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Crazy Woman Creek to Fort Fetterman, Wyoming

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Blink, and you might miss one of these small signs.

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The fight at Crazy Woman Creek took place southeast of Buffalo, Wyoming. It is located where Trabing Road crosses the creek.

The entry from my book: "Soldiers from the Eighteenth Infantry fought with a band of Indians on Crazy Woman’s Fork in Dakota Territory. The army reported that one officer and one enlisted man were killed."

Crazy Woman Creek is to the left, looking east...picture 1 of 2

looking southeast, picture 2 of 2

The last of the Crazy Woman Creek pictures.

Fort Reno is located north of Sussex, Wyoming. That puts it about 10 miles past the middle of nowhere (just a joke).

About the only visitors to Fort Reno are the birds. The site is on private property along the Powder River.. As far as I know, there is nothing left of the fort.

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The area where the fort was...

You can just see the Powder River through the trees.

Cantonment Reno & Fort Reno were located about a half mile from each other.
They did not exist at the same time.

...where the cantonment was located
...more of the Powder River...

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An old farmhouse along the river.

The Dull Knife Battlefield is located along the Red Fork of the Powder River. It is about 15 miles west from Kaycee, Wyoming, by air.

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It is about 25 miles by dirt road. It is definitely a 100 miles past the middle of nowhere (I'm not kidding this time). The site is on private property. The owners will occassionally take visitors to the battleground, but only with advance notice. This was as close as I got...

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The battleground is just over these hills. The Red River forms a gorge here.

The entry from my book for November 25, 1876: "Colonel Ranald MacKenzie and ten troops from the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cavalries had camped outside a large Indian village of 173 lodges near the North Fork of the Powder River after a night march. Just after daybreak, the soldiers attacked Dull Knife’s camp of Northern Cheyenne in north-central Wyoming. After an hour of fighting, the survivors fought a rear-guard action and a few skirmishes until nightfall. The soldiers destroyed the village and captured 500 horses. The soldiers confirmed twenty-five Indians were dead but suspected a much higher number. Six soldiers were killed, including Lieutenant John McKinney. First Sergeant Thomas H. Forsyth, Company M, Fourth Cavalry, would be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for holding his ground against 'superior forces' and then rescuing fallen comrades."

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This is in Casper, Wyoming.
I took this to show my friends in San Diego where gas was around $1.70 for the cheap stuff. I visited my parents in Houston about a week later. I saw regular unleaded for $1.29.9 there.

This is Ayers Natural Bridge.
The opening is 30 feet high and 50 feet wide. It is one of the few arches in the world with running water going through the opening. It is close to Douglas, Wyoming.

"Oregon Trail Marked by the State of Wyoming 1913" (or maybe 1918)

Fort Fetterman is a few miles northwest of Douglas, Wyoming.

Click here to see a diary with drawings of the area made in 1868

Looking north toward the North Platte River.

Looking southwest...

Fetterman Battlefield had silhouettes of Indians. Ft. Fetterman has silhouettes of Jackalopes (part Jack Rabbit, part Antelope).

Distant View Of Fort Fetterman In 1872 By William Henry Jackson

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