I fly over San Diego as a part of my job as a reporter for KGTV (Channel 10 - ABC) in San Diego. We usually fly at an altitude of around 1,000 feet.


These are some of the still pictures I have taken. Scroll down the page to see them. Some of these are a bit hazy. This is because I took them through the helicopter's tinted side window.


Qualcomm Stadium and Jack Murphy field are home to the San Diego Chargers and lots of other events. Keep checking back in for new and better photos.



Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger version of it.

lastupdated______sign_small.jpg qualcomm1_______sign_small.jpg qual_small.jpg qualmv_small.jpg qualcomm_small.jpg
_15_8_qual_small.jpg qualcomm15_8_small.jpg qualcomm2_small.jpg qualcomm3_small.jpg qualcomm4_small.jpg
qualcomm5_small.jpg qualcomm6_small.jpg qualcomm7_small.jpg qualcomm8_small.jpg qual2_small.jpg
qualcomm9_small.jpg qualcomm_15_small.jpg qualcomm_152_small.jpg qualcomms_small.jpg qualcomms2_small.jpg
mv_qualcomms_8_15_small.jpg qualzomms_small.jpg qualcomms3_small.jpg qualcomm10_small.jpg qulacomm_small.jpg
qualcomm11_small.jpg p8116692qualcomm_small.jpg p8116693qualcomm_small.jpg p8116694qualcomm_small.jpg p8116695qualcomm_small.jpg
p8116696qualcomm_small.jpg p8116697qualcomm_small.jpg p8116698qualcomm_small.jpg p8116699qualcomm_small.jpg p8116700qualcomm_small.jpg
p8116702qualcomm_small.jpg p8116703qualcomm_small.jpg

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