I fly over San Diego as a part of my job as a reporter for KGTV (Channel 10 - ABC) in San Diego.


These are some of the still pictures I have taken. Scroll down the page to see them. Some of these are a bit hazy. This is because I took them through the helicopter's tinted side window.


San Diego has some very interesting and unique buildings. As we travel around the county, I take pictures whenever I can. Keep checking back in for new and better photos.



Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger version of it.

collegegrove_small.jpg p8086273marketsteuclidav_small.jpg p8086274marketsteuclidav_small.jpg p8086275marketsteuclidav_small.jpg p8116679caminochollassd_small.jpg p8116680caminochollassd_small.jpg
p8116681caminochollassd_small.jpg p8116682caminochollassd_small.jpg p8116684caminochollassd_small.jpg p8116690university54th_small.jpg p81270342_small.jpg p81270722_small.jpg
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