From June 2010 to February 2013, I flew over San Diego as a part of my job as a reporter for KGTV (Channel 10 - ABC) in San Diego. As of May 2013, I now fly for Total Traffic and KFMB. You can see my videos on almost every TV station in San Diego. Some of my videos or reports have been shown on Good Morning America, the ABC Nightly News, ESPN, and CNN as well. Our pilot and I were usually up from 6am to 7am weekdays. I also cover the 11am broadcast. We are on-call for breaking news between those times. We usually covered traffic in the mornings, unless there is a bigger news story. We are often sent up because ground crews cannot get close enough, or get a good enough picture of a news event.

These are some of the still pictures I have taken while flying in Sky10 or Chopper 8. We usually fly at an elevation around 600 to 1400 feet above the ground. Some of the older photos are a bit hazy or fuzzy. This is because I took them through Chopper 10's tinted side window, or an even smaller window I can open but which is too far away for me to bend over and look through the viewfinder and focus properly. Since my main purpose is to operate the helicopters's video camera, I can often only take a few seconds to click a few photos with my camera. This leaves me little time to check settings and make adjustments. In Chopper 8, I can drop the window down and get some better pictures. I still have to spend most of my time doing the video. I have two cameras; but, I usually only have one with me at a time. This is normally my Olympus E-500 with a 40-150mm telephoto lens. Check out the Sky10/Chopper 8 page to see pictures of the helicopter.

I will be continuously updating this site with more and better photos. So, keep visiting to see what is new "Over San Diego."

As of September 7, 2011, there were over 7,300 photos displayed on this website.