Phil Konstantin's 2003 Vacation Through Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana

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Cree Crossing to Fort Assiniboine
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Cree Crossing is near Hinsdale, along Montana's "Hi-Line".
This is what they call Highway 2 which travels along the northern part of the state.

Sleeping Buffalo Rock...

Not having seen many sleeping buffalos,
I cannot say if that is what these rocks look like...

Welcome to the Fort Belknap Reservation.

The Vision Quest sign is located east of Harlem, Montana.

My co-speaker at the conference (George Horse Capture) said this park was named for his grandfather.

The approaches to Bear Paw Battlefield (south of Chinook, Montana).

The location of Nez Perce's final battle with the army.

This plaque says: "October 5, 1877 - Surrender of Chief Joseph to Colonel Nelson A. Miles, to the valor and devotion of those both red and white who struggled here."

Another marker...

The follow Nez Perce were known to have been killed in this battle:    Eagle Necklace, Sr., Heyoomeekahlikt (Grizzly Bear on His Back), Kowwaspo, Koyehknown, Lakoyee, Looking Glass, Lying, Ollokot, Peopeo Ipsewahk (Lone Bird), Red Legs, Young Sookoups, Timlihpoosman, Tohtohaliken, Toohoolhoolzote and Wawookya Wasaaw (Lean Elk or Poker Joe).   About a dozen more Nez Perce were also believed to have been killed in the fighting here.  

A map showing the path the Nez Perce took on their flight from the army in 1877.

Click here to see a very detailed NPS map of the Nez Perce Trail


This Map shows the reservations in the area and the traditional Nez Perce lands.

This marks where John Dog's Tepee was erected.

This is the area where the Nez Perce made camp before the battle.
They did not know the army was so close.

The depression in the bottom center of this picture is where one of their lodges was placed.

Chief White Bird stayed here...

This is where some of the rifle pits were dug.

This is where Looking Glass was killed. You can see some of the offerings which have been left here.

According to this plaque, Ollokot fell here...more offerings...

More of the can see the visitor's area (a bathroom and the markers) in the distance. There is no visitor's center.

This marks where Chief Joseph surrendered and said,"From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more, forever."

Roughly 44 miles from the Canadian border, this is where the Chief surrendered on October 5, 1877 at 2pm.

Fort Assiniboine marker, near Havre, Montana.

A look at the area around the fort.

The sun a few hours before sunset near the Rocky Boy (Stone Child) Reservation.

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