I fly over San Diego as a part of my job as a reporter for KGTV (Channel 10 - ABC) in San Diego.


These are some of the still pictures I have taken. Scroll down the page to see them. Some of these are a bit hazy. This is because I took them through the helicopter's tinted side window.


The San Diego County Fairgrounds are often called the Del Mar Fairgrounds by locals. This is where the annual county fair is held in late June. It is also the site of the Del Mar Racetrack. There are photos of this place. They are posted in chronological order.



Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger version of it.

lastupdated______sign_small.jpg delmartrack_small.jpg delmartrackzoom_small.jpg dmtrack_small.jpg dmtrack2_small.jpg
delmartrack2_small.jpg delmartrack3_small.jpg delmartrack4_small.jpg delmartrack5_small.jpg delmartrack6_small.jpg
delmartrack7_small.jpg delmar_5_small.jpg delmar_52_small.jpg delmar_53_small.jpg delmar_54_small.jpg
delmar_55_small.jpg delmarfair_small.jpg delmarfair2_small.jpg sandieguitoriverfairgrounds_small.jpg sandieguitoriverfairgroundbeach_small.jpg
sandieguitoriverfairgrounds2_small.jpg sandieguitoriver_5contrast_small.jpg sandieguitorivercontrast_small.jpg sandieguitoriverfairgroundbeach2_small.jpg fairgrounds_small.jpg
fairgrounds2_small.jpg sandieguitoriver_small.jpg fair_small.jpg fair2_small.jpg fair3_small.jpg
fair4_small.jpg fair5_small.jpg technopower_small.jpg fairtrack_small.jpg delmartrack8_small.jpg
delmartrackhome_small.jpg delmarhome_small.jpg delmartrackhome2_small.jpg delmartrack9_small.jpg delmartrackweather_small.jpg
delmarweather_small.jpg delmarfair3_small.jpg delmartrack10_small.jpg delmartrackraces_small.jpg delmartrackraces2_small.jpg
delmartrackraces3_small.jpg delmartrackraces4_small.jpg p8106621_small.jpg p8106624_small.jpg p8106625_small.jpg
p8106626_small.jpg p8106627_small.jpg p8106628_small.jpg p81269952_small.jpg

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