpg panoramavinson2_small.jpg starofindiamay20113_small.jpg
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