Phil Konstantin's 2003 Vacation: Page 2003 F - Yellowstone National Park #2

More of Yellowstone National Park

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone.

The Upper Falls.

The Mud Volcano

Nez Perce Ford.
The Nez Perce came through Yellowstone Park during their flight from the army in 1877. Many tourist saw them as they went through.

The entry from my book from August 25, 1877: "At the Nez Perce camp just north of Yellowstone Lake, Captain Robert Pollock made the following observation about chasing the Nez Perce: “The whole command is weary and tired of marching. This game of hide and seek is getting mighty monotonous.… My men are in excellent health. They do their duty without much grousing. The lack of women and whiskey are of more concern than the Indians."

Click here to see a Park Service map of the Nez Perce trail through the park.

The edges of Yellowstone Lake. Much of it had frozen over.

A genuine Yellowstone bear.
It was about two hundred yards away. Grizzlies have a hump on their back. I am not sure if this is a grizzly, or a brown bear whose shoulder is pronounced by walking.

Some of the colorful thermophiles
(heat loving organisms: algae, bacteria and Archaea) which grow in the hot water (up to 160F, 71C) the flows out from the geysers.

Old Faithful Geyser as seem from Obeservation Point (about 150 feet higher in elevation).

A closeup from the same area. The eruption has not started, yet.

Thar she blows!
The dots on the curved road around the geyser are people. That gives you an idea as to how high it gets.

Most of what you see here is steam.

Here you can see some of the water and the steam.

A real closeup shot, considering the distance.

Old Faithful was running in a 64 - 92 minute cycle.
The time between eruptions alternated between the two times (more or less).

The eruption is subsiding.

It is almost over now.

A look at it from ground level.

This guy keeps showing up in my pictures.

A good look at a bison
(yes, most people call it a buffalo).

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